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    Taking a flight to SD on tuesday, I am in the CW and my son and son in law are in WT. I know that WT passengers are not supposed to go into CW cabin. But, are CW allowed into WT? for both of them its the first flight they have ever taken, I want to be able to pop back and check on them and would rather know now the rules rather than get into a long converstaion with the crew..which would probably wind me up.


    There’s no reason why you can’t walk around a cabin beneath the one in which you are ticketed, and you are certainly encouraged to take a walk on most airlines, though on some US airlines any movement around the cabin is discouraged, with aggressive use of the seatbelt sign and people discouraged from circulating/gathering in groups.

    This was certainly prevalent post 9-11; understandable, but rather an overreaction IMHO.

    Of course if you are ticketed in F aboard BA, there’s nothing to stop you having a colleague/friend up for a quick drink in the buddy seat, though no food is generally offered. Best to check with the CSD/Purser as a courtesy before inviting anyone up, though. Not certain what other airlines’ policy on this is.

    The only restriction I came across was that access to the Upper Deck can be stopped, even when travelling lower deck CW or F and this appears to be to reduce foot traffic in the cabin, and also because of the access to the cockpit; don’t think either of these hold water, but that’s what I was told.

    As long as you aren’t disturbing other passengers (e.g. those trying to sleep), I don’t see that there would be a problem popping back to WT.


    If you go back to WT that’s no problem, but the other way round is generally not allowed unless the CSD specifically says it’s ok….. especially if you are on the upper deck! Avoid meal times they are unlikely to welcome your movements then. Also, I suppose they don’t want WT pax pinching things from the Club Kitchen as well. If you are seated on the lower deck then the CSD is likely to be working in CW so you might like to just ask the question then as a matter of politeness and also so he/she can be familiar with your face. I think they generally appreciate the question. Have a great Flight


    Thanks guys, so I wont feel embarrased stepping thru the curtain!


    AS VK says on US carriers they state it is a Department of Homeland Security requirement that passengers stay in their ticketed cabin on International flights into US and further they ask passengers not to congregate in the galleys or near lavatories for similar reasons.

    Interestingly the latest cabin divider curtains are now semi seee through.

    That said, whilst I always ask, I have never had any problem going back to use lavatories in other cabins or to talk to other pax.
    I have seen cases where Business pax or coach pax have come forward for quick chats and only seen them bounced when a) they are disturbing / annoying b) blocking cabin service or c) overstayed their welcome.

    I fly BA less often, I am unlikely to have colleagues on BA and in the 747 layout First is less contiguous I have little experience.


    My kids, aged 8, 11, 25 always come through to me in F on both Swiss and Lufthansa to say goodnight and good morning without any problem at all, though if they stay more than a few minutes they get the famous Germanic smile with the heavy hint that perhaps it’s time to go back to their own seat!

    I’ve seen people come into F as VK points out and use the “buddy” seat for a glass of champers and some nuts on LX, LH and BA but again after one drink they are “encouraged” to leave – and rightly so I think.

    You going back to see them should be no problem at all but look out for the right time, as if they start the meal service it’s almost impossible to get out the isle and you have to wait about 20 minutes as you get pushed to the back by the ever advancing cart. In fact I no longer go back for that reason as I always seem to get caught.


    I dont think a non first passenger should be entertained in a buddy seat. My understanding of the buddy seat design was to enable travelling companions in first to dine or chat together.

    Holding court for non first pax by a first passenger should be done in the lower cabins.


    On BA it is perfectly acceptable to entertain non-F pax in the F buddy seat.

    It’s part of the service standard, is documented in the manual (I asked them to check), though not encouraged during night flights so as not to disturb other F pax. It is not a “right” and remains at the discretion of the CSD.

    When travelling with colleagues in other cabins I sometimes need to review contracts or other paperwork with them in flight for short periods; I’m not about to schlep back to J and wouldn’t normally be permitted onto the Upper Deck anyway.

    On other occasions I have bumped into family or friends who happen to be on the same flight in Club/WT+ and have invited them up to F, as I have been invited up to F in the past by others when I’ve not been travelling up front.

    This is standard, and accepted form, as long as it’s for limited period (30 mins seems about right), doesn’t disturb other passengers, and doesn’t involve receiving anything other than one or two drinks from the F menu, though my guests have received nibbles in the past on emptier flights.

    It is polite to ask the CSD/Purser in advance if they’re OK with it, and also to ensure it won’t interfere with the cabin service in the cabin in which your guest is ticketed (e.g. missing their meal service).

    It is one of the perks of travelling BA F. Do other airlines permit this?


    “It’s part of the service standard, is documented in the manual (I asked them to check)” – INDEED YOU HAVE *eyes rolled*

    “I’m not about to schlep back to J” – WHY??


    You will know when I am travelling with you VK as I will be the one asking the CSD to remove your non F buddy seat companion.

    The First class cabin of an airliner is not the right place to conduct a business meeting or entertain family & friends, there is adequate space at the back of the economy cabin next to the toilets or by the doors in the galley area. Better to disturb the crew than a fellow passenger.

    Alternatively, you could always use the executive lounge / board room, as long as your business collegues or family / friends have access!

    I do not believe that it is an accepted “standard” more of a case of the CSD tolerating the request from a F pax.


    I think the buddy seat should only be used for First passengers. The cabin could easily become over crowded, and it would become very subjective as to how long a non F paying passenger should remain.

    I was recently sitting in 1B & the passenger in seat 1A was standing just behind me talking to his friend from seat 4K. After 20 minutes of their chit chat, I asked them politely to move to the galley.

    IMHO, the First cabin should remain solely for the use of First passengers.


    Back to going into Y, from J.

    Did so recently, as my son accompanied me on a business trip and we could only get one J ticket, due to last minute booking.

    I did ask the crew if this was okay and they said fine.

    I sat back there for about 2 hours (the agent had courteously blocked an empy seat as no paid upgrades were available and he was on a full fare Y ticket), but was careful not to accept a meal (you might be taking someone else’s food) or to impact on the Y pax in anyway, or to start using the loos if busy etc.

    Although we may be lucky enough to be able to pay for more space and a higher service level, I tend to remember and act upon the fact that the Y pax have paid for their service too and it does not involve hooray henry’s disturbing them or using their loos (which are often quite few in number pro rata.)


    DoS, you have just gone up in my estimation. You werent in 60B by chance?

    I wouldnt have thought of you as a “hooray henry” though.

    The real message in the above post is consideration to other passengers, which is very often ovelooked by us all.

    We are all buying a seat in a particluar area of the aircraft. This does not give us the right to take over, in what ever class.


    Imagine if every F pax on BA invited a colleague from another cabin to come up to join them in the buddy seat at the same time. A cabin designed for 14 would suddenly be playing host to 28! If is it part of the service standard (VK), but at the CSD’s discretion, at what point would that discretion kick in? Imagine the scene, ” sorry Sir, your companion cannot join you, despite the fact that 7 other pax companions have joined them…….”


    My vote goes with DoS and Martyn, keyword is consideration for others (in all things). I remember when the British way was courtesy, consideration and good manners. Man do I sound old… sorry.

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