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    Way back when, my husband and I booked 3 seats in coach so that we could have the additional wiggle room. I remember telling 9 flight attendants during boarding that they could not put someone in that middle seat, we had paid for it, but otherwise it worked fine.

    I don’t mind short flights in coach, but we just took a BMI flight from Heathrow to Copenhagen for $112 each. Somehow it had escaped me that the flight was two hours (plus the obligatory delay in and out of Heathrow) so we were crammed in … I can’t even get into the seat without removing the magazines to make room for my knees so I’m just stuck there … and if someone reclines in front of me, I’m toast. But now with such heightened security, I’m wondering if this tactic will still work. Any opinions/insights out there?



    The premise is good, but purchasing 3 seats doesn’t guarantee that they will be allocated adjacent to one another. The airline could very well place your 3rd spare seat away from you!



    not true famous, all scheduled carriers allow the purchase of an extra seat for comfort, it is the same fare as the pax but minus the tax (including the YQ, with MOST airlines, but not all), when booing the extra seat the name for that seat is “extra seat/comfort” and it will be allocated next to you, you can also book thsi extra seat for extra cabin baggage ( most usually musical instruments )



    I stand – or perhaps sit corrected!



    Dear judynagy,

    I hope you are aware that BMI does not operate any LHR to CPH flights? You will probably fly with SAS.

    SAS operates a mix of A319/321 and MD80s on the route. The Airbuses will have 3-3 and the MDs will have 2-3 seating.

    The flight will be operated as 3 class; econ (buy onboard), econ extra (free F&B) and business (free middle seat + warm meal). I would suggest grabbing D and F seats through online check in , and ask SAS at LHR to block middle seat when you come to the airport.

    Good luck!



    BMI sold us tix LHR-CPH-STK-LHR and we indeed flew on SAS. On top of that I booked through Expedia, and the confirmation # contained zeros and Os and 1s and ls. I did not have the patience to put the confirmation number in 19 times for online checkin, , so got seats at the airport both ways. Great fun “self-checking” with that kind of a confirmation number. I actually got a real SAS person to check us in.

    Thank you all for confirming that I indeed can do this but I need to be very careful and – gasp – maybe CALL the airline to book, huh?

    BTW, the reason I booked through Expedia this trip is the Christmas Heathrow Disaster, where we spent a week in London instead of Paris. I had booked directly with Air France and had no way to get any assistance at all. Once most of the flights were cancelled, the French went home. Can’t say that I blame them, there wasn’t much they could do either.

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