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  • SimonS1

    Why does it offer me the ability to start a new thread when I’m reading a different one?
    We can remove that
    But the page numbers and button to jump to end of thread has gone?
    That’s a mistake, they are being re-introduced
    And after I finish typing I have to scroll down past loads of clutter to find the button to post it?
    All of that was at the top – but you said it filled the screen, so we put it at the bottom.
    And a big grey BT banner blocking about 20% of the screen?
    Funnily enough, most people think it’s too small, but on mobile it is larger, yes.
    There is a green bar saying ‘change edition’ stuck permanently in bottom right.
    We might move that into the main menu.

    Tom – sorry – maybe I’m not expressing myself clearly. My point is – why do you need all this clutter. You only need the basics, things like the pages, reply, go to end of thread.

    Why have the button that posts the reply buried under a load of other junk.

    Re the logo – by the time you open the keyboard you have about 1cm of space to work in. Honestly, get rid of the logo, waste of space.

    Alternatively why not just go to one of the providers of forum software and get something that is proven to work and alreafy optimised for mobiles?


    Tom Otley

    We wish we could – but those softwares hold all the database of users on their own servers. It would mean that anyone wanting to use the software would require a different profile and log in (or at least a seperate one) to use the forum. So a subscriber who would be signed in, commenting on pieces, receiving the email newsletter, changing the address for their sub would then have to log into the forum using different details, since the forum would effectively be an iFrame.

    It would also mean we would have to get a seperate set of permissions for the use of that data eahc year for the forum as well as the email newsletter and website.

    The screen grab you attached is very helpful – we are working on what we can do


    What was wrong with the last website…we had only just got used to it after the recent last change?!

    Tom Otley

    It was taking 30 seconds to load a page.
    It crashed all the time.
    Links didn’t work in posts.
    People found it difficult to log in.
    The subscription barrier didn’t work properly.
    It was unattractive.
    It didn’t support new advertising sizes.
    People reported comments when they meant to reply or quote.


    I like when you hover over some icons, the colour highlights to green. Perhaps you should keep the colour to green permanently (without the need to hover)..

    One small alteration to make the Thread titles more easy on the eye. Some threads have icons before and some after the thread title, making the titles look untidy as they look all over the place.

    When you read the thread content it is all neatly lined up.

    I also find the script a little on the small side. I have good vision and didn’t have this problem on the previous 2 designs…


    I’ve tried the new forum on my laptop, work computer (but don’t tell the boss!!!) and my ipad.

    I think it might be a tad slower, but I find it relatively easy to navigate, and being something of a technophobe this is important to me.

    Thanks Tom and your team, I like it!


    Been taking a short break, cam back and it was not so easy to find the forum button on the home page, found it now though


    Thanks, it is easier once you get used to it (apology for my error to previous correspondent) and the small type means quicker to review comments especially on a cellphone.
    We just have to get validated on the new model, and now all we need is a spellcheck facility!

    Tom Otley

    Do you think it is faster?


    I can’t say I’ve noticed the site being quicker, but then it seemed to me anyway just fine. My internet speed is about 800mbps so that might have something to with it.


    There is 4 pages in this thread and I will admit to just skimming it (so apologies for the repeated content) but here’s my tuppence.

    1. I think everything is too large and inflated looking – the pics are too big, the adverts are too big the banner and menu pull-in is too big.
    2. there is repeated content on the home page and in general the content in my opinion is a bit all over the place
    3. the pull in menu should be on the home page so people can fast access the site
    4. all content spans quite far on the page making it almost stratched – the pull in menu also spans into the content and over the top.
    5. there is a lot of scrolling
    6. when i first looked the design it was all too white but i see there are now some darker banners etc.

    I know here can be teething issues but does this get properly tested before going live?
    Apologies for being all a bit negative. I can see signs of improvement but in this day and age issues and design flaws can be prevented.

    Tom Otley

    Thanks Peter19
    May I ask what device you are viewing it on?


    Hi Tom,
    Chrome and IE.

    The iPhone does look better but still i feel everything is quite big and a lot of scrolling across all options.

    What i also find hard to do is follow the stories and news. If its out of the main article I tend to either miss it or never look back and i don’t know why that is.
    Also, it would be nice to search the tried and tested section only for results. So if i’m looking for BA 787-9 review i can find it without doing an overall search for the site.



    Its faster to read on a cellphone because scrolling smaller type is quicker, maybe faster to download ‘though use many different wifi and data so cannot be sure.
    Now used to it I find it easier and adding a comment to a news item is good like other sites.


    Just back from a short break, and the site and forum looks so different. Took a little getting used to, but seems fine overall, once you spend a little time on it.

    One quick suggestion, ‘back to forum’ button appears only at the top right of the page. Could it also come at the bottom of a thread (after the last post), so that we can go straight back to the forum home after reading a thread.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 103 total)
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