British Airways: With its new A380 & 787 seating at risk of becoming an “also-ran”?

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    The layouts of both the A380 and 787s, to join the BA fleet next year, were announced on the BT news site today.

    A380 lower deck will have First, 2-4-2 Club World, and 3-4-3 Economy. Upper Deck will have 2-3-2 Club World, 2-3-2 World Traveller Plus, and 2-4-2 economy.

    787 will have 2-3-2 Club World, 2-3-2 World Traveller Plus, and 3-3-3 Economy.

    How do you feel about these layouts?

    I am not a “BA basher”, indeed I think they are very good indeed, but maybe could be better in a number of areas, and am somewhat disappointed with the 2-4-2 and the just as bad as a 777 10 across, 3-3-3 787 economy layout.

    I feel they could have shown more ambition and leadership, especially when you consider the following key rivals and what they offer:-

    North America

    Delta – flatbeds and mostly direct aisle access
    United – flatbeds and all window/aisle
    Virgin & Air Canada – all window or aisle and direct aisle access

    Ethipian all window/asle on both 767 & 787
    SAA – 2-2-2 all window/aisle

    Middle East
    Qatar 2-2-2 all window/aisle, mostly flat beds, 1-2-1 in J
    Etihad – all window/aisle
    Emirates – variable, but A380 all window/aisle and all direct aisle access
    Turkish – 2-2-2 -all window/aisle

    Far East

    Japan Air Lines – all direct aisle access and faltbeds
    All Nippon, the same I think
    Cathay – 1-2-1 all direct aisle access
    Thai – 2-2-2 all window/aisle
    Singapore – 1-2-1 all massive seats.
    Turkish 2-2-2 all window/aisle

    Europe – not too much competition, except for LH 748 product and maybe Alitalia A330 product, and not forgetting the LX longhaul product. KLM new product will be serious competition to BA, especially now Virgin will likely join Skyteam.

    I know you have to have a balance of space Vs revenue generation, but with such competion, have BA positioned themselves as an also ran, not even trying to be a market leader.

    With the new layouts, it seems the WTP at 2-3-2 will be a truly competitive product.

    But what are your thoughts? Will you be tempted to try the others which have flatbeds, more space and access etc but which will still give you decent miles and status points on your favourie FFPs?


    You make very good points but add in QF 2-2-2 upper deck.

    Factor in avoiding LHR and the 3 terminal shuffle, missing bags as result , and ubiquitous buses and BA is not an attractive product. And this before you add in inconsistent crew poor catering and Avios.

    Not that I think BA care. On the North Atlantic the benefits of the link up with AA mean reduced choice and the competition, despite the hard products is still probably not very good. Consequently BA focus on this route and their products probably are as good as anyone. Whilst they have fortress LHR and competition is restricted nothing will change.

    They have given up on the East (despite the SEL route) the loss of QF will see their ex EU traffic plummet as passengers avoid LHR, unless they dump fares.


    Also there is AA new product to consider and the excellent CX like C cabin. It knocks the socks off any other C cabin, even the more recent offerings let alone ones that are vintage but called new.


    BA was the real innovator in C class, partly thanks to stiff competition from VS in the 90s, but has now been leapfrogged by many, even the likes of US & AA! BA were I woud argue ahead of CX with the hard product, but have now been leapfrogged by them too.

    It will however be possible to retain status with BA but avoid them by flying with, and spending with their oneworld partners such as CX, Qatar, QF, MH, AY who in J provide an at least as good as if not far better product. AA and JL of course will be revenue share.

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