British Airways Reveals Seat Pics and Cabin Layout of A318 London City-New York Service

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  • MarcusUK

    Perhaps you & Vinatge Krug should marry!

    One or my colleagues the Professor who is advising the Government on Respiratory Medicine, confirmed at a meeting these were the figures.
    These were published on the WHO website, confirmed by the Director of the CEO on BBC news, with NYC having the highest incidence on the figures stated.
    These were people exposed to the virus, with 2,743 confirmed cases today in NYC.
    The under-reporting or suspected, with mild symptoms is thought to be 3-4 times this figure. Exposure runs at 7% today.

    My perceptions are professional ,& based on WHO reporting, but of course that relies on the typical under-reporting of governments, & the lack of reporting in less structured countries. Understandably, a lay perspective isn’t as well informed.

    As the WHO indicate, the peak of the current pandemic is increasing, & wil reach its peak with the seasonal changes north of the hemisphere in Sept/Oct, with cases in the southern expected to decline.

    As for Vintage etc, well a good friend left BA after working with them for 12 years last year, in a Directorship role.
    My insight is gained through him, his experience, his reasons for leaving..sadly to him, & the decline & destruction of the work & of his teams, that he put in place.

    He refused to treat staff in the way dictated by Walsh & his senior team, & rightly predicted, the current situation that is publicly known in BA. Its financial situation, appauling record on its treatment of staff, & the often over inflated images of BA, having fallen behind from its former glory days.
    Then again, all the events associated with BA in the last 5 yrs, really do speak for themselves do they not?
    Not aware of any airline in the world, that has gained such a poor image through its management, or constantly in the news for management gaffs!


    You are too funny. Now after previous absurdity, you are making suggestions for my love life. Thanks, Happily married already. Perhaps you should get someone, and you wouldn’t be so constantly pent up and bitter. As for BA, I personally do not have any affiliation to them, nor have ever worked for them. If you feel the need to continually slag them off because of some loyalty to a friend well off you go. From a passenger point of view (me) someone who pays for his own tickets, flies Club and First exclusively, my experience from that point of view is BA is the best in europe, suits my needs, and has been a leader in almost every sense. Do they have opportunities to improve, sure, do things go wrong, sure, but just because your friend says something does not mean it is true. You are welcome to your own perception of course, but if it is only due to the anger of your friend, could it just possibly be a negative bias you have.

    As for your ridiculous comment regarding H1N1, you stated, and I quote, ‘The H1N1 occupying 8% of NYC residents at the moment’ and ‘NYC has a population who last week, 8% had the H1N1.’ You basically said 640,000 citizens of New York City were infected, and now you say confirmed case as per WHO, BBC, and of course your other very good friend and collegue the ‘Professor,’ put the figure to 2743, just slightly different from your 8%, can you say off by 637,257!. You have some very impressive friends, all so knowledgeable, you lucky boots you

    You say your perceptions are professional, well glad one person thinks so. I doubt too many others do.

    I trully could care less who Vintage is, all I know is his info seems accurate, and yours has for the last two forums where I have had the misfortune of reading your tirades (KLM and A318) have been fantasy, false, and just down right wrong.

    Carry on defending the biased views of your friend, and let’s not forget the ‘Professor’ but please keep me out of your war with Vintage.


    Forward bookings on the LCY-JFK route already looking very strong, as evidenced both anecdotally and by availability (or lack thereof) and fares on


    As reported today, by The US Centre for Disease Control, & reported in The Times, there are officially 1 million In the United States that have contracted the flu virus. The US Governnment provided these figures.

    WHO statement-

    “The world is moving into the early days of its first influenza pandemic in the 21st century. The (swine flu) virus is now unstoppable,” said Dr Margaret Chan, the WHO chief.

    But i am sure you are better qualified n have the REAL figures…!
    I suggest you take yr version to the CDC, & WHO.

    Nice to see some names on here of real people, rater than hiding behind a hidden identity!

    Good news for LCY route, that they wont use T5 & the predictable BA/ BAA partnership that has made LHR infamous. More to come no doubt…


    Actually i don’t work for an airline, I am a Clincical Director with the Department of Health!!

    My colleagues are the appointed advisors in Respiratory Medicine & Epidemiology, working with the Chief Medical Offficer.

    The Minister for Health today, upgraded with immediate effect, & made an announcement in parliament, that the phase here has been moved to “treatment” phase.
    there will be 100,000 cases a day by August!
    I am sure you will have yr turn to experience it.
    Not very informed, intelligent, or level headed responses, from someone who cant even reveal his own identity!


    I’m lost for words.


    I never suggested you work for an airline, or is this another of your famous typos. As for supposedly being a director at the Department of Health, then you should know far better than anyone that fear-mongering, exaggerating the facts, and downright falsifying information is plain wrong. You were using information about H1N1 incorrectly, mis-quoting figures continually, and using it as a tactic/argument in one of your regular diatribes against British Airways and Vintage Krug. Who is the level headed one here? Certainly not you as you keep trying to fight the fight for a friend of yours who lost his job at BA. And by the way, the vast majority of people on this site are anonymous for various reasons, perhaps the fact that you dont feel the need to remain anoymous is most telling of all!.


    Seatmaps for this service now available on

    Note the odd AB JK seat designations.

    1 AB JK would be my least favourite recommendations, being opposite the front WCs so people tend to queue up there and rest on your seat cocoon so not a good place to be.

    I would reckon rows 2 and 3 to be the best seats being in front of the wing and therefore marginally quieter, but close to the galley for rapid service.


    On a recent trip to LCY, saw the new A318 doing rehearsal landings/go-arounds.

    Apparently getting the other pilots used to the steep approach. And it is a VERY steep approach for this aircraft, as can be seen from this (poor quality) youtube clip:

    Looking forward very much to sampling this innovative service very soon!


    It doesn’t look only steep, but the runway seems short for any possible miscalculations or handlings while landing in LCY. Do they have any more space there? I assume you can’t have any decent landings when bad weather like heavy fog or torrential rains exists


    No, straight into the dock if you overshoot!



    The on board menu looks terrific out to New York. Great choice…fillet of beef, chicken, sea bass, pasta, salad…or offer of ‘ working lunch’ later in the flight.

    Wine list looks OK, the Château Bournac looks to be the outstanding choice, a shame the nasty Blue Top still keeps making an appearance, though the (entry level Bollinger) Ayala isn’t half bad.

    A bit sparse from NYC back to London, but looking forward to sampling the JFK Terraces Dining Room pre-flight and then getting a good night’s sleep on board:

    Here’s the menu for New York to London:

    The Sleeper Service

    Welcome onboard this Club World London City
    Sleeper service to London.

    All paper used on the production of menus for British Airways is made
    from an environmentally friendly source from sustainable forests.

    We hope you enjoyed the pre-flight supper in the
    lounge this evening. Tonight’s menu is designed around
    helping you maximise your sleep on this short overnight
    flight, enabling you to arrive in London well rested and
    ready to start your day.

    If you wish to settle down and sleep shortly after take
    off you may like to have a look at our breakfast options
    available to you when you wake up in the morning.

    Good night.


    On tonight’s flight, we have a selection of night cap
    options for you to choose from should you wish to eat
    something to help you settle down and get some quality
    sleep before our arrival into London.

    Four cabbage slaw with pequino peppers
    topped with smoked duck and caramelised onions
    Bruschetta sandwich with goat’s cheese

    Wildflower and honey cheese cake

    Please accept our apology if your first choice
    is not available.

    Club Kitchen
    Should you wake up and feel hungry during the
    night, we have a selection of tasty treats including
    crisps, chocolates and biscuits available in the
    galley area for you to choose from.

    Please ask our crew for a drink from the bar,
    or you may wish to enjoy a hot drink. We have
    a choice of tea and freshly ground coffee.
    We also offer a selection of herbal teas.

    Prior to Arrival

    We will be serving you a light breakfast
    approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes
    before our arrival into London City.

    Chilled fruit juice
    An energising fruit smoothie
    Fresh seasonal fruit

    Special K with dried berries
    Warm bacon roll served with tomato ketchup
    Selection of warm breads and breakfast pastries
    Your choice of coffee or tea

    City Breakfast

    If you wish to maximise your sleep during the
    night, we won’t wake you up if we see you are
    still sleeping soundly. When you do wake up,
    we have our City Breakfast option available up
    until 20 minutes before landing, which you can
    eat on descent or on your journey into the office.

    Chilled fruit juice

    Fresh fruit

    Breakfast pastries

    Here’s the wine list:


    Please ask your crew to advise you of the choices
    available on today’s service.

    Champagne Cocktail
    Kir Royale
    Crème de Cassis gives this cocktail its distinctive taste
    Buck’s Fizz
    Crisp, dry Champagne and naturally sweet orange juice

    Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top
    Generous nose, with toasty and buttery aromas
    Ayala Brut Majeur NV Champagne
    Elegant and lively, with delicate fresh and fruity notes

    Terra do Gargalo 2007 Monterrei
    Intensely flavoured with lemon, lime and apple
    Marmesa Vineyards Chardonnay 2006, Edna Valley
    Appetising and dry, with an aroma of white peaches
    Château de Rully 2007, Rully
    Lemony, smoky and taut
    Arboleda Coastal Sauvignon Blanc 2008
    A super-refreshing dry white

    Montes Alpha Syrah 2006
    Flavours of spice and blackberries, rounded off
    by soft, silky oak tannins
    Château Bournac 2005
    Pretty and succulent, from an outstanding vintage
    La Haute Marone 2007, Gigondas
    Essence of spicy Grenache, intense and full-bodied
    J. Lohr, Los Osos Merlot 2006, Paso Robles
    Scented, rich blend from California’s Central Coast

    A selection of traditional and modern drinks
    to suit all tastes

    There will be a complimentary bar available
    serving alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.

    And here’s the menu for the London to New York flight:

    Welcome aboard this Club World
    London City service to New York.

    British Airways is proud to be working
    in collaboration with Roast to design
    and develop your onboard menu today.

    Roast is a popular restaurant drawing on
    the best of Britain’s seasonal produce and
    cooking traditions set in a landmark building
    in London’s oldest surviving food market,
    Borough Market, just by London Bridge.

    We have created a dynamic food development
    team combining the years of inflight catering
    experience of British Airways with Roast’s
    head cook, Lawrence Keogh.

    As a British airline passionate about food,
    we are delighted to embrace Roast’s food
    development philosophy. Using British
    ingredients wherever we can, placing
    emphasis on the sourcing and provenance
    of products, we intend to explore dishes
    and recipes that also highlight seasonality.

    From succulent spit roasts and deeply
    flavoured puddings cooked over days,
    to organically grown salad leaves that have
    real taste, British cooking can rightly take
    its place on the international stage.

    We have the great pleasure of taking this
    philosophy and bringing it to life for you
    to enjoy onboard today.

    All paper used for menu production is made
    from an environmentally friendly source
    from sustainable forests.

    London City – Shannon

    Shortly after take off, we will be serving
    you an appetiser and drink service on
    our short journey to Shannon.


    Welsh Carmarthen ham with Cox’s
    apple potato salad with pea shoot

    Shannon – New York

    Shortly after take off, whilst we prepare
    your lunch order, we will be offering you
    a selection of drinks from the bar to
    enjoy with your meal.


    Dedham Vale Farm fillet of beef with
    Scottish girolles and Madeira sauce

    British corn-fed chicken
    cooked in a Somerset cider sauce

    Grilled sea bass served with
    a roasted fennel and caper dressing

    Penne pasta in a courgette
    and aubergine tomato sauce
    with chestnut mushrooms
    and Berkswell cheese

    Inverawe smoked salmon and prawns
    with new potato and horseradish salad

    We apologise if your first choice is not available.
    For allergen information, please ask your crew for more details.

    Dessert and Liqueurs

    We will be pleased to offer you
    a liqueur to savour with your chosen
    dessert option.

    Eton mess

    Cornish Yarg and Cropwell Bishop
    Stilton with Bath Oliver and Orkney
    oat biscuits

    Working Lunch

    If you prefer to eat later whilst you
    finish off some work, we will be
    happy to serve you a main meal salad
    together with your choice of dessert
    from the lunch menu.

    Inverawe smoked salmon and prawns
    with new potato and horseradish salad

    Club Kitchen

    After lunch, please help yourself
    to a selection of tasty treats including
    crisps, chocolates and biscuits
    available in the forward galley area
    for you to choose from.

    Drinks are available throughout
    the flight.

    Afternoon Tea

    We will be serving a traditional
    British afternoon tea service
    approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
    before our arrival into New York.

    Sandwich Selection

    Roast beef with horseradish cream
    and beetroot chutney

    Smoked salmon with cream cheese

    Mature English farmhouse Cheddar
    with tomato


    Laverstoke Park Buffalo Mozzarella
    with roasted figs and Port reduction

    A selection of plain and sultana
    scones served warm with English
    preserves and Cornish clotted cream

    Afternoon Tea cake selection
    of coffee éclair and lemon tart


    Tea, ground coffee
    or decaffeinated coffee

    Selection of herbal teas
    includes green tea with jasmine,
    peppermint, blackcurrant
    and camomile with honey


    Looking forward to lunch.

    Check in handled smoothly. Extra friendly security staff and a dedicated channel, which is a nice touch.

    Alas slightly delayed as the engines are feeling unwell. They did call me personally and let me know, which I thought was excellent service.

    A text might have been more efficient, though.

    More soon.

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