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    Hi All,

    Just wondered if anyone knew where i could find a complete guide to British Airways in a PDF format or a web link. I have tried both and the Press website but nothing really good enough. Im doing a project and want a kind of A to Z guide of the company everything from uniform to fleet to future projects.

    thank you all for your replies.


    I don’t think any such animal exists.

    You’d be well advised to scour (there’s a lot of material on there, particularly the BA Museum section, which has some historical info). I know you say you’ve already had a good look, but I think you’d find quite a lot of info there, and using the site index might be easier to navigate: and are both good resources for tracking the fleet.

    You’d probably also benefits from reading through back issues of Overview, the BA Shareholder magazine (which is no longer produced), or copies of Up to Speed, the BA employee magazine. Both are produced by Cedar Communications, who might have a few back issues. Back issues of Overview will have rich pickings for your project and are viewable online in .pdf format:

    Finally, remember that International Airlines Group now owns BA, and it might be worth looking on its website for other relevant information:

    There is also some info for students on the press pages:

    I would caution asking for anything more than is publicly available until you’ve exhausted all the above info (as there’s quite a lot there – certainly enough for most school projects and a good start if you’re writing a university dissertation).


    Many thanks for such a fast reply. i will certainly have a look at those links you have provided i am sure it will be perfect 🙂


    Here is the 2010 Investor Relations .pdf which might also be of interest (probably on the IAG website, but a direct link is easier!).

    I can’t locate 2011’s, maybe someone has a link they could share?:

    Some salient points here:

    Some notes from the presentations, which should stimulate debate without having to sample death by powerpoint:

    – introduction of the “espace” seat (is this the same as a space-saver, non-convertible seating?)

    – refresh of 767s will happen later this year (good news for Moscow regulars!)

    – Relocation of BA to JFK T8 alongside AA and IB (Don’t think that’s good news, but it has probably put the kaibosh on the planned BA drive through check in and any improvement in the pre-flight dining facilities which can be rather overcrowded at present).

    – booking trends are damaged during specific strike dates, but they do recover strongly during normal running. Still concerned about brand erosion, WW said he does “have plans to rectify this after the action is complete”. SALE OF THE CENTURY on its way after the strike??

    – Plan to share lounges with Iberia where possible (I think this might affect MIA/MAD/MEX more than most).

    – At T5 BA will move from the current 80% of flights having jetway use to 95% jetway use with the opening of T5C next year. Good news, but why not 100%? Poor planning on BAA’s part again.

    – 8 747s are currently grounded, but one is being brought back after the summer and will need a D-check before re-entering service until 2017.

    – A380 deliveries have switched from the original plan of all deliveries in two years, to the first tranche of 4 arriving in 2013/2014 and deliveries ranged out over the next four years, all to help spread capex. HKG likely to be the first A380 route to reduce the three 747 in three hours to two movements of A380s to free up valuable slots.

    – BA will seek government compensation (more likely from Europe) for the airspace closure and compulsory compensation under EC261, citing 9/11 precedent.

    – Stated he reckoned it was a “gross over reaction” to close airspace and they have not even found any evidence of ash despite regular checks. WW calls the volcano “E15, as it begins with E and has 15 letters”.

    – According to WW himself “CE is being sustained by transfer traffic” (am pleased WW gets this, as he has always said it’s in terminal decline as a stand alone product but he recognised that people flying premium longhaul expect a premium shorthaul product).

    – Less good news for CE at Gatwick, as although not yet given the chop, there is much less transfer traffic there. I would expect an announcement on this shortly.

    – New APD changes could close off the whole Domestic APD network if they go through. MAN especially. Could also reduce the viability of some more vulnerable longhaul services, too, as feeder traffic diminishes.

    – The new AA/BA/IB will have 20% of transatlantic; still smaller than the other mega-carrier alliances

    – WW “still believe something will happen with bmi” if Lufty decides to sell some its slots, but WW not interested in purchasing the airline.

    – Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines also have rights to serve US from UK (didn’t know that, would be interesting if it ever happened).

    – American and jetblue tie up is welcomed, and even though Lufty has a significant holding in jetblue, WW was hopeful that either AA/BA/IB might be able to purchase that or alternatively encourage membership of oneworld in due course (excellent news!).

    – Someone mentioned that there would be a redesign of the WT/WT+ seats on the new delivery of 777s coming later this year, but I did not hear any reference to that; did I miss it?

    – AA/BA merger would be completed by October 2010.

    – !!!WARNING!!! Earn and burn AA/BA reciprocity would start on transatlantic from Day One = October 2010.

    PS Can you spot the error on p104?


    Yes, the error is capital I in American Airlines instead of the lower case i.

    Also, where did the 3 HKG 747s in 3 hours come from? BA have not done that for years.


    The next IAG Investor Day is on Friday 11 November in Madrid.


    You might be able to find some information out from Wikipedia.

    Good luck with your project.


    Hippo: I was under the impression these would be simulcast in the UK. Any info on that?


    I think the AGM will probably be simulcast at a venue in the UK so private shareholders in the UK can attend (though the AGM is mainly procedural and the questions from the audience tend to be less substantive).

    I’m not sure about the Investor Day as it attracts a smaller audience of institutional investors. It should be available live online as a webcast, however.


    – Less good news for CE at Gatwick, as although not yet given the chop, there is much less transfer traffic there. I would expect an announcement on this shortly

    I am a regular on the LGW/AGP route since the demise unfortunately of LHR/AGP – The CE cabin sometimes 8 rows is usually very busy and from my observations few are transfer pax.


    But, Travellator, LGW has a high O&D market due to the nature of the routes being served (mainly leisure). Places like VCE and DBV have excellent (and year-round) cruise passengers, for example. These routes can be very busy in the CE cabin. Jersey also has a very high CE load, so I can’t see the demise of CE ex-LGW anytime soon.


    Thanks StephenLondon, hope status quo remains !

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