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    I know this topic was discussed some time ago but I can’t seem to find the thread.

    A quick comment that it appears that the (dry, tasteless, cellophane-wrapped) sandwiches served before landing on many long-haul flights (in CW) may be on their way out?

    On a flight to Mumbai last week, in place of the usual aforementioned ‘sandwiches’ was a great selection of warm quiches. Much welcomed and appreciated.

    Has anyone else seen the sandwiches lately? Any other upgraded options on offer?



    Only on selected routes will you see an improvement in the second meal service in CW. The focus at the moment, routes to India.

    I personally would like to see them rolled out across the Long haul network. It’s a much nicer offering for our customers in Club.

    With more positive feedback like yours from our frequent fliers, perhaps BA will act and make it standard for all flights.



    It seems that the CE offering is also improving too as I had an amazing meal on Friday travelling outbound to Prague although a few tweaks to the afternoon tea service yesterday would be welcome.

    Seems that BA are starting to listen to feedback,.




    Chef on board.

    Eat when you choose.

    Main meal of restaurant quality, always had my first choice so far.

    Light meal menu as alternative or supplement, with delicious wraps, pasta etc.

    That sets the bar for me.

    Good luck to BA in upping the game, but very much second tier on food, presently.



    DoS: I agree about EY, food in F is excellent and I also have always had my first choice and as much of it as I have wanted with seconds if I have asked for them. Snack choice is also excellent and leaves others behind particularly SQ who still offer pot noodles as a snack in F!

    WY are also proving excellent, small operation at present but I’ve used them a couple of times now and service probably beats EY by a small margin.

    If faced with afternoon tea, I always order a DBML which is a salad at that time of day, far preferable to the alternative but I’m always offered a scone as a special treat and I always decline the kind offer!



    Must agree with the commentary on second meal in CW. As I was lucky to get an OpUp just before Christmas, I was going to be happy with the experience (more likely than not), and as my most recent experience was a much improved second meal coming from MEX in WT, I was open to whatever happened.

    So, the second meal on the flight, was definitely meeting expectations – previously the second meal on the overnight flight to BOM was breakfast (not great for a late morning arrival), so the improvement in CW to a brunch selection of a variety of snack based hot options was well received.

    Only negative point – granola being promised, but not available. Will live though!




    Funnily enough, I was describing the EY business cabin, not F, which shows why BA have a challenge.

    Am looking to try WY, others tell me it is great.

    Safe journeys and tailwinds.




    Try WY, in C or F. You may wish for a headwind once on board, they really do bring the pleasure back to flying and MCT is a nicer stop than anywhere else in the Gulf if you have a little time to spare. I would love to see them route MCT-SYD, I could become a very loyal flyer if they do.



    I agree with LPPSkrisflyer WY long haul is excellent, 4 abreast seating in C, staff that care, and customer service staff that try to help, but I am a big fan of Oman in general….so give it a try and the fares are usually good too.



    Certainly on a recent trip to DXB the food in Club World was much improved. Recently also sampled QF in F and J, which was very good, shame about the wedgie in J. One of the things we sometimes forget is that it is a style of service rather than being better or worst than our favorites



    I really like Oman too, but the problem is, the South of Oman, which is the nicest- forests and oases, frankincense groves and palm lined beaches, along with mysterious desert mountains, is really hard and expensive to fly to!

    I was planning a trip at Christmas but the flights were more than LHR to MCT for about a twentieth of the distance and driving is at least 3/4 days long and I hate long fly-drives.

    Anyway, pleased to hear BA have improved their meals!



    Hengli123: Maybe I’ve just been lucky but I’ve always found return flights from MCT to domestic destinations in Oman for about £100 return. The flights to the south are about 90-120 minutes and the pricing is OK. C is usually double the price of Y and I still find that OK for the distance and standard of service WY offer. Try booking on their website if you haven’t already.



    LPPSKrisflyer, thanks for the tip, I guess things in Oman are developing quite fast, including air links to the South.

    I just hope it doesn’t get ruined and become another Sharm El Sheikh!



    The food in Club has definitely improved, and I like the re-designed menu cards which are a lot cheerier than the old ones.

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