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  • CathayLoyalist2

    Just read an article on BA receiving this award. What planet are the judges living on?

    And this quote ” Under the leadership of CEO and Chairman Alex Cruz, British Airways has not been afraid to adopt new ticketing practices, service levels and is now among the frontrunners of distribution change and technology adoption – at the same time as achieving an industry-leading ROIC [return on invested capital]. It is certainly “100 not out” for one of the world’s most famous airline brands.’

    Take alook at the other winners – not one Asian Airline mentioned. I must go and lie down !


    If the awards are based purely on RoI/money saved, then BA may well deserve the award, along with other profitable airlines such as Ryanair.

    If customer satisfaction is a criterion, then the picture is different.

    “British Airways has not been afraid to adopt new ticketing practices, service levels”

    This is true. Whether they have been customer-friendly is, again, another matter.

    I was told last night that manned check-in counters at LHR T5 are not available for Y class passengers. I don’t know if this is correct, but if so, it’s another step in the wrong direction, another of Cruz’s pennypinching stunts.


    Check-in desks at T5 going….wonderful! No monitoring of suitcases going on as “hand-baggage”!!


    Presumably the same model as QF use in Sydney (and elsewhere)? Self-check-in and self-labelling of baggage is becoming the norm, I guess.


    Check-in desks at T5 going….wonderful! No monitoring of suitcases going on as “hand-baggage”!!

    I thought they went at LGW some time ago?


    In this month of sharing I wonder if this is shared by BA’s customers.
    I wish BA and my fellow customers a merry X-mas and an “improved” 2020.

    We are in desperate need of some of this magic.


    These ‘polls/surveys’ are a farce :

    Which? Travel rates Aer Lingus highly but marks Ryanair, BA down

    Ryanair has achieved an unenviable four in a row after again being declared the worst short-haul airline in a survey carried out by one of the leading consumer watchdogs in Europe.

    The news was almost as bad, if not worse, for British Airways which has been ranked among the worst airlines in Europe for both short-haul and long-haul passengers.

    Just four years ago the airline topped the short-haul category in the Which? annual survey.

    British Airways was third from the bottom in the short-haul table and fared even worse when it came to its long-haul offering where it was second from the bottom.

    Holidaymakers panned BA for the quality of food and drink, the comfort of its seats and value for money for both short- and long-haul services – with both only managing a 55 per cent customer score overall.

    In 2015, the British flag carrier was named best short-haul airline in the Which? Travel survey. IT failures, strikes and mass cancellations have conspired to see the airline fall in customers’ estimations.


    It’s really a nonsense.

    How can a global airline serving many nationalities and operating such a complex network be compared to a large budget airline which does not (in almost all cases) interline and offers a simple one-class no-frills product.

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    It’s really a nonsense.

    Not sure Alex, not sure

    I’ve read the report and actually it’s probably a more accurate representation of sentiment than most surveys. The reasoning is in the detail., and remember they’re specifically focussing on the Y offering

    BA’s fall from grace (short haul) has a lot to do with its implementation of overpriced poor quality BOB offering. It’s long haul proposition is marred with cost cutting on catering and uncomfortable seating and compared to other like for like airlines , overpriced.

    Ryanair isn’t bottom, their joint bottom with another IAG carrier..Vueling
    At the other end of the scale Jet2 & Norwegian score highly. And as I’ve said on here before, given a choice I’d choose the latter 2 before FR or EZ.

    IMO , it’s pretty accurate , especially if you cross reference the report with some of the comments that BT contributors have made on the forum.


    I hear what you say canucklad but the two carriers are not comparable and I suppose the Which subscribers mainly fly short-haul.

    Note that I am not a critic of Ryanair.

    For the BT annual awards we have a separate category for LCCs.


    Note that I am not a critic of Ryanair

    Based on this years’ experience, I’d rate FR quite highly, especially if you play them at their own game.

    Like any game you play, the more you know the rules and your opponents game plan the more chance you have of coming out on top.

    In fact last weeks flight back from Seville couldn’t have been bettered by BA’s CE offering, and all at a fraction of the price !!

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    Just read somewhere another recent airlines award place BA as second worst airlines in both short haul and Long haul. Ryanair was placed at bottom likely due to they did not participate in survey?


    Yep. Annual Which survey places BA and Ryanair at almost the same level (bottom, of course).


    This is what BA says about the WITCH award:

    ‘A report published today by Which? has picked up widespread media coverage. The consumer group claims that we have fallen short of expectations in several areas and ranks us unfavourably among other short and long-haul airlines.

    We welcome feedback of all kinds, but we’re challenging the validity of today’s Which? report, which doesn’t match with either our own measures of customer satisfaction, or those of other, larger independent surveys.

    Today’s report is based on the views of just 834 of our customers. It contradicts the findings of the awards we’ve won in recent months, and certainly doesn’t reflect the data we have from millions of customers who take part in feedback surveys when they travel with us.

    During a year in which we’ve begun a £6.7bn programme of investment for both colleagues and customers, we’ve seen our customer Net Promoter Score continually grow to the highest levels in recent history.

    Here’s some of the accolades we have received this year, recognising our best-in-class colleagues, service and network:

    · Airline of the Year – CAPA Excellence Awards

    · Best Airline Staff in Europe – SkyTrax

    · Best Product / Service Innovation – Business Traveller

    · Best Short Haul airline – Business Traveller

    · Best Loyalty scheme – Business Traveller

    · Best Lounge – Business Traveller

    · Best Short Haul airline – The Travel Awards

    · Best Loyalty scheme – The Points Guy


    Picking up on loyalty schemes, long haul and shorthaul awards/loyalty schemes should be separated. I know there is also the issue of lounges.

    BA short haul (avios), I agree is up there with the best (not the best, but certainly up there)…

    BA longhaul is pure sh*te…

    As for the GUV….. generally, unusable… (although I have noted a claimed change, in that they can now be used if there is a non BA sector on your ticket.

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