British Airways Cabin Crew deaths

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    I was reading a news item in the Daily Mail about the sad death of Emily Dunn, a BA stewardess, as I was being served a drink on a BA flight to Dublin.

    I mentioned how sad this was to the stewardess and she told me about another on duty death 6 days earlier. Another female cabin crew member died after contracting Malaria after working on a flight to Ghana.

    My thoughts go to the families left behind….and really does make the discussion about BA male cabin crew wearing beards or not, quite insignificant….


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    @MartinSinclair. May I say as a BA crew member myself, thank you for those kind and respectful words. You are totally correct in what you’ve said.


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    If you wish to express outrage at anything BA currently, take a look at what the company is planning to do to Gatwick based CMs and Pursers.

    ‘A disgrace’ would be the words that I’d choose.


    Absolutely tragic for their families

    I understand one was a long serving crew member with a 17 year old son.

    Very few if any CC take anti-malarial drugs as they would require a 5 week course (one week before and 4 weeks after) every time they have a trip to risky areas which would result in CC taking them nearly year round. So rock and a hard place – accept the year round side effects of headaches, heartburn, rashes, ulcers or accept the risk. Besides, not all strains of malaria are covered. CC deserve danger money.

    KarlMarx – 02/08/2015 07:01 BST

    Totally agree – a disgrace. It is a pity our judiciary had the wool pulled over its eyes when it sanctioned changes to contractual conditions, however, Virgin’s project nimble appears to be following a similar trajectory, so VS won’t be a viable alternative if voting with ones feet.

    Imo it is unacceptable to cut staff pay especially when in profit and senior managers are luxuriating in mega rises/bonuses.


    That is intersting about the Malaria issue, never considered it before. Tragic for the family’s, sincere condolences.

    I am a great believer that if one motivates staff you get more from them. Staff should benefit from success just as much as the Directors, some form of profit share bonus works for many company’s. Staff should have an interest in the business they work for being successful. You cannot cut staff pay and benefits without it having an impact on staff morale and thus performance. I fear the T&C’s,s of the ME3 and Ryanair are the future, and as has been said the supposed glamour of the job will keep the young beautiful people queuing up to take the role.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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