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    I think it’s a great idea so back office/admin can talk from experience and see what passengers enjoy/endure!

    But WW bog cleaner!!! Not in a million years Simon 😉


    Love the pun LP….


    Being Irish, I should imagine Willie has plenty of experience of bogs….


    With all the comments on various threads referring to him as `Wee Willie` would he even be able to reach the over head bins to assist passengers, or have I misunderstood which part (s) of him are wee?


    Getting away from WW’ & his bog for a second……

    This is actually a great imitative by BA…..It also has the added advantage of increasing their CC pool in the event of future unforeseen circumstances!

    What I would like to see is WW working & living for a month on the basic salaries his outsourced employees have to live on…..

    This might give him an in-sight into why so many of his EDI check-in staff look so disinterested and process driven…why the food is not comparable to many of his competitors…

    So come on BA management, stop enjoying the high life of the “Taste of London” event and get the hair nets on at Gate Gourmet….


    Good idea, canuklad but it would probably benefit 99% of major businesses in the UK if the CEO were to try to live on the wages paid to their catering assistants or office cleaners. Indeed, I wonder how many of the corporate giants who post to this forum would be up for this idea?


    If there were any corporate giants, I feel certain they would be letting us know about their gigantism.


    “If there were any corporate giants, I feel certain they would be letting us know about their gigantism.”

    I know, first hand, that one poster on here is a very senior exec in a major corporation, whose career has seem him influence very senior people in public and private organizations, across the globe.

    Like most people in that position, he doesn’t feel the need to advertise it and is interesting, convivial and charming company.


    From the article:

    Williams is one of about 600 British Airways staff who have opted to be part of the airline’s Inflight Customer Support Programme, which was launched in 2010 to forge rapport and understanding among employees.

    Well, using my insider connections in Asia, I managed to intercept a memo sent from Williams to Walsh after 10 journeys on board during his 2010 adventures in the sky.

    Memo: To WW from RW re BA CC

    Dear WW

    I’ve been scrubbing the dunnys on-board our immaculate aircraft for some time now as per that terrific initiative, I have in that time collated some valuable insight from those units of income we laughingly refer to as ‘premium’ passengers. Before I give you their feedback though, let me tell you that all the crew I have been working with have been outstanding! All of them rush when a call bell is rang, they smile and greet each and every UOI by name, show them to their seats, whisk their jackets to the waiting wardrobes and serve them the finest champagne prior to take off with a smile the width of our latest A380 aircraft. At no time have I witnessed anything other than the finest service in the sky, which I am sure is due to our focus on the UOI.

    I spent a considerable amount of time speaking to UOI’s on-board and here is their take on our outstanding airline.

    – “I love the design of New First, whilst I’ve been forced by my company to try other airlines on this Asia route, New First is by far and away the best product in the sky and you should charge more for it”

    – “The food on board is stunning, do you have Gordon Ramsay working in the galley?”

    – “I simply could not have asked for more drinks, my glass didn’t run dry for the duration of the flight”

    – “I don’t know what all this fuss is about regarding New First Class, I am LOVING this old first class cabin, it is not at all tired and smelly”

    – “As a loyal BA executive card holder, can you introduce another tier and give them privileges that have taken me tens of thousands of pounds to accrue?”

    – “I LOVE Heathrow, it is wonderful”.

    – “You should stop flying with Qantas, they are all convicts.”

    – “I am loving this whole Club World experience, I particularly enjoy my genitals scuffing the chaps knees as I climb over them in the middle of the night, when you introduce new planes PLEASE keep this as a feature.”

    – “Is there any way you could update Club World to make it even more claustrophobic on your new planes?”

    – “PLEASE PLEASE don’t go down the route of introducing new product on your new planes, everyone loves the traditions of BA.”

    – “Can you please allow more people into the lounges? It was far too easy for me to get a seat”.

    – “I thought the catering at Heathrow was outstanding, please can you change it?”

    – “I’ve just paid £3750.00 to fly in Club with you, and I am loving every second of it, but could you please charge me more money to select which seat I am to sit in?”

    – “I’m no interior design guru, but I think plentiful helpings of gaffa-tape would enhance not only the cabin, but also the overall first-class experience.”

    – “This aeroplane isn’t nearly old enough, can you please keep flying the traditional aircraft that I am accustomed to?”

    – “I am on a reward seat, it was sooooo easy to get the dates I wanted and to go where I wanted to go!”

    – “I am loving the In Flight Entertainment, I am fed up of all this HD nonsense, good to see traditional screens on-board which I can only view by squinting.”

    – “As much as I am loving this experience, I am sorry to complain but I do think I might need to switch airlines unless you get the females on-board wearing hats”.

    – “Why don’t you buy an ailing airline which is losing money quicker than Scotland lose a world-cup qualifier and then embroil in lots of union issues?”

    – “You treat all your staff FAR too well”.

    – “Is this the way to Amarillo?”

    In summary WW, the UOI are as happy as Larry save a few small improvements which given my thorough investigative reporting should be given your attention over the next couple of years. I would very much hope that by 2013 we’ll have the above strategies in place to see us maintain our enviable position of the Worlds Favourite Airline”.


    Why do so many people on this site make such stupid derogatory comments !!! Come on lets keep this professional and focus on the business traveller. and what is really relevant. I am fed up with reading interesting threads that degenerate into personal attacks.


    dont worry Jeffery, i am sad to say you get used to it and learn to drown out the rubbish. everyone blames each other and nothing changes, i’ve seen better behaved stag-do’s on ryanair flights to Ibiza!!


    AOTG, simply fantastic!!!! Great laugh for the start of the weekend! Of course it would actually be hilarious if it wasn’t all so true. Brilliant!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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