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    Greeted at the door with ‘Welcome back, Mr FDOS, your seat is on the other side, at the front.’ No escort to 1K. No sign of the CSD, either.

    The carpet area by my seat and the seat area needed a clean and I brushed dust/debris off the upholstery.

    A welcome drink of champagne was offered and accepted. Whilst drinking it, I could hear the crew talking in the galley and they seemed thrown by the inbound a/c being an hour late; whilst the swan swimming across a lake does have an ‘above’ and ‘below’ contrast, it’s best not to let the below the waterline situation into the public domain, IMHO, especially in voices that carry well into the F cabin.

    The purser i/c F asked me ‘are you joining us for lunch’ and I was obliged to say that I understood F to be dine on demand and I’d like to eat about 3 hours after departure, as I’d had a heaarty breakfast and the flight pushed back at 1125.

    When lunch arrived, I had difficulty cutting through the salmon with a metal knife, it was so well cooked – well, no chance of food poisoning, on the bright side – the fish soup (chowder style) was nice.

    The LPGS was enjoyable, but when I needed a glass of water (wasn’t given a bottle), the call bell was ignored on three occasions and as the belt sign was on, I had to flag down a passing crew member to ask – not acceptable in an F cabin.

    On the upside, the new F cabin was in good condition (athough the loos were ‘compact and bijou’ on par with Y) and the flight made up nearly all of the delay, enroute. My wife remarked that she did not find the seat too different to the CW on the outbound and she disliked the lack of leg support bewteen sitting and sleeping, though I didn’t notice this, could be a matter of different leg length. The cabin did feel very full, with 14 seats present.

    Bottom line, this was an Avios upgrade to a CW booking, so I wasn’t distraught (just disappointed), but I would have been if I had paid cash – really nowhere near an F service and I know from prior experience that BA has some excellent crews who are world beaters.


    Good morning

    Gosh a very similar experience to StandingThemUp I do hope that service reverts to being more individual.



    There is a reason for that, Marlene.

    I had dinner with Martyn Sinclair, recently and he told me that things had calmed down on the forum, so I decided to come back and leave the FormerlyDoS handle ‘retired’ (it was not working, anyway), as I was concerned it could generate some unwelcome reactions that wouldn’t be helpful.

    I don;t know quite how the FDOS handle became associated with the STU report, but the two are the same incident.

    So the cat is out of the bag, please note I haven’t come back to argue with anyone and just wish to enjoy what seems to be a much nicer atmosphere, as well as sharing info when appropriate.


    Well welcome back formerly now Standing them up…… Good name 🙂
    I agree that you are no longer shown to your seat in First and that the ‘eat on demand’ seems to be embraced less and less by the crew. Good to pull them up on it, but you shouldn’t have to.
    Your wife is quite right about the foot rest I find it uncomfortable.


    Delighted to see you return….

    And for the record, once again, the poster is a top class man and very interesting with it.

    More of us should take the time to meet.


    Thanks Martyn, you are too.

    It would be great for more of us to meet.

    And how nice it is to see a forum free of bickering, a big well done to BT for intervening.

    ‘not acceptable’ and ‘some excellent crews’ is spot on in my experience. And your wife is correct – there is very little difference (if you forget aisle access) between a CW and F seat.

    Welcome back!


    Hi Martyn / Standing Them Up

    I echo your sentiment and think it would be great to meet some of the posters on here – would be good to have a get together of sorts where people can share in person stories / tips / suggestions & experiences over some food and/or beverages. (Get together in London anyone!?)

    And on the point of the subject – good review. I have flown CW once but took a look at NF after we landed in SFO. The CSD (I think that was his title) said he personally preferred the Upper Deck and didn’t understand why people would pay so much more for it. If it can be done for Free, minor extra cost or on Avios then I can see why people will do First (especially if you aren’t a seasoned traveller – just as much as to say they have flown and experienced First than anything else).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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