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    This was our first long haul flight with BA – previously we have always flown Virgin, usually Premium Economy, but we feel the service in P.E., which used to be very good, has become rather mundane.

    So, when we found a good deal with BA for their Club Class flight to Jamaica, we thought we’d give it a try.

    Have to say it was absolutely excellent! Aside from the fact the dinner they served on the return journey was not particularly good, I have nothing but praise for the way we were treated.

    The seat/ bed arrangement is cleverly thought out with the partition for privacy if required. The service from the cabin crew was courteous, friendly and efficient. The in-flight entertainment was very comprehensive and the food generally, though as I said, not as good on the return leg which we were told had been prepared in Jamaica, was excellent.

    In many ways it’s almost as good as Virgin Upper Class, though I guess V.U/C has the upper hand in luxury. Obviously haven’t tried BA First (and, sadly, never likely to be able to) but, bearing in mind the attached costs, of BA v Virgin U/C, we would choose BA Club every time.

    It’s a great alternative to U/Class and about two thirds the price.

    Sadly, we read that BA will not be flying in to Montego Bay after March, only to Kingston which doesn’t suit us for the hotel we prefer in Jamaica.

    So, to sum up, great and punctual flight, great service, good level of comfort, great entertainment and very generous luggage allowance – only wish we could afford to do it every time!


    This is the same post that was displayed on the3rd & 4th February. Why is the same post being reposted 3 times?


    I smell a rat


    The poster, familiar to us all with another handle, methinks

    Usual behaviour, promoting and bumping his pro-BA agenda items whilst demoting other posts (by posting on long dead threads) which detract from his view.

    Sad, disrespectful and underhand.


    You two seriously need to get a life.


    take a look at the post on New Format for Forum Pages by the BT Team. This may go some way in explaining things.

    I think you are being a little unfair assuming and pointing blame in one direction. Yes it would be sad if it were proven to be true, but quite frankly, any poster with the amount of knowledge that any of the regulars have would have little need to push agenda’s in a secretive or disrespectful manner. Most of us are quite open and IMHO it is more offensive to object to someone’s decision to not to disclose certain pieces of their life’s jigsaw.

    The common theme throughout the entire forum:

    **how to make the travelling experience more cost effective with enhanced benefits**

    If someone does have an “agenda” (what ever that means) and still maintains the common theme of the forum, so what!


    Someone’s changing their tune!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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