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    Return flight to BA2370.. This time a new or newly fitted A320 with the new “no legroom” space saving Club Seats. Again at least 12 rows, and full. Cramming in that extra row is a disgrace. The seat is now identical to Eurotraveller and that nice space-saving middle seat in the A/C side of the aircraft is now gone.. 3 x 3 with a pull down tray table.. It looks cheap, it feels cheap and its not what BA should be doing.

    Food was the same as the way out, which despite being delicious and I was happy to have the same meal again, was a bit poor, given most people will have booked a week trip so will be on this same return. We certainly had the annoying brat and his equally annoying parents in the row behind as on the way out.

    Again we were on time and again, our baggage was not given priority so perhaps its just a universal baggage handler thing. This flight was not nearly as comfortable as the older A319 so well done BA for taking away yet another Club benefit with these awful new seat configs


    Interesting review, GordyUK.

    The lack of space in Club Europe doesn’t sound good when a hefty premium is charged for this cabin. Amazingly, BA continue to promise extra space on board in CE:


    GordyUK – just to check on what you say about the space-saving middle seat going. Does that mean that they still leave the middle seat empty but the armrests don’t move together to increase the width of the window/aisle seats? Or when you say it is 3×3 do you actually mean that they have people in the middle seat? If the latter, that is very clearly contradictory to the website which says ” We also guarantee you a window or aisle seat”. It sounds as though the promise of “plenty of room to stretch out” is itself a bit of a stretch!

    I was amused to note that at the bottom of the page it says “On flights with our London City subsidiary, BA CityFlyer, passengers in Euro Traveller enjoy the same comfortable seat width and similar legroom to Club Europe.” Perhaps they should extend that wording a bit!


    KLM created an “Economy Comfort zone”, which gives a fee extra inches on all of its flights, both Long Haul and within Europe. This recently expanded on its Cityhopper fleet, which KLM aim to encompass the whole European network into within 5 years.

    For FFP members of Flying Blue, as a Gold member it costs £6 each way LHR-AMS. the seats are just behind business Class that retains the same space as this zone, only with the middle seats free.
    They seem to be keeping what BA is disposing of for Premium or Business Travellers.

    On many flights in the last year, these have been only partly occupied or sometimes completely free with several rows (2-5 rows) un-occupied!
    Often I have a seat in a row of 3 with the same space as Business Class, though no dividing curtain or difference in service from economy. However, they are clear with a leather Orange “Economy Comfort” head rest on the seat.

    The extra few inches (up to 35 in Europe mostly on the 737 7/8/9’s, and the new Embraer 190 fleet), make and feel with much difference.
    KLM changed their seats a few years ago with the new fleets of 737’s, slim, lightweight, and much more space and room, without cramming in more seats!

    Still one of Europe’s best Airlines to choose for European Premium or Business travel!


    @ GordyUK May I suggest that you complain to the Exec Club via the form on They are fully aware of this problem with the horrific Club seats and give you 10,000 Avios compensation. Not the perfect answer to the problem, but at least some respite!

    I am sure BA could be taken to court on this matter. If you book an economy seat, encourages you to “upgrade to Club Europe for £xx. Experience wider seats and greater legroom” ! The seat is often not widened (there is a small latch under the armrest that widens the seat by an inch or so) and of course the seat pitch is the same as economy on the LGW A319s. Very deceitful.


    MarcusUK – “On many flights in the last year, these have been only partly occupied or sometimes completely free with several rows (2-5 rows) un-occupied!”

    If I was KLM, I would be concerned about this as, IMHO, it suggests a) there is only a very limited market for Economy Comfort on short-haul flights or b) the airline is failing to market the concept effectively (or, ideed both!). Furthermore, empty seats in EC represent a loss of potential revenue in either Business or Economy – not a good thing, given the economics of short-haul travel in Europe.

    As I have said elsewhere, I find Economy Comfort great as I do not have to pay for it (as FB Platinum). Would I pay upwards of €10 for the extra legroom and forward seating? Probably not as I don’t pay extra on other airlines when offered the chance (FR, EZY, EI).


    Hi Ian, yes sorry I wasn’t clear. What I meant was that the physical seating is 3×3 but the middle seats have a pull down table from the centre seat (a bit like the arm rest in the back seats if a car). It is a convenient little table for drinks and snacks, but it does mean the cute “closer together” A/C seats are a thing of the past. It also means that with very little intervention, the whole plane could be Eurotraveller as all the seats are now the same.

    As for the pitch, this was awful. I didn’t manage to get row 1 on this leg and as a result, 4.5 hours back from TFS felt very cramped


    ” TominScotland – 09/04/2014 08:24 GMT

    If I was KLM, I would be concerned about this as, IMHO, it suggests a) there is only a very limited market for Economy Comfort on short-haul flights or b) the airline is failing to market the concept effectively (or, ideed both!).”

    Well Tom, fortunately you’re not KLM and they are profitable so clearly they know what they are doing.


    JohnHarper – I may be wrong but I would be surprised if KLM’s short-haul operations were profitable……


    I don’t see the point of business class in Europe, its not like in America or Asia, where the seats are actual business class seat(some with lie flat feature). All business class seat in Europe should just be turned back in economy.


    well i’m glad you’re not in charge Panda1000.. Some of us travelling 4.5 hours actually would like a real business class product, and not be forced to economy only!


    I suspect that this is a BA marketing ruse.
    A company doesn’t deliberately make their product worse unless they have an end goal.

    Move forward to this time next year and await the following BA press release…

    “After an extensive review of our European services, we have acted upon customer feedback and a declining requirement for European business class travel. At the same time we have seen an increase in demand for our Eurotraveller cabin. In order to meet our customers’ expectations we are going to focus on our Eurotraveller product and as such will be phasing out our Club Europe product.

    This will ensure the very best service regardless of whether you are flying within Britain or to one of our European destinations. As we approach a fully integrated philosophy of service across our fleet .


    In addition, and as reported on BT today, BA are launching traditional english fish and chips on a number of routes.

    Now that will be a treat, with tantalising aromas wafting through the (all Economy) cabin. Kiss me Quick hats available for purchase.

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