Breaking News -TFL has denied Uber a license to operate

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  • esselle


    You are quite right; Uber drivers apply directly to tfl,who then certify them.Difficult to see how they can then describe Uber as being delinquent in their behaviour.

    Unless you go a bit cynical and look at the list of unions that helped fund Khans election campaign…..


    The London Reconnections website has produced an excellent article, describing the actions by both Uber and TfL leading up to the decision which is well worth a read.

    Understanding Uber: It’s Not About The App


    Sorry late to this thread, I was in the UK when this story broke and I have to agree with the majority here and say I think this stinks of protectionism for the black cabs and the consumer is the only loser in this case as well as 40,000 employed drivers with Uber, something I am sure the Government needs at this stage ..

    I did have to use a Black Cab from Hilton Park Lane to Oxford Circus which ran me £10 and I got an Uber back, same route ( I couldn’t hail a black cab) and the cost was £5.50…

    Someone mentioned the PH companies, they have not had their license’s revoked, and I am sure that they are not squeaky clean?

    The Black Cab driver who was excellent by the way did say that he thought it also had something to do with taking 40,000 cars of the streets of London to ease congestion, which may be a fair assessment.

    Tried to have the same conversation with my Uber driver with less favourable result as his English wasn’t great …. You pays your money you makes your choice

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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