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  • AussieM

    “Accusing Nature here”!

    BMI'”Diamond Club”, have “NO SEATS”…
    on LH, SQ, TG, SK, SA, AC, AZ…
    out of ANY EU destination…
    To Any Continent…
    In First or Business class (whatever code is used)
    To anywhere in Asia, Canada, South Africa, Middle East, (to get to Australia…
    In Jan, Feb, March, June 09!
    Thats ANY date ( i waited to go through EACH date booking in Sept).

    I also have contacts in Singapore Airlines, & have spoken to Managers in Air Canada.
    They DO have seats, able to be booked on whatever code is reauired (Its up to DC to have the different knowledge of codes not us)

    Good to see many other having the same problems. No smkoe without fire.
    I have spokedn to supervisors etc, they openly admitted BMI WERE restricting seat allocations,

    Having discussed with a colleague who is a commercial lawyer, I have decided to file a County Court action against BMI, to sue for the value of the tickets they refuse to issue.
    It is a breach of Contract, Membership rules, & if they will not allocate seats that are available & can be ascertained as such, then they will have to explain why not, & settle for the value of a Single Business ticket to Those sectors, which have been reasonably requested.

    These are the facts.
    Does anyone really believe, that not one of the Star Alliance airlines, have ANY seats when you are prepared to travel from any EU Airport, via any continent, even on ONE sector out of Europe towards Australia???!!!

    Interesting i have managed with my KLM Gold membership to book & find options on many dates being flexible as my DC requests, & there are far fewer airlines or seats available than SA.

    BMI WERE very good, but since moving the call centre to India, it has become atrocious, no local accountability, little knowledge, & faceless unhelpful, misleading information.
    As no one takes this up with BMI from BT, with so many complaining, perhaps it really is time for a Court to sit & make its mind up on what is reasonable, & in Contract. No doubt they will “suddenly” find seats then!!!
    Goodbye & good riddance BMI & DC!


    AussieM, did you try the ANA Tool I recommended.

    I feel certain if you researched your planned journeys using that, you would have a 100% success rate when speaking with bmi DC call centres.


    I am glad it is not just me that is having issues with BMI redemptions! BMI really does seem to have fallen by the wayside of late in a whole manner of respects, especially on service related fronts.

    However, what I find most surprising is that vintagekrug has not tried to turn this into a shameless BA party political broadcast like all his other posts :-p



    Whilst I will be the first to criticise VK when he posts something inappropriate, give him a break when he doesn’t, please!



    Well I must say I have been very lucky this year with bmi. I have booked 28 sectors this year and all through bmi using various carriers with Star Alliance. These have included flights to Cairo and The Maldives, all in a combination of business and ecomony depending on available sectors for myself and friends. The bmi call centre are not always the most helpful but you could try calling bmi direct and speaking to The Reservation Helpdesk.


    VK, what is the ANA Booking tool?
    Though i have a membership, haven’t used the account for ANA.

    I hae enough balance remaining in the BMI account for a part miles cash redemption to Australia, but they have “No Seats” as per usual on any Airlines.
    I cant find AC seats ever with them been trying for 2 yrs…an on-line booking tool or way to view the Star Alliance would be great.

    SA simply are not joined up these days, & on here as we have seen, many frustrations with the BMI call centre for bookings…

    Any links would be most helpful thanks…


    Hi Mark, generally seems to work. It doesn’t cover all airlines and if you use BMI as the card holding carrier it provides the oddest routings so I tend to choose the carrier who I know flies the route but is part of Star Alliance and then phone the BMI call centre and tell them what seats are available.

    At Christmas I did a HKG, Calgary, Miami, Washington, LHR routing using BMI points and Expertflyer to actually find the flights. Worked a treat.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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