Boeing or Airbus Aircraft?

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    Just wondering, with the array of Airlines & Aircraft out there for long haul travel. Overall, which BT readers identify as their preference in either Company & specific plane?
    Do you prefer Airbus, or Boeing overall?

    I have to say the A380 is terrific to fly on, & always enjoy the A345 /6 Aircraft. For me Airbus are ahead of the game, & i try to find routes on Airlines that run these Aircraft.

    What do others feel?



    I enjoy the A330/340 family aircraft as well. Mostly since less J/C class seats are forced in each row compared to B777. However, I feel like a child each time I fly the B747-400. It is still a beautiful and gracious bird compared to the whale named A380. However, I understand the onboard experience on the A380 is excellent.


    The A330/340 and the A380 win every time for me. The 747 is now showing its age very badly and I’ve never liked the 777, the earlier versions were too noisy and the newer ones are not much better.


    Same for me, Airbus always get my choice!

    The A330/340s are very quiet and comfortable with a great cabin experience in every class. Especially in F or C/J, you get 1/1/1 on VS’s J, 1/2/1 on SQ’s J, 2/2/2 in worst cases on 330s/340s while you generally get 2/3/2 on 777’s J (not mentioning BA’s 2/4/2 !). And I don’t like that 777s possibility for a 3/4/3 seating in Y. Neither do I like to fly those old and noisy 767 with a crampy J/C 2/2/2 configuration, while Y is 2/3/2…Nevertheless, I agree with you Senator, 747 is a great plane, reminds me of my childhood, when climbing those stairs inside an airplane was something magic I just can’t explain. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to fly the A380, but, reading som TRs, it seems like a great flying machine (although awfully ugly from the outside…).

    Talking about narrow-body, my choice also goes to Airbus with a great experience in both cabins. 757 is also a great, and very versatile, plane, but starting to show its age. I just don’t understand why european carriers (and only them, correct me if I’m wrong…) have the same seats in the front and back cabins, no matter if it is a 757/737 or a 31x/32x. I understand the yield adjustment thing from an operational and financial POV, but just can’t accept to pay 3 to 5 times the price of a Y ticket for just food and beverages… But I still like to upgrade with miles to this cabin 😉

    Wide-body : AIRBUS 1 – BOEING 0
    Narrow-body : AIRBUS1 – BOEING 0


    One thing determines my choice of aircraft if I have one – the internal configuration. I use seatexpert and seatguru to check that out, and given airlines often refresh products on cycles that mean some aircraft benefit before others (e.g. BA putting NGCW on 747s before 777s), that is the deciding factor.

    I do have a soft spot for 747s, simply for the nose cabin and upper deck, for twin engine wide bodied aircraft it’s the 777 over the A330. Single aisle it’s A320 series over 737 because of cabin width.


    Interesting thread. Looks like we might all even agree on something here. I much prefer the Airbus A330 / 340 as well, partly because of the seating. I remember noticing that LH have a 2-3-2 configuration in business class on the 747 and I would hate to be the last person to book onto one of those. From the outside the A380 emphasises the bus, but inside and in the air its a big step ahead of anything older.

    Shorthaul I would go for the new Embraer jets every time.

    At the other end of the spectrum, I can’t imagine anyone waxing lyrical about an old 146.


    never flew one of those 146… What’s so bad about them ?


    I always rather liked the 146s, but not in the configuration that British Airways latterly employed with 3-3 seating. The fuselage diameter could only ever support 3-2 comfortably; 3-3 meant that the window seat occupants always ended up with their necks being forced inboard by the curvature of the airframe! The big benefit of the 146, at least initially, was that it offered jet travel from airfields that couldn’t hitherto service anything other than props. And, back in the day, it was way quieter than a 737-200, a DC-9, a Fokker F-28 or anything else remotely comparable. Indeed it was marketed as the ‘Whisper Jet’.

    Currently and looking to the future though, I would come down with a preference for Boeing longhaul and Airbus shorthaul.

    I love the 747, from outside, inside the nose and upstairs. I’ve done a lot of 777 mileage on at least four different carriers in the last 12 months and I’ve really warmed to them. I expect 787 to be a step-change in cabin environment too (irrespective of how they’re furnished) with bigger windows, new air supply systems and the economic and operational ability to fly point-to-point routes that are not currently viable.

    I’ve not yet flown A380, but the type seems to offer more shoulder space in Y than a 747 and a quiet cabin, but otherwise the praise it garners appears to come more from fixtures and fittings than the airframe itself. And boy is it an ungainly looking thing from outside – at least on the ground.

    My A340 and A330 experiences are not, in general, as good as my latest 777 ones.

    However, for shorthaul, and much as I like the 757 for its rocket-like take-offs and separate cabins on certain carriers, the A318/19/20/21 family knock the socks off the Boeing smaller jets. I’ve just done a lengthy 737-800 sector on a brand new aircraft (US transcon) and I was shocked at the noise and vibration in particular. The tighter cabin size was no surprise, but it was certainly noticeable compared to the Airbus competitor.


    I forgot… The front rows of a MD80… With the rear engines you feel the trust pushing you forward while on A320/B737 you feel the pull from engines mounted on the wings. You really feel the difference…. And it is quiet in the front… However, if you sit in the back near the odd rear drop-down door and engines… No thank you very much… I always book 1D on the SAS MD80s… Love it..


    Wow, that’s a great array of answers..thanks for taking the time…

    All the points are easily agreed with…!
    There is something wonderful about climbing the stairs on the 747 to the upper cabin, perhaps as it was so unique to other Aircraft.
    A real thrill too, to land somewhere, your getting on n off…& walk down some stairs so you stand under yr plane. It really hits you the power of this huge machine. many Airports sort of” clinicalise” your experience, it dis-emminates you from the machine.

    However, I flew the SQ A380 to Australia in Sept, 3/4 sectors. The stairs are great as ever but like an Art Deco cinema all lit at each side & very broad, 3 times the width of the 747. Looked very elegant & beautiful. Winding stairs at the rear also. With the great sofa of a Business seat it really felt very special.

    I am also falling on the side of Airbus. Course it depends on the cabin layout, where you sit, but the A345/6 is really quiet, elegant. ( I travelled regularly on Etihad AUH – SYD). Its is also true about the A380, that is it so quiet on take off, smooth & quick to adjust in turbulence, & truly the technology is admirable.

    Perhaps above all, its nice to see a big new Aircraft.
    Psychologically, we are all made smaller aboard , one of many, mass organisation to enable the whole process, complicated, engineering & technology beyond one man’s capability to bring about. I am sure i always feel safer & comfortable on the larger more up to date Aircraft Flying itself, joining us to far places & people, is a gift.

    Perhaps this is where the stress & grumbles come in now, with enhanced security & it is so long from packing to travelling to & from, that this is the centre piece of al the effort. Jamming more of us in, takes the experience away.
    To this extent, i really feel the best, days are behind us for travel. I still make an effort to be smart, as if going to a good restaurant, enjoy the lounge experiences, & behave with the codes associated with it. It is a treat.
    Lets hope some of these elements are not pushed further out by the financial climate, & we can continue to enjoy this great opportunity..


    There is no contest for long haul, it just has be to the A380. If I do find myself on an B747, then being on the upper deck feels special.

    For short haul I prefer A319 / A320 over a B737. I find the Airbus slightly quieter and the interior cabin lighting is much brighter and more suitable for reading.


    Having not flown the A380 as yet I can only go for the B747. I cannot stand the B777. The B747 has always had the wow factor for me even if dated.

    For short haul the A319/20 is the best.

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