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    Just had a look under how many points you need for a flights. BMI has increased there First class points redemption from May. Its 2.5 points and 2.5 cash, previously was 2. If you want to redeem on Lufthansa First you have to pay a extra 10 000 points, bit cheeky.
    With the recession, you think they will leave it as it is. NOPE.


    Writing as someone who has over 800k BMI miles in the bank I actually expect airlines to REDUCE the miles required for redemptions to fill up the empty seats they are currently flying around the world – and not to have to redeem these miles later on when (if?) the economy recovers and people start flying again.

    BMI really are a shower – and they get worse all the time. I took one of my increasingly rare flights with them last Friday VCE- LHR and was treated to;

    – 45 minute wait at check-in despite having checked in on-line (there being no fast baggage drop, or even a slow one),

    – no food available on the flight at any price. The crew said that the flight was too short to serve sandwiches – and these are the people who used to serve a full cooked breakfast between LHR & GLA !!!!



    Bmi have recently announced these changes to their DC members and to the trade. It would appear that their new owners (LH) have put extra pressure on them to charge more for the admittedly great First Class product LH provide. Already last year LH pulled out of the miles and cash deal for DC member for mileage redemption.

    In fairness it is easier to accumulate miles (and status) with DC than Miles and More so my guess is that LH wanted a level playing field. The worrying aspect is that if bmi gets integrated with the LH group DC’s competitive advantage to BA (and M&M) may get eroded. Bmi in their recent communication hinted at significant and exciting changes to DC. Let’s hope that this is not PR speak for reducing customer options even further.



    I havent heard anything regarding changes, good or bad. Being a gold diamond club member I thought I will be the first to know.
    Btw Lufthansa still doesnt own BMI.
    I think BMI is just getting greedy, wanting more money and making sure we use our points up quicker.



    The information was contained in the March issue of DC News:

    It would be of interest if bmi management could contribute to the forum here or any other airline for that matter! Interaction with your customers, many of which are loyal, is important to us. After all we pay tens of thousands of (in my case) Euro to you guys! Just a thought!



    I don’t know why people are complaning. First of all I do not think that bmi decide to charge extra miles for traveling in first class with other airlines. And I do think that your far better of being a DC member then you are with M&M.



    bmi does formally contribute to the forum at and BA contributes to their Flyertalk forum with formally acknowledged representatives.

    They also monitor boards such as this from time to time and it is not uncommon for Willie Walsh himself to be copied elements of Flyertalk forum chatter to help understand specific issues.

    It is timely to bump this post as significant devaluation of bmi miles will occur next week, 1 May 2009, per the earlier link, and so anyone planning on redeeming in F should get on the phone to bmi’s call centre in Pune, preferably with a large glass of Scotch to hand to calm the nerves, and get booking.



    Just a bump as tomorrow (Thursday 30 April) is the last opportunity to book Star awards through bmi using the current x2 regular miles cale; after that you will need X2.5 miles to redeem in F.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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