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  • deftone

    Can also get there via Tokyo, a oneworld round the world ticket could be of interest


    also dont forget the option of air canada via vancouver, great for a free stop if you want as well, do that on way out and CO on the way back via NY again with a free stopover. fares around the £3000 mark.


    I would say the best airline to use purely in terms of the route is UA, changing in either SFO or LAX plus they do have a very extensive route network if you are wanting to island hop. Plus now with their tie up with CO & AC there are plenty of stopover options on the way back as previously mentioned.


    Hi blondcat – strangely we have just returned from Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. We used BA miles to go First (Same number of miles to go to Boston as to go to Hawaii !). We went LHR to LAX then AA (also First and no extra miles used) from LAX to HNL. We then got Island Air for short hop to Maui.

    Unfortunately when I booked flights I didn’t realise that AA actually fly direct from LAX to Maui (OGG), so that could have saved us a few £’s and overnight stay in Honolulu. As previous posts mention however, although the BA First is superb, the AA ‘First’ offering is mediocre. More like premium economy and it’s a 5 1/2 hour flight. It was 24 hours from checking in at LHR to getting to our hotel in Honolulu. So I would consider some of the other routes that use other airlines apart from AA.

    Regarding wildlife – Maui is great. Feb is height of whale watching season – loads of humpbacks. Also, did lots of snorkelling to see turtles too. You’re not supposed to approach them but there is nothing to stop them coming to see you! Water is crystal clear and warm. We stayed in Lahaina which is one of the best locations for boat trips and beaches. West side of island much calmer than north and east (which have spectacular surf/waves).

    Also put aside a day for Pearl Harbour. Apart from obvious historical interest there is a WWII submarine which you can wander around in/on. Should score points with son! Good luck and start saving!


    Most disappointing place I have ever been !!
    Flew NorthWest (now Delta) via Seattle, good flights, reasonable fare.
    BUT I will never go there again !


    avoid delta. we flew BA to SF and then delta to Honolulu. Delta was terrible. u leave around 6pm get their midnite and the flight back is also very strange time and u loose 1 nite sleep. seats just reg domestic business class. if i had to do it again i would fly the other around and spend few days in asia as net effect i.t.o of tiredness and discomfort is virtually the same but at least u can interesting stopover in asia. by the way waikiki beaches dont resemble the pictures at all. only option is to go to north shore which is 1 hr drive and depending on waves are sometimes closed


    Hi blondcat,

    Your plans sound fantastic. We have been to Hawaii twice in the past 3 years and are longing for our next trip!

    Regarding flyingdutchman’s comment – I can only guess that he went (only?) to Oahu. We too found Honolulu without charm (in comparison to the paradise islands of Maui and the Big Island/Hawaii). Our biggest (pleasant) surprise was how natural and unspoiled many of the islands are. We had envisioned all of the islands being shoulder to shoulder hotels and kitchy shops and big highways (like Honolulu). We found (on Maui and the Big Island), miles and miles and miles and miles of empty roads, unspoiled nature and beaches. The humpback whale migration (best seen from Maui) in January and February is simply magical and after 2 or 3 days we saw so many jumping in the ocean from our balcony that we simply stopped mentioning it! Lahina – as mentioned above – would be a great place to stay.

    Regarding routings – 3 years ago we flew via DFW (BA/AA) and last year via Chicago (United). Depending on which island(s) you wish to visit will determine your best routing!

    Have a great time – we’re envious…


    Just go into Hawaii 3 hours ago! I come here as often as I can and I maintain a home here!


    You must not be deterred by Flyingdutchman’s negative and unjust remarks about Hawaii.

    I toally agree to Home@FL350 that our Dutch friend has only seen Waikiki and nothing else! Anyone would have a poor experience with Hawaii based on that part of the island.

    Go on-line and check out this website:

    The Big Island has diverse landscape and the power of the volcano.

    Maui is busier but with many activities for you and you teenager son.

    The laid-back Kauai has miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches and a helicotor tour offers you breath-taking view of Waimea Canyon and Na Pali sea cliffs.

    In the right season whale-watchin in Lahaina is wonderful too.

    I have taken many of my visiting Asian/European friends to all these islands and they never failed to thrill.

    Enjoy Hawaii – the only snag is the distance from Europe and your last leg on an American carrier!!

    P.S. I have just had a unexpected surpise of a United B-767 with the new First and Business class seats, due to a last minute change of aircraft type! The champagne tasted better on these more civilized seats. Sadly it was not Vintage Klug!


    oh dear, I must be weird – I actually quite like Waikiki.

    I like the other islands also – to get a proper experience you certainly need to mix the cityscape of HNL with the natural beauty of the other islands.

    It also helps to rent a car in HNL and take off to the north shore or other more rural areas; you can find almost everything somewhere on Oahu!


    HOME@FL350 – tks for the comments regarding your holidays – very helpful!

    Flyingductchman – just through interest – why was your experience so negative ? Was it the hotel ? Food ? Weather ?

    I was thinking about Maui – my dad’s stayed at the Four Seasons before which I know is a little pricey but does look very special. Disney emailed me last week as they are opening a resort in O`ahu – but it sounds like that’s not the best place to go. Aside from anything Disney can be very hit and miss – which I don’t normally mind when I’m benefiting from being so close to the Mouse (!) but in Hawaii not so relevant. It doesn’t look particularly cheap either!

    Flying Chinaman – I’m inclined to agree with you – if economy seats in an American Carrier can be avoided I’m all for it! Thinking about a change in Chicago or one of the other Central US cities which have been suggested here. I will take a look at United – the non Vintage K champagne isn’t a big problem for me – I don’t think my palate is quite as sophisticated as our friend VK 🙂


    Hawaiian Airlines really ought to fly to London and 1 destination in Europe ! Why should passengers have to wait for a 13 hour flight to LA to end before they even get close to Hawaiian hospitality ?!


    UA……LHR-DEN, royal hawaiian service! oops IAD!We love you here at UA! AA is great too with the HA interchange-DFW, LAX, PHX!


    When I did LHR to HNL a few years ago I used Air Canada with a change in YVR. Cleared US customs / immigration in YVR before YVR/HNL leg.
    I have also travelled LHR/HNL with NZ & UA changing at LAX.
    – Both AC and NZ in Business GREAT!


    edinv54 – I just had a look at that option and it seems very good value!

    £2787.33 for Executive First – LHR with a change in YVR – with a free overnight stop in Canada also!

    Does anyone know if Executive First in Air Canada is any good ?



    I tried the AC ExecutiveFirst product on the YUL-LHR route in January and was pleased with the seat as well as F&B. However, I was by myself and for solo travellers the seat was excellent. I would caution you on two elements: (i) The AC product is not ideal if you like to converse with fellow travellers and (ii) the B767-300 used on the YVR-HNL route does not feature the flat-bed seat.

    Additionally, it looks like the lowest fares from LHR to HNL via YVR only allow for ExecutiveFirst on the LHR-YVR segments and not on the entire journey.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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