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  • pheighdough

    Hello. I am in Helsinki this week, travelling back on Thursday with BA and have a few hours spare to sit in a lounge and work.
    Which is best, as I note some are closed for some work?
    Recommendations welcome please


    I like the “Almost at Home” lounge which feels the very opposite of corporate.


    The Finnair lounge is OK but part of it was being refurbished a couple of weeks ago and probably still is. What is open is very busy and noisy! Plaza Premium are opening a lounge any day soon and that would be worth a look when it does.


    For a non-Schengen departure, normally the answer would be the Finnair Premium Lounge (open to Oneworld Emerald members) but it seems the lounge is closed for renovation, as are the shower cabins and sauna – and the Finnair Lounge offer seems to be suffering as a result of the works. So, I concur, the [email protected] Lounge is a good option – in any case, it’s the third-party lounge that BA offers its passengers.


    The one drawback of the [email protected] lounge is that it has only one shower – so if you are hoping to use that, get there early!


    I agree with most views here. the [email protected] lounge is the best as its really quite cosy if not so luxurious, plus back in Autumn, an old family friend from the Abu Dhabi Inter-Con Executive floor 15 years ago, was on desk duty recently at this Lounge (she is of course Finnish) and its been many years since we last met.
    The Finnair Lounge in the Schengen Area is rather like a factory canteen and holds no appeal to me, especially late afternoon, when there is the ‘wave of wide-body departures’ to the Asian destinations, as well as AY and BA to LHR.


    Hello again, thank you for those who input advice and guidance. The airport in places is a building site and some lounges are closed. I opted for the [email protected] lounge on your advice, and I would not call it cosy, but it is definitely the opposite of corporate.

    This lounge is busy, food offering OK, wine selection good and there is a beer tap to help yourself. I’ve managed to find a quieter corner to work, but the turn over of visitors to the lounge is high, and the place is very noisy, so not the most ideal place to work, but still beats the general terminal watching the snow clearing operation in action.

    I’m told that the 14:00-16:00 local period is peak passenger traffic levels is so at least i’m hidden from that…

    Thank you once again for your advice.


    I was in the AY lounge yesterday while in transit from HKG to LHR, It was so full while refurb is going on that I could not get a seat for the hour i was there. What was annoying were several people seat blocking with bags, i asked 3 of them if the seat was taken, 2 said yes but i they still had nobody in them by the time i left and the other just stared at me blankly, my best sign language falling on blind eyes. AY were refusing entry to JAL pax and giving out food voucher, much to the annoyance of many of the Japanese who struggle to understand

    Tom Otley

    I’ve had that in other lounges.

    I think staff should go round and insist people take bags off chairs when people are being like that.

    It would also help if more lounges had those stands for jackets and cats like Qatar does, since you can then hang your jacket on it without draping it over a neighbouring seat.

    Still, there’s no excuse for people behaving like that.

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    Lets face it you see seat hoarding on buses, yes I do travel on buses occasionally,on trains, gates at airports etc etc. People seem to think if they have paid a fare that includes a space next to you. I tend to make a point of making a bee line for a seat with a bag on it and the responses to “excuse me” have been met with a 50/50 “sure no problem” and indignation!!


    There is a subreddit for everything, and this one is only a couple of weeks old.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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