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    Long time reader, first time poster, who needs some advice….

    I’m booking my parents who’re almost 60 (plus a teenager) on a trip from Ireland to Australia, with a visit to Singapore and Perth, Melbourne and Sydney compulsory.

    Routing from DUB (or Belfast) via LHR with BA/SQ seems most costly.
    Cheaper/better route seems to be:
    It totals about £1K in Economy which is good – all flights are marked QANTAS (Operated by Emirates) or EMIRATES (Operated by Qantas).
    I’d love to send them BIZ (even part of the way) but there seems to be no way without spending a small fortune! (I do have a stash of Avios and a BA 241 voucher but don’t think they’re any use here.) They’d like to visit NZ too but I think I’ll have to book those flights separately from MEL/SYD, as adding them to the main route gets complicated and you end up with more than 6 flights which you can’t easily compare online.

    First question, is my planned routing sensible or am I missing something? Is there a better way to plan such a trip? Are there any special deals to be had – I can’t think of any for a trip with so many flights. (I’ve used ITA Matrix to search flights)

    Second, my parents are NOT part of any airline loyalty scheme – so what’s the best thing to do? If I enrol them in BAEC separately can I credit the QANTAS/EMIRATES flights to gain them Tier Points (as they’ll probably use BA in Europe), or is that a waste and I’d be better crediting direct to Emirates?

    I’m confused as to my best options and there are so many experts on here I just had to ask. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Worth checking out open jaw to Oz and using Low Cost airlines such as Jetstar/Virgin for inter Oz flights, both will take you to NZ too.

    If you want business class, take a look at flights originating and ending in Oslo or Bergen, I have used them a lot for fares half the price than from London (they are on BA via LHR). You can then get a LoCo or cheapie fare from Dub to Oslo and back. It is a long way round, only you will know if it is worth it.


    mcanning – 12/02/2016 15:05 GMT

    Given the nature of your enquiry, I’d be inclined to contact an experienced travel agent for what looks as if it could be a complicated itinerary.

    I’d recommend Tim Fitzgerald (who posts on here and whom I consider a friend.)

    He is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.


    I agree with DOS, talk to a travel agent. An itinerary like that is not simple and to get the best deal you need an expert. You could book it all on line but it won’t be the best deal.


    FDOS +1, Tim just sorted me out (and not for the first time)… I happily recommend him too…. he certainly knows his stuff…


    there are several rtw (or europe-oz) type options with 5 stops but your price of £ 1000 sounds pretty good to me. I would have a look at thegreatescapade with 29000mileage on virginatlantic+anz+singapore+ that is very well priced at some times of year (mileage credited on choice of singapore,Virginatlantic/Vaustralia, etc). MrMichael’s suggestion of Oslo is excellent but requires the starter flight – thegreat escapade also needs a starter flight (e.g. Dublin to LHR or MAN).

    certainly talk to a decent agent (see above) but it is worth remembering that on complex routes it is worth having the booking on a single ticket so you are covered for connections going pear shaped. (rtw’s are generally date changeable without charge)


    If they’re 60 they’ll certainly appreciate business over economy (well who wouldn’t) but if cost is a factor then why not book just one business fare and they can swap seats during the different legs.

    Or maybe you have enough Avios to buy or upgrade the one ticket?

    Finally, may I also recommend Tim. I also know him personally and I’m sure he’ll sort you out. In fact, I bet he’s already trying to work out the best way for you!


    Sorry to cherry pick part of the itinerary but I hear LAN has very competitive business class fares from SYD to AKL.


    QR recently had return flights to Aus for around £1400 in business which is a mega bargain. Etihad also have similar deals from time to time. You could then book your internal flights separately. The complication will be adding a stop in Singapore, and codesharing, which may exclude you from such super-bargains. If you’re not fixed on Singapore as a destination, changing it to Hong Kong might widen your One World options with QF, BA and CX flights.

    EK do have a flight from MEL – SIN – DXB, but I’m not sure how a stopover in SIN would affect the ticketing.

    If booking with EK/QF, you’ll only earn exec club points if the flight is ticketed with a QF flight number. If it’s EK or QF metal with an EK flight number you won’t earn anything.

    There’s a lot of competition across ‘the ditch’ from Aus to NZ, so you should be able to find some decent deals there.

    You really do need an experienced travel agent who knows the intricacies of such an itinerary and ticketing options, not just a general high street agent.


    MrDarwin looks like the best advice so far

    My last aussi trip (2015) was out with UA (80k UA miles and minimal cash- mainly on TG) in business to MEL and back w SQ on empty day flights for circa £ 650 – both very acceptable with a couple of good stop overs so i don’t think you are doing badly with your £ 1000 for the trip


    Following on from MrDarwin Qr are soon to launch syd and adl direct. They have launch specials. I suspect adl will be cheaper. They are in one world but I think I ve read they re not so generous in points earnt etc.Within aus jetstar should be but often isnt much cheaper than parent Qf with out the full service wide body comfort west -east coast flights. Va in between.
    Domestically fly into Mel not avalon airport. Tedious slog into the city.


    Thank you to those who had suggested my services. Had a quick head scratch but without dates can’t suggest much more than some of the suggestions on here. But if you do go EK then stopover in SIN shouldn’t increase fares beyond extra taxes. Likewise should be able to extend onto NZ without to much additional cost depending on routing and any Open Jaws on the ticket. If you do want Business then can’t just upgrade one sector, will be all way out, back or both ways.

    Can look at other ex Europe departure points but depends whether you want hassle of getting parents to this point or not. And if split ticketing need to be aware of consequences of missed connections on other tickets.


    Thank you everyone (MrMichael, FDOS_UK, JohnHarper, MartynSinclair, PeterCoultas, LuganoPirate, BA744fan, MrDarwin, PeterCoultas, paulkaz, TimFitzgeraldTC) for your replies – very useful!!!
    I will give the itinerary further thought and engage with a travel specialist (possibly TimFitzgeraldTC) to confirm the best routing and price.


    Thanks for letting us know your thoughts, it’s appreciated and I hope you are able to find a really good itinerary.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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