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    I will be travelling from LHR to ORD on 25 Sep on BA297 which seems to feature a 777-200 4-class configuration (so far as I can tell)

    I am 6’3″. Can anyone advise on the best seat to pick to get a little extra legroom? I am naturally inclined to the window seats since I hate the crew serving items to my neighbour across my space (as happens on the aisle seats) and don’t want an immediate neighbour (as happens in the centre seats)

    All help much appreciated 🙂



    Are you sure it is not a 777-300ER? It should be for this flight number.

    But there is no real difference except from the excellent IFE that the -300ER has. If you go for a window seat go for the last row in order not to have to jump over someone else in order to have aisle access.

    In both types , the last row has also some extra space, 1,5-2 inches and the first row has about 1 inch more legroom.



    Thanks, Potakas. SeatGuru, SeatPlans and SeatExpert all have it down as a 777-200

    Your tip about the last row is a good one, but I understand they are bassinet seats and so don’t get released until the last minute (sigh). Do any of the other seats have extra legroom?

    Thanks again, Ian



    Oh yes, I forgot that… The first row is the next one to go (+~1inch) , all the other rows are the same. You can get extra legroom only in the first and last row. With last row to be the best choice as you get direct aisle access.

    Seatguru and others, may not be updated. FWIW BA should operate that flight number on a 777-300ER, except of course if they have operational issue.

    If your CW cabin (in manage my booking) goes to row 16 then you are on a brand new -300ER, if it is row15 then on a -200.

    If you are on a 777-300ER you may want to upgrade your booking with miles to First (if there is availability) as you will have NF 100%.



    Hello all, as of today I can confirm that the flight is operated as a B777-200, but at this stage I can not see if it will have new first or not. This is from BA res system. For me the best seat in club are 15A, 15EF or 15K. all facing backward but with more leg room as it is the last row.



    I checked the seatmap from for BA297 at the 25th of September. It appears to be a 300ER as there is a 16th row..Of course they have a standard layout and all the seats appear to be forward facing. In any case check with your MMB to see how many rows it says.

    As I said before, BA for the summer schedule of 2011 has some dedicated flight numbers for the -300ERs on of them is BA297, this will only change for operational reasons.

    On this link you can see past movements for this route.


    I think that bassinet seats are only the two middle seats. Also the window selection for the last row seems to be free.



    All the live seat maps for this service show Row 16, so Potakas is quite correct that this has been loaded as a 300ER-operated flight.

    It’s also correct that it’s only the EF seats in the rearmost row that are classed as bassinet. These are also the only ones that are currently blocked on the flight.


    The fact that there are no seats yet allocated in Row 16 could potentially suggest an aircraft-change – the only way to know with reasonable certainty is for Ian_from_HKG to try and allocate himself into the row through Manage My Booking:



    Ooooooooops, my mistake, I checked the BA295, you are all all right in saying that the BA297 is operated by a B777-300ER. So New First class is on for sure.



    FYI my GDS system shows this aircraft with a 4 class config and contrary to what is shown on SeatGuru the rows start from 10 and go to 16. Also, it does show the last row as bookable in advance, however, this may depend upon your BA Exec card status.

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