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    As a business traveler I am getting very fed up with poor customer service of airlines. My company allows me to chose the carrier I want and I’d like to fly with the best. In your opinions, what US domestic airlines have the best customer service?


    Of the big airlines within the US, there’s no doubt that it’s Continental. I was stuck in Newark last year during bad storms. They were pleasant, efficient and helpful. Of course, the on-board service is nothing like Lufthansa or Jet Airways but the Continental staff are mostly friendly and polite. Continental is a very pleasant contrast to the grunting, grimacing, everything-is-too-much trouble attitude that you will find at American or United. However, now they’re tying up with United, things may go downhill.


    I have been a UA frequent flyer for many years. I am currently a ‘Global Services’ tier customer, and no problem is too much for them at that level. They really ‘get’ loyalty for their top customers. The challenge is that you have to build up the miles to get that level of treatment. In terms of starting out, I have heard that Continental offers a good basic service…I have also flown Alaska Airlines (predominantly on the West Coast) and they are good, too. Delta used to be know for very good CS, but that was years ago. I would go with CO or UA…but also think about the routes you need to fly.


    I’m with RussShaw6 on this. I am a 1K (100,000) mile flyer with United (not as high an elite as Global Services) and, for the past few years, UA has gone out its way to make me feel appreciated and to always make things right when things go wrong. I have even had unsolicited calls from supervisors who have listened in on calls with rude or incompetent telephone agents to either apologize or offer compensation!

    Continental is indeed the best bet for the “average” flyer, from the service to the onboard amenities (eg, they still serve free meals in economy).

    What is surprising is how far American has fallen both in terms of service and product (you know what I mean if you’ve ever flown on of their MD-80’s, of which there are hundreds, or their new business class, which was obsolete before it even premiered).


    Personally I try to avoid any American airline, find their CS to be dire. If pushed then I connect with Continental. The rest leave plenty to be desired. Such a shame in a country that otherwise gives good service at most levels.


    CO is the best hands down.

    RussShaw6′ comment is interesting. I have been 1k for more than 10 years, never quite made it to Global Service (and never quite understood the mirky criteria that might apply to get there) . However, I left UA for good by the end of 2009 cause even at the level of 1K (one below GS) there service and attitude was at best questionable and they nickel and dime you at every turn (for example with upgrades etc). I am with CO now and am very happy and just hope that the service culture of CO will survive the merger with UA. However, the fact that Tilton and Atkinson will be out of the picture is reason for hope.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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