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    Once, i had a gum on my seat and then on my trouser… CE cabin …

    I sent an email to BA’s customer relations and they gave me 5000 miles.

    What i have to send them now for this seat and the smell i suffered for more than 4 hours on the CE cabin? I had also to clean my seat with my hand because of some food trimmings i found under my pillow and blanket.

    (The pic is from my seat but also mine was like this)

    I spotted the aircraft (by registration number) on A5 gate 2 hours before my boarding time (A5 gate), so it is clear to me that they had enough time to clean this mess…

    This an embarrassment for BA.


    Hi PS

    Unfortunately, this is not uncommon on BA CE, I have had to clean the table/seat arm several times, to remove food remmants, sticky rings, etc.

    It is not acceptable and I have now stopped flying Club Europe for this and other product related reasons.

    I am sorry that you had to endure 4 hours in such a seat.

    It is beyond my understanding that BA can operate good long haul services (just returned from a very good CW sector over the North Atlantic) and then serve up this dross in CE.

    And whilst the 767 is a ‘bete noir’ of mine, the lack of cleaning extends to the A320 fleet, too, in my experience.


    Have to agree with you both that this is not uncommon on BA aircraft and the CE product in particular, but especially at 2.5 hrs plus is simply awful in every regard. What is worse is the state of the toilets which are simply appalling.


    I spoke to the relevant dept some time ago with regards to the low standards of cleanliness, particularly the joy of opening your traytable to find it stained and the seat in front of you splattered with milk from previous guests who are unable to open a milk jigger unsupervised.
    My comments were well received but the costs of ‘extra cleaning’ (ie traytables wiped after every flight, backs of seats checked and cleaned) were too high for the reduced budget of the department.
    Sad but a true example of how staff on the ground are all too often out of touch with the frontline.
    Changes are afoot. Maybe from February, with a new head-honcho, BA can finally return to ‘customer first’ cos Im fed up with everything being cut to the bone and getting the flak from unhappy customers.


    Honest Crew

    “Im fed up with everything being cut to the bone and getting the flak from unhappy customers.”

    I totally empathise and have tried to be polite to the onboard crew, as it is not their doing.


    Came across this on another site and thought it worth sharing. My flight from EDI yesterday was pretty dire, the toilets were filtthy but this takes the issue to a whole new level….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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