Bangkok weekend of March 12th

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    If there are any readers currently in Bangkok and aware of any updates about the planned riots/demonstrations this weekend, please could you post updates. From the very limited information available there are talks of up to a million red shirts coming onto the streets with the army on standby.


    I think it happens again on the 23 March:

    Customers are advised to leave plenty of time to travel to the airport as there are likely to be delays

    Check-in will be opening earlier from 11 to 23 March 2010 (13:00 Local Time)

    Flight cancellations are not expected but customers are advised to leave plenty of time to travel to the airport


    Hi VK – I am more concenred about what will happen in the city, where I currently am. A lot of businesses appear to be closing early for the weekend and the bush telgraph as you would expect, is suggesting a degree of havic in the city. If i wasnt in Bangkok I would worry, but checking with Sky news and the BBC there is nothing being mentioned yet. The natural Thai way is to ignore any problems that may happen, hence, no news!


    Hi Martyn,

    you can check out the current situation well by going to
    They report in English.

    It is currently hard to say what will happen, so stay away from any larger gatherings and you should be fine.
    Maybe it is a good idea to contact your embassy- just in case you need any assistance.
    As a foreigner you will not be a target of either group, but still it is always better to be prepared.
    I do live in Thailand aswell (not there at the moment), but I have a feeling it will be over quickly this time.
    Good luck to you and stay safe!


    I was stranded Nov/Dec 08 when PAD (Yellows) closed BKK airport down for 9 or 10 nights, i was also there last April when the Reds had demonstrations in Bangkok and month im there for Songkran the Thai new year…trouble always seems to follow me in Thailand!!!!.


    I must admit that I’m watching this with a degree of reservation myself as I’m booked to return to Australia through BKK on the easter weekend.

    What is the situation with respect to the airport being closed with Airlines – do they simply goto another airport to refuel/change crew etc or do they simply cancel flights.

    A rookie question i know, but quite intrigued on how airlines build in such contingencies.

    Yesterday, we posted some of the areas in the city to be avoided (, courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

    The airport authority says they have a contingency plan but won’t go into details – as expected, except to say that passengers should check in 3-4 hours before departure.

    Yesterday, I had a conversation with two long-time expat residents, and their attitude is “Another trying time for Thailand…we’ve seen it all before.”

    From them comes the advice: just have to wait and see, anything can happen. And after, life goes on.

    So Martyn, stay put where you are for the meantime. If we hear of anything from our end, we’ll be sure and let everyone know ASAP.

    Oh and one more thing, Martyn, should you have to venture out, just make sure you don’t wear either a red (pro-Thaksin) or yellow shirt (not-for-Thaksin), unless that is, you’ve decided to take sides. Be on the safe side, and wear white, the colour of the Movement for Peace, which is the latest group to have popped up.


    Dear Editor

    Thank you very much for taking the time to make the postings. That was really appreciated. It is now Friday afternoon and BKK itself is quite empty, with most locals and expats having taken this as a signal to have an extended weekend. The hotel has put in some extra security measures. The popular belief is that all is meant to go peacefully, however, there is always a monority who decide otherwise. The army and security forces are taking no chances as they know that some protestors are carrying arms and grenades. Hopefully all will pass peacefully and there will be no need for Sky news or the BBC to make any fuss.

    Thanks again for putting the posts out – there are very few facts you actually hear. All will be revealed when the red shirts arrive.


    Please read the thread as weekend of October 22nd.

    Whilst Bangkok looks pretty dry at the moment, I know that within a 30 minute drive of the city there is severe flooding. As usual, the Governement put the name of commerce and tourism, before the locals who I believe are suffering slightly more, due to the water being diverted away from the city centre.

    I have noticed some sand bags appearing around the Sukhumvit/Asoke area this morning.

    If any travellers or ex-pats on this forum are in the know regarding likelihood of city centre flooding, would really appreciate a heads up.

    Many thanks


    Hi Martyn,

    My wife is staying on Sukhumvit today (shopping at the MBK as I write!) and reports no flooding in the general (immediate) area.

    Can’t speak of course for the near future…

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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