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  • capetonianm

    A rather critical article in today’s Telegraph :

    Happy birthday British Airways – now start fixing your problems



    Anyone seen the new ad yet?

    I cannot post a link as I viewed it on an internal source.

    But the message is –

    ‘BA loves you Britain’

    I look forward to a lively debate about that on here (grinning)

    Tom Otley

    The advert is here…

    Very high production values (at the screening someone asked how much it had cost).

    It was not disclosed!

    Tom Otley

    … and they also have a “making of” type video as well.

    I like the way Olivia Colman looks after she’s hit Anthony Joshua on the head with the bag.


    As a shareholder (IAG) I feel inclined to write and ask them how much shareholders’ money was spent (wasted) on this effort. Freedom of Information act may not cover this type of request.

    This is a classic example of penny wise, pound foolish.

    ¿Que dices, Sr. Cruz?

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    @capetonianm Although you are “very important to BA”, don’t waste your time. They won’t reply to you.

    According to the video, “Britain made us” and they are so proud to be British, if so, why have so many jobs moved to India, and the load sheet and aircraft loading departments moved to Poland. If they are so proud to be British, why are they a Spanish company? The job-experience kid has been at it again!

    I sure that advertising standards would have strong opinions about the statements made.


    What a terrific inclusive video, really taking into account all customers without dwelling on the past and how the world used to be. A good spread of athletics and artists too. Well done BA, I’m happy to remain a customer.

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    I like this advert, I particularly like the fact that they used the twin girls who were deaf, rather than the many others who auditioned, who although able to sign, weren’t deaf themselves. It is a feel good advert, we need more of these.

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    Feel Good, yes, but does it reflect the reality of what BA is today, I would say not.


    Well MK, it wasn’t the new uniform. It looks like the staff uniform trials (champions I believe BA calls them) will only begin late summer and the roll out for all customer facing staff is now slated for 2020.


    I like it although along with the safety video I think it may get annoying after a couple of views.

    Surprised that BA did use this as an opportunity to show a sneak peak of the New Club World. Anyone know when it will be annouced?


    a sneak peak of the New Club World

    Where? I looked pretty much like business as usual. Did I miss something?


    The BOAC 747 has landed at Heathrow this morning. Its looks fantastic.

    Wonder is they will do a smaller aircraft in the old BEA livery?


    Final three examples of retro livery are:

    CIVB 747 in LANDOR colour scheme

    CIVE 747 in NEGUS scheme

    EUPJ 319 in BEA scheme

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Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 35 total)
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