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  • Peter

    I have booked a flight from Dublin to Frankfurt to Beijing to Hong Kong. The first two legs are with Lufthansa. THe third is with Hong Kong Airlines. Has anyone flown to Hong Kong this way? (!). I have been told that if I check in baggage I would need to pick it up in Beijing and take it through customs to the HK Airlines flight. I don’t want to do that so I think I will just take carry on. Also, how will the boarding cards work? If I don’t get boarding cards in Dublin for the HK Airlines flight, and I arrive into PEK, does that mean I would ahve to clear customs and security to find a HK Airlines desk in the main airport? Thank you for any ideas.


    My recent experience would suggest that if they do t check you all the way through at DUB, you will definitely need to clear immigration and customs and then find the check-in desk for HKAirlines and check in again.

    If this is the case, you should allow three hours between flights to do so.

    Are you booked on a single ticket? If so then you may be ok, but I would check with Lufthansa for clearer info.


    I would question why not just use LHG straight from DUB-FRA-HKG? This route involving China has shambles written all over it im afraid. For a start LH arrives T3 in PEK, HX departs from T2. No idea how you get between the 2 terminals. I can tell you your baggage will not be through checked as a result- even if on the same ticket. If you are told otherwise then don’t expect to see it in HKG. I look forward to an update on how this pans out!!


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    @peter – although highly unlikely, if you are refused entry into China (irrespective of your visa), then you will not be allowed to enter China to collect your bags.

    Check out this thread

    Turned away at Chinese border (Beijing)

    and research numerous You Tube videos.

    As I suggested, highly unlikely, but still possible – you need to consider……..


    This has disaster written all over it from my experiance. Go with carry on, print out your HK booking, even check in on line if you can. You need to do a lot of research on what terminal you arrive and depart in PEK, Also if HK have transit desk airside. As Martyn said do not bank on getting thru immigration without a Visa.


    Sorry Martyn, it seems my iPad is showing some corruption on my screen, I pressed to read the link but it seems the report button was hidden below it. Can BT remove the inappropriate message comment?

    On the topic, I know the problems encountered, which seem to go against this for 24 and 72 hour transits.


    News in today that 7 HX aircraft have been seized over non payment. If your sector gets cancelled by HX then you really will be stuck. Your LH flights won’t be refunded due to this!


    There should be no need to pick up luggage and recheck in at Beijing. Flights to HK are considered “international” in China. More specifically, flights are divided into “domestic” and “Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other destinations.” So from even a Chinese standpoint, what you’d be doing would be to pick up luggage to enter China only to turn around and depart again on an international flight. But aside from that, I fully agree with others that if you can, you should avoid this transit in China. I just recently had a horrible transit experience at Pudong.


    This posting reminds me of a friend who in his younger days used to plan his itineraries so that on any given trip he could use as many airlines, aircraft types, and airports as possible. This was nothing to do with price, it was that he enjoyed the challenge.
    Every trip was a disaster, but he thrived on adversity.
    Eventually he saw the light!


    I agree with others – if you can reroute, then do! If not, ensure you have a transit visa. HX are financially stressed although recently got about GBP400 million in loans to keep them afloat as they were on the verge of losing their licence. For the time being they should be alright as the government here is monitoring them very closely. They’re a pretty rubbish airline anyway, but with employees facing possible redundancy I can’t imagine crew morale is very high, and to top it off they have had to cancel their IFE because they can’t pay the licensing fee. Take your own entertainment!

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