Baggage Carousel Waiting – Best and Worst

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    For Friday…..
    The DT reckons LGW is the worst in the UK.

    Which, in your experience, are the best/worst in the UK, and best/worst world-wide.

    Mine UK – best LCY Worst LHR.
    Worldwide – best – several where one collects bags straight from hold, though I can never recall waiting at SIN as luggage arrives on the carousel before I get there. Worst ATL – though have not been through since non-domestic terminal upgrade

    Best in the UK – LHR T5.

    Elsewhere, Luxembourg is dire for an airport with relatively few passengers.


    Very variable.

    My worst recent experience was at IST, because the queue at immigration was so bad that hardly anyone was arriving at the carousel, and the carousel had one of those gadgets that stops bags getting on to the carousel if there is no space for the bag. The cure was for the few of us who had got through passports reasonably quickly to work at stacking the bags already delivered vertically on the carousel to make spaces…..

    An unexpected bad time was in HEL, off a PRG – HEL flight. Nearly an hour.

    Also bad – but not unexpected – was ASB (Ashgabat). Many other former Soviet airports are quite good.

    Best in the UK – LCY. Best in Europe – OPO


    Before I start I’m surprised that EDI comes 2nd worst in the UK. I’m normally through within a quarter of an hour.

    Historically in the UK there’s a clear winner in the worst category…….EDI to LHR T1, flying time apx 1 hour. Last 100 yards to carousel 1/2 the time again. And on occasion even longer.

    The quickest has gotta be PIK for obvious reasons.

    Abroad the clear winner is YVR, occasionally not even having to wait for luggage. HKG is a close 2nd, measured by how many DB buses I miss.

    Worst wait BOS, just plane inconvenient, And I suppose NBO deserves a dishonerable metion too

    Quickest outside Europe has to be the US. By the time you have cleared foo king immigration your bag will have done 10 tours of the carousel.

    Will compare tomorrow at OPO David.


    Best for me believe it or not is Malpensa.
    Worst, don’t really have one. I’ve rarely waited anywhere.


    BA LGW worst……..Cape Town amazingly fast.


    Changi Singapore…
    Even travelling First or Business meaning quick exist from the aircraft
    I have never had to wait more than five minutes.


    I had a very good experience at Berlin Tegel last month, my bag was on the caroussel by the time I had got past passport control. I’ve never had much of a wait at T5 either.

    Prague is pretty dire. Worst though was Atlanta before the new international terminal opened, nearly 3 hours to get through passport control, collect my bag, put it on the conveyor, go through security, get the shuttle train and collect again. I think the train taking the luggage to the final collection point broke down…..


    BHX, whatever time of day/night you arrive it’s at least 35 minutes before anything starts to appear and if EK/PK/AI have arrived then forget it for at least 1 hour.

    LHR T1 never had to wait longer than 15 minutes, sometimes bags on belt by time we had walked from gate.

    Best was PFO, arrived on CY flight from LHR, gentle walk into terminal and through passport control, then into taxi approx 15 minutes after landing. Was 2345 though!


    Worst for me is undoubtedly LAX. There was a giant queue at immigration so no one could get through to pick their bags up. As a result the staff were taking bags off and just piling them up on the floor. Unfortunately so many international flights had come in that they were doing it for a number of carousels with the results that the bags were getting mixed up. Complete shambles.

    I’m not impressed with baggage waits at LHR or LGW and I wish they’d take a tip from AMS and put on expected delivery times on the screens because it does take the stress out of it by keeping you informed (and let’s face it, it’s the uncertainty that really gets to most people).



    Worst – old Mumbai airport. I wonder if things have improved?


    That survey looks really odd, and they need to put those times into context. The survey says it is time from arriving the baggage hall to picking up suitcase, but 18 minutes at LCY sounds unusually long (albeit, provided no bus transfer is required, it can take just seconds to get from plane to belt), and Border Control is so bad at LHR T5 at certain times of day that your suitcases have generally arrived long before you get to the belt

    Notwithstanding the fact that the survey is flawed, it’s rare at LHR that I have to wait long, as border control is so slow post-IRIS. In IRIS days, T1 would often take 30-45 minutes

    It may be a cliche, but best airports by far are still the likes of SIN and AMS – both for passport control (fast, even when there are lines) and baggage wait times – no complaints. Even when EK lost my (F!) bags at SIN, I will still out within 30 minutes including form filling, because the entire belly contents of a 777 had been disgorged long before then


    Singapore Changi consistently good. Never had to wait more than 5 mins

    Ian – Mumbai T2 surprised me this time. Bags out just as I reached the belt. I was out of the airport in 20 mins after stepping off the plane. the longest time taken in reaching immigration from the gate at 12 mins. I think a record.

    But I hope this becomes a norm rather than an exception because in March, bags had taken 20 mins to come out.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 52 total)
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