Baggage allowances when mixing J and Y classes – advice please

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    Hi all. Having had some great advice on a couple of topics recently, I wonder if I could impose on you all once more.

    In a couple of weeks time I am going on a trip mixing carriers, alliances and booking classes. My routing is:

    LHR-HEL-BKK (Finnair in J class)

    BKK-KUL (Thai in Y class)

    KUL-KUC (Malaysia in Y class)

    I am a tad confused about baggage allowances these days and wonder if someone could advise me as to the maximum number and weight of bags that I can take. I am Star Alliance Gold which may help me with Thai, but as far as I’m aware MH aren’t in any ‘proper’ alliance, so my Silver OneWorld is also unlikely to help me there.

    I’m travelling with my wife and young son, and spending a week in a longhouse in Borneo, so we need to be fairly well-equipped, and you know what it’s like travelling with kids at times………Every kilo we can take will be valuable to us.

    Also, does anyone know if the new Bangkok Airport operates a taxi system whereby you buy vouchers on arrival, as was the case at Don Muang, to avoid being fleeced? I must admit to being a bit nervous about using it at all in the light of some recent comments in this Forum!

    Thanks in advance, as usual.



    Unfortunately, unless your journey touches the US or Canada, you will only be going with baggage allowances based on your class of travel on that particular carrier.

    30kg on Finnair, 20kg +20kg for you on Thai as you’re *A Gold, but you’re stuck on 20kg on MH …if you’re stopping over in KUL. But if you can through check your bags from BKK straight to KCH, you may be able to slip by. Why don’t you buy up to Business Class on MH? Its not much more really.

    You will only encounter a problem on your return from KCH as you will only be allowed 20kg from KCH. Unless of course you buy up to Business Class and then you will be allowed 30kg plus 5 kg extra maybe.

    Yes to your arrival in BKK airport. There are normal taxis available upon arrival. It is sort of a coupon system whereby yuo pay an extra 50 Baht but the taxi goes by metre and its honestly a lot cheaper than a fixed price. You may request that they go by Tollway and give the driver about 80Baht before you start the trip and say “Tollway Krup”.

    I take the taxi to Silom area. And it costs around 250-280 Baht only. Add the 50Baht surcharge adn I still follow with around 50-80 Baht tip.Honestly, its less than 2 euros!

    As you will have the cab number and details in the little slip the agent gives you, you can always report then rogue driver if he fleeces you. But most won’t.

    If you are carrying lots of luggage wait for a minivan.


    Whata mixed bag you have (pardon the pun)
    Ive never ever replied to a comment and Ive done 1000 flights over 30 years but would consider myself savvy and want to help you due to u having kids
    Finnair maybe tough but j class times 2 gives you 60kg combined plus the kids and I know as one world platinum cathay qantas nevr evr worry but Malaysian can be a bit arrogant
    II think youll be ok as they have your bookings and tell them in advance I would call Thai and malaysian
    Taxi vouchers ok now /ver organised
    I always take limousne as its more expensive but drivers safe in nice cars and know where they are going and will help you and your kids and wife with baggage
    Hope this helps


    Many, many thanks for the advice, folks.

    Can anyone offer me similar advice about transfers from KL International to the City Centre? I’m arriving at 22.55, so am unlikely to be clear of immigration until midnight, when I understand fares increase by 50% – I thought the hotel (KL Hilton) was giving me its telephone number when it quoted me for a limo transfer!

    We just need a cab for 2 adults, a child and (it now seems) 3 suitcases.

    Again, many thanks for your advice.


    Best bet is to take an airport taxi if you’re arriving that late. These go by coupon system and it will cost around RM 180 or so. You may request for a larger car that can accomodate everyone. Alternatively you may ask the hotel to arrange for a mini van to accomodate all the bags you want to take with you.

    Although the KL Hilton is right by the KL Sentral station where the airport express trains go from the airport, it will depend on when you exit the terminal. Why can’t you take an earlier Thai Airways flight that arrives prior to the current 2250 arrival? There are 3 TG flights a day from BKK to KUL. Oneway train fare is RM35 for adults and RM15 for children. Besides the train stops at midnight.

    Train service:

    Call the taxi service to find out current costs:

    As I said before, since you are stopping over in KUL, your onward baggage allowance to KCH will be 20kg per person. Contrary to what the previous poster said, MH is not part of any alliance and is therefore not obligated to extend extra baggage allowances to you even though you have elite memberships with Oneworld and Star Alliance. Calling them in advance will not do any good either. You may of course just buy up to Business Class.

    If you decide to take the train, once you exit the train station at Sentral, turn left towards the KFC and ask the staff there where the Hilton and Le Meridien hotels are. There is a smallish hallway linking the 2 halls. When you’re there, take the escalator up and walk across the road.

    Hilton and Le Meridien share the same elevators to the main floor, and then the entrances split to either Le Meridien on your right and the Hilton on your left.


    Guy, thank you very much- extremely useful advice. I’m grateful.


    The Malaysian Domestic Business fares tend to be from about 50% more than a Y fare, not as great an addition as Long haul classes.
    I think it’s worth the extra, with great lounges in KL you will access, & around some of the domestic network airports. problem being there are only ( i think 8-12 on a 737-400) Business seats, so getting 4 seats maybe awkward. But they are nice comfortable seats.

    I faced a similar issue taking C Class from Australia to the UK earlier this year, then took an MH from KUL-SIN. carrying over i was charged £7.40 for 15 kg extra!
    They tend t be quite reasonable, & if you are making long hauls with the mix you are, a little more patient in taking a little extra. Being open n honest with MH, I have always found them receptive when making such mixed flights with allowances. often SQ & MH merely want to see your other tickets, & the Duty manager waves it.

    I have held a Gold (Royal previously), KLM FF card for 12 years, & Malaysian have a rather awkward Skyteam alliance these days, no lounge or extra perks. However, they have lost enormous business to Air Asia, & you may find they do little to have yr trip a poor experience with them, & be quite helpful.

    Choosing to stop in KL quite often on the return, i have no problems taking the Train into KL. Its faster than the sometimes dense traffic, safe later in the eve equally.
    You can always take a taxi once KL Sentral to your hotel.

    Perhaps taking a taxi for yr return, depending on the time of day, with hotels in KL, or several grades /prices of cabs to choose from. Always safe, metered.
    I hope you enjoy yr trip, & I am sure all will be most welcoming in Malaysia.

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