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    Though it’s tough to find on the BAA website, there are two services which are currently being offered to VIP passengers at LHR which can also be accessed by the general public:

    …seems to be a cut down version of the more fully rounded

    …but both seems to be very pricey (By Invitation is £1,800 a go), especially when compared with the usually excellent premium lounges located in all four of Heathrow’s currently operating terminals.

    I have tried a company called in Tel Aviv when I needed some assistance on arrival and they were excellent, much less expensive, but I really can’t see the point at LHR.

    I think SIN has a similar service as well, but I’ve never tried that.


    Not really a requirement for the average business traveller. But better for high profile billionaires, celebs, politicians and royals.

    A good idea never the less, remember the fiasco a few years back with Snoop Dogg going through LHR on his way back to LAX?

    Does LHR still have the Royal/Windsor suite?


    Heathrow still has the dedicated VIP terminal between T4 and the Cargo Terminal.

    I had heard that the Windsor Suite (which is T5’s dedicated VIP lounge) was off limits as it wasn’t deemed secure enough (too close to the roadway). It’s on the ground floor below BA First lounge.

    I’ve been in the Concorde Room with John Major (and Norma!) when using the Windsor Suite would have been more appropriate. However, it was certainly being used on this weekend when I flew in, as there was a fleet of limos waiting outside.

    I think it must be this lounge with the By Invitation service uses, though I doubt it’s better than the Concorde Room in terms of catering, wine and other facilities.


    Speaking to an aviation enthusiast and friends who work in hospitality, the VIP terminal is still very popular with royal families from the middle east May – July. Some times flying in two jets at a time 1 for pax the other cargo usually supercars which then go on to tear up Knightsbridge in the evening and bring roads to a standstill in the day. 😉


    Thankfully, much less so than was the case, since the Police had a crackdown on these often unlicenced drivers of vehicles which were not properly insured for third party incidents.

    Personally, I’m all for them coming over and staying here in the summer; as long as they comply with the law and don’t cause a nuisance.

    A brace of Bugatti Veyrons is always a pleasure to behold, even if they have been pimped to within an inch of respectability.


    Not sure it’s worth the money, but then if you’re Michael Douglas or David Beckham it might be worth it for them to avoid the public glaze?

    Swiss offer for free a similar service at Zurich for First and Hon passengers though I suppose it’s slightly less private.

    Leaving ZRH a couple of months ago with a group of British Parliamentarians, the Airport pulled out all the stops, bypassing immigration, where all the formalities were done for us as we waitied for private cars to take us to the plane for LCY in a private room of the First Class lounge. Security was also done in a seperate private area.
    The Swiss did it all at no cost!

    Bumped into Alistair Darling at LCY. He was alone, no security and not getting any VIP treatment. I’ll not comment on that!


    VK and any other resident that is ever effected by supercars from the Gulf – If you can pinpoint particular cars which really are causing issue, speak to the hotel manager of where the car owner is staying and mention it to him/her they will then speak directly to the someone close to the top of the family in question. Alternatively speak to the driver or their security team in tow and address your concerns to them… they are very helpful.

    I know this year they were very quiet to usual purely because residents addresses their concerns with local embassies and as a result most cars had been registered with UK number plates especially the ones spending most of the summer here. Even those cars which are impounded, they are released very sharply after one quick call.



    I met this young guy with red/black BMW X6 last year at JW Grosvenor House, I think he was living there and he always had the BMW parked in the middle of the main entrance ..

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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