BA using iPads to personalise/enhance customer service

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    Will be interesting to see how this evolves. I would have thought in flight WiFi would make this more effective for crew in giving real time information in flight:

    British Airways cabin crew are using the latest iPad model to bring a new dimension to customer service in the air.

    The iPads enable cabin crew to have prior awareness of customer preferences and a greater understanding of each customer’s previous travel arrangements, allowing them to offer a truly bespoke, personalised service.
    The iPad lets crew quickly identify where each customer is seated, who they are travelling with, their Executive Club status and any special meal requests. It gives cabin crew a whole library of information at their fingertips including timetables, safety manuals and customer service updates. It also means any issues can be logged with ground-based colleagues around the network prior to departure so solutions can be delivered while the flight is airborne.
    When all the passengers have boarded and just before the doors are shut, cabin crew are currently handed a long scroll of paper, listing up to 337 customers. With the new iPads cabin crew will simply refresh their screen when the doors have closed through wireless 3G networks and they will have a complete list of passengers on board.
    Bill Francis, British Airways’ head of inflight customer experience, said: “The iPad is already allowing us to offer a more personalised onboard service, but the possibilities for future development are endless. We’re receiving great feedback from cabin crew and customers already.  It allows the crew to offer the thoughtful service they want to deliver and customers are treated as valued guests.”
    The iPad is currently being trialled with 100 cabin crew with the aim to roll it out to all senior crew members across the airline in the coming months.


    Oh well – that will make it harder for people to have a quick sneaky peek at the manifest to find out what their GIV score is…….


    @ edi-traveller what does GIV stand for/mean?


    Its CIV which is your Commercially Important Value, with 100 being a very frequent flyer…..
    The iPad is also promised as an interim measure in the old First pending the fleet refurb on the the 777’s.


    There is no shame in being Green!

    This is a superb way to cut down the mounds of paper being used on a sector by sector basis.

    Next should be the flight deck, who also have an equal amount, if not more of paper, most of which is thrown after landing.

    Why do such sophisticated pieces of machinery need so much paper to make them work.

    Pity the article didnt mention the possible reduction in carbon emissions…………………..aha……….but then I suppose there would have to be a reduction in the carbon offset what ever it is………………………..

    I think this is extremely positive for environmental reasons as well. Think Green and reduce paper wastage!!


    Pilots are already testing them alongside Cabin Crew. Bill Francis is only responsible for CC so could only announce the test/role-out for CC.

    The iPad2 will enable CC to prioritise passengers even within the same status level ensuring the higher priority is invited to make their selection first. Inflight reports can be keyed directly by crew or passenger.

    Special requests should also enure that certain prolific posters get priority for a full set of colouring pens along with the picture book.

    As the iPad can’t fit safely into a pocket, the problem of a light fingered opportunist tea leaf is countered by remote location app as used in the phones.

    Martyn, Thought your previous thread comment wrt Cinderella was a tad fanciful however, looks like there is substantive evidence as some of her cohort has been spotted…


    These iPads have been in service on the LCY-JFK for some time.


    I had an on board demo of the iPad’s capabilities by a CSM who had been selected to take part in the trial.

    Very impressed about the data to which he had access, which would really help should any issues occur on board, or if service recovery was needed. Lists of any previous complaints/issues etc.

    All very secure, too, which was one of my major concerns.


    Saw it on LHR-LIS run a few weeks back. As yet ONe World data is sparse but apparently plan si to leverage across Onew rold FFB’s and bookings. Looked cool though and as posted very helpful if problems occur or delays and rerouting.


    Handy if in future it can be updated in real time during the journey.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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