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    OK, maybe a silly question but just wanted to pick your brains.
    Travelling on BA169 next week and I can see its on a 777.
    Should I expect a newer 777 with the latest Club World product, the older style, or is it a lottery?
    As I say, maybe not an informed question but its bugging me so any info is appreciated. I did pre book seats 13 J and K so we can sit together at the window
    I also note its wide open to upgrade to First on Avios despite the lateness? As a First virgin should I take the plunge or save my Avios for a bespoke trip?


    I would research F on the BA website and on You Tube before making your decision.

    Personally, I would not use my avios to upgrade from club to first. BA f is a very good business class product, so the reality is that it is only marginally better than the area of the 777 you are currently in.

    best option is to see if you get that magic click at the boarding gate when your boarding pass is (may be) switched, due to an operational upgrade!!

    This though is only my opinion….


    MartynSinclair – 24/08/2013 22:13 GMT



    Just to add, while there is Old First & New First, Club World is the same across all the fleet.

    Mainly PVG is a new 777-300.

    If you have plenty of Avios, try First on the way our from Heathrow, to experience the Concorde Room Lounge


    I am with Martin and FDOS BA first is an enhanced business class product at best. If you have Avois a plenty then sure it is worth a punt, but the reason it is empty and offering Avios is because it is no great shakes. Club will comfortable.


    Sounds like you want to experience First. So go for it if, as first_class_please – posts, you have the ‘Avios to spare’ and are not saving them for something in particular. Unless the flight is full and you have BAEC Gold, an upgrade at the gate is unlikely.

    Did this flight in February in Club and it was perfectly comfortable as Club was half full but would have upgraded if possible. If you are looking to upgrade one way only would recommend upgrading the outbound as catering seems much better ex LHR than on return legs in my experience in both club and F. Have a good trip.


    BA new F is a proper F product and much better than CW IMO. Not that there is anything wrong with CW.
    If you get top crew on BA especially in F it is the best, and that includes CX IMO.


    Depends on your Food & Beverage expectations, more often than not the food served in F is poor because of the staff involvement/passion in producing what can be a complicated product.

    Never had a bad meal in Club.

    Yes CCR and the wines served are excellent, the seat is better but as other posters say BA F is a really top notch Business Class but I would add with risky food service.

    If you go F avoid row 1 as annoying light from the galley can be eclipsed by this area becoming the crew staffroom with subsequent chatter noise. Fascinating on occasion but……


    Thanks for all this good advice.
    Traveller 73 I’m not Gold and I agree I’m unlikely to get a lucky upgrade and weighing up the comments I’m going to stick with CW and use the points on a new flight. That said ill ask at check in if there are any one way pay upgrades ex LHR. Thanks again


    HKTBound, it all depends what you want and if you have the AVOIS to spare.
    I used BA for the first time ever to PVG (usually Qatar) but as I had my wife with me and it was a 241 Amex ticket with the 25% discount offer late 2012 it was no brainer.
    Was it worth it over CW, yes and no?
    Yes, because we used the CCR at LHR, yes because the flight was full, including First (Shanghai Grand Prix, & Shanghai Fashion Week) and a resounding yes as although it was New First we had several glitches on the Journey that resulted in my wife and I receiving a 20,000 Avios good will gesture each! These were by all accounts of fellow posters everyday occurrences, (resetting of Entertainment, non-availability of food ordered and a reading light that was more like a lighthouse) and a great CC that ensured that everyone was looked after especially the three F1 team principles that got seats in first whilst there colleagues were up the back. (we did not make a fuss about these problems but the CSD was excellent and obviously filed a report)
    No, because if we had not had the 25% discount on the 241 the extra cost of Avios only really giving you the CCR and larger seat for a night flight does not, for me justify the difference.
    The lounges at PVG for the return, either the First or Business are quite dire, so no advantage there, but at the end of the day if you have the Avios to spare and can get a one-way upgrade do it on the way out, enjoy Shanghai.


    I definitely think its worth a 1 way upgrade for the experience – its excellent. Then you can judge for yourself.

    Much more space, more relaxed service, no trollies and great (airline) food and wine.

    The only flights I hesitate to upgrade are night flights. As TIDMTRAX says, I sleep as well in club as F, so the things i enjoy about F are largely unused.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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