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    When returning to the UK the food can be awful because it is produced in the country you are leaving, not that all food leaving the UK is great either.

    What class were you travelling in?


    Expect to hear back from BA Customer Relations in July… they are rather busy at the moment.


    I agree with you marcusff, I always fly BA Club World/Club Europe and every single time the food is really bad. The worst one by far is the english breakfast, ewww! Best food is with Alitalia


    747 to mexico city….there is first on this route.



    I think they were flying to from Cancun, 777 with no first.


    Although there is no lounge in Cancun all Club World customers get access to TGI Fridays with a voucher for a drink and a light meal pre-flight.

    Given the lounge is a bit grim, and doesn’t serve food, this is a better option IMHO.

    It’s always a risk choosing beef on any airline; I only very rarely do.

    Did you try the Club Kitchen offerings on board?


    I took GF6 from LHR to BAH last week.

    Super choice of menu, chose a very tasty monkfish kebab, washed down with a decent NV champagne.

    For a J class ticket, got change from GBP1,200, BA was over twice this price, at the time of booking and of course, no MFU availability to use any Avios from WT+ to J. (Probably would have cost the same as GF, anyway.)

    By the way, I’ve had beef plenty of times on various airlines, including Egyptair – it’s always been nice.

    Why risk being disappointed flying BA, when you can find good alternatives? (Perhaps not to Cancun, direct.)


    in defence of BA, I really think the hot food offering on club europe has improved. Flew Bologna / LHR last week over lunchtime and had the choice of 3 good hot lunches. I had pasta and prawns and it was very good.

    i have had pretty good experiences with BA Club World also – though definitely you get more consistency with flights ex LHR versus the inbound flights. but i don’t like the afternoon tea – pre packed over chilled sandwiches – I would rather eat the menu card!


    marcusfrequentflyer, having read your post I wonder what kind of world you live in that you are “still in shock……..” (as you put it), just because you had (in your eyes) a bad airline meal. Rather a dramatic description of your emotions really when one considers that some people don’t know where their next meal is coming from. I recall undertaking several repatriations where some poor individuals had either been murdered, given weeks to live, lost a young child to cancer….. I could go on, my point being that shock would probably be an emotion best suited to the tragic circumstances I have just mentioned rather than being related to a duff piece of beef. You come cross as a spoilt child – get a grip.


    I think Marcus is entitled to be in shock if a large amount of money was spent on a high quality product and then a low quality product was delivered.

    If you went to the Ritz for afternoon tea and had it served to you in paper cups you’d be inclined to complain!


    Nice bedside manner The_Flying_Nurse. Thank God I’m healthy.


    As I said before, being in shock is a rather dramatic phrase to use just because you were served a bad meal on an aircraft. Of course you are entitled to complain if your expectations of a product are not met.
    My bedside manner bears no relation to my contributing to a public forum, it does when looking after the sick, dying and injured and those genuinely “in shock”. Nurses and doctors are also allowed opinions.
    To get back to the thread, I almost always find BA’s food in all cabins excellent. I have been slightly disappointed at the quality (not in shock I hasten to add), when flying from some outstations but I think that is to be expected with an airline such as BA that flies to so many diverse destinations. Life must be wonderful for someone who has nothing more to worry about than a greasy piece of beef.


    Marcus, you said ‘why is it that when returning to the UK the food is awful?’ and I was just stating that food CAN be awful, due to different catering companies around the world. I also stated that not all food leaving the UK is great either. The cuisine of a country has no bearing on the quality of mass produced airline food. It is not expected to be awful, but frequently is.

    For the record I like Mexican food, and have enjoyed most of that which I have had.


    I seem to recall reading in the BT magazine someone from TAM saying LHR food is amongst the best in the world. However, even with such available facilities BA seems to have improved only a little bit, especially after all the PR about local ingredients, extra flavour, better wines, improved service, business mains in WTP, etc.

    Have the mainstream improvements not filtered through yet?

    Btw Bucksnet, I’ve heard food from CAN is quite good, presuming you are referring to Guangzhou airport?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 44 total)
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