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    hi is there an easy way to find out if your flight will have the newly refurb WTP or First Cabins ? thanks



    Hi Travelwell.
    The new 777 300 fleet all have new First, WTP & WT.
    Otherwise its a bit of pot luck unless you do some careful research on various web pages or know the fitters down in Cardiff ! is a helpful tool…..
    Safe travels…



    The easiest way to seek out info on new First would have been to click on the thread just nine posts below this one:

    The link you need for new First is:

    The new WT+ and WT cabins are only on routes served by the 777-300ERs agains you can see that info on the ftdashboard site here:



    excellent thanks both for the help I tried the ftdashboard but as a first timer diff to actually figure out what it all means. all I need to know is if these flights will have the new WTP or First cabins

    BA 73 on 25 June
    BA 72 on 1 July
    LHR to AUH return

    thanks for your help



    As I mentioned, It is not possible to predict with 100% certainty.

    The links I set out are a useful guide to past incidence on any given route, but do not predict the future.



    @travelwell i’d suggest (and the figures appear to back me up) that on the AUH route, you’ve got one of the lowest chances on the BA network to get NF, as it is one of the route predominantly operated by the oldest 777s in the BA fleet (which have a larger 17 seat F cabin).

    As for the new WT/WTP, unless you get the 777-300s (which appear to be plying a frequency each per day to ORD, NRT & JFK), you won’t have that cabin. Sources indicate that from November, the older 777-200ERs will be refit with it.



    Though I think the Middle Eastern 777s will be converted by the time the OP travels.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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