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    Just had an email from the Exec Club telling of the big deal of part-paying long haul fares with Avios. The offer ends on August 18th!! No more Avios part paying from this date.
    A few days ago, they made domestic and European fares part-payment applicable on selected routes rather than all short-haul routes.
    It just gets worse.



    This is what I have just found on regarding Longhaul.

    This offer ends on 19 August 2015, making this the perfect opportunity to book your next holiday.

    Travel dates:
    From London Heathrow and London City 1 September 2015 – 19 June 2016.
    From London Gatwick 1 September 2015 – 11 December 2015.



    Thanks handbag….yes, it seems that this is their polite way of saying “book before 19th Aug” as the deal ends on that date.

    But they still haven’t told us officially that domestic and European destinations have changed to selective….but they have!!



    I don’t think part-payment for LH is normally available, is it? Hence this being a special offer. Part payment for SH continues to be, though.



    @garrison76 Part payment for short-haul has changed to selective destinations. I checked with the Exec Club and that fact was confirmed. For example try LGW-JER on any dates in the next year….the option has been removed.



    Had a look online for more info, but can’t find anything.



    As per the comment above, this is not usually available on long haul. Every so often, BA runs a trial – generally each trial has a higher cap than the last one, £400 this time I think.


    Hi – we’ve contacted the British Airways press office, and have been advised that “nothing has changed. Part payment with Avios is available on all short-haul flights”.



    Hi BT….nope! Suggest to them that they look at LGW to JER any time in the next year….it’s not offering part-payment!
    They have reinstated MAD.
    But, the Exec Club confirmed that the use of Avios as part payment is now on selected routes!



    *gasp* Surely not 2 different answers from different departments within the same airline?!


    Thanks openfly – we’ll let the press office know your experience, and if there’s any further response we’ll post it here.



    May have been a technical glitch as the option has now reappeared for LGW to JER flight bookings



    @passionateflyer…..thanks for that. I
    You are right, it looks as though BA web support have fixed that route…let’s hope they do a fix on the others!

    Thanks BT for your input.


    BA has confirmed it was a technical hitch, and have given us the following statement:

    “The British Airways Executive Club has more than six million members worldwide who collect Avios every time they fly. Each month more than 39,000 of them take off on a seat paid for with the currency. Buying flights with Avios offers great value for money and added flexibility.

    “Customers are able to use their Avios for flights and upgrades, as well as part payments on all British Airways short haul flights within Europe.

    “Due to a technical issue with our Avios booking system, for brief period a small number of short haul destinations appeared unavailable in our network. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and the issue has now been rectified.”

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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