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    The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Berlin.

    The present day.

    The advanced mathematics students waited nervously for their new tutor. In walked a surprise. He was old and a little stooped he had long grey hair and thick spectacles his clothes seemed to reflect a bygone time, only his bright, twinkling piercing blue eyes and the smile spoke of energy and vitality.
    “It cant be”, one of the students gasped “ I mean he looks just like, you know, Einstein!”

    The old man looked up” As I live and breath you are right young man”.

    The whole class was abuzz, “But you cant be your dead”, someone shouted.

    “ A mere technicality, I vos dead but now I am reincarnated for a vile”.

    “ That’s impossible only Jesus came back from the dead” an exceptionally gifted scholar argued.

    “Yes, Vell do you tink he didn’t teach the trick to someone else?” Einstein asked.

    “But why come back”? they all asked in amazement.

    “ Vell here is de problem. Vee haf a seemingly impossible equation to deal vis”

    “Der is a major international airline, BA. British Airlines, who must save millions of pounds in der cabin crew costs . We are not sure how many millions as dey keep moving der goal posts. Bearink in mind zey area service industry and customer contact staff play a vital roll in weather ze customer will choose to again fly BA. So, de bosses haff decided to remove one crew member from ze aircraft and employ two new non customer contact staff to check that the now depleted crew are delivering a full service product to customers who rightly expect nothing less with less staff. Zis is in addition to der crew member removed, temporarily, after zee downturn of 9/11. Which brought into being the phrase Permanent – Temporary. No, it does not make sense to me eizer but we haff to solve ze problem. We are being paid to do so by zee British Airlines board. So students, now we think, what we will do”.

    Complete silence reigned for the next seven hours while students and master grappled with the problem. Seven hours fifteen minutes after starting a loud bang startled the students, they rushed forward to find Einstein slumped forward on the desk a smoking revolver in his hand with a note attached to it.

    Five days later at the British Airlines board meeting in London a package was unwrapped in front of the collective board. It was a loaded revolver with a note saying,

    “Gentlemen the answer to your problem is staring you all in the face!!”

    ( Relatively speaking, of course! )

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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