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    With all the negativity in the air about things BA, please do recall and spread the word about the good experiences. I am especially interested to hear positive views on the comfort of seats across all 4 classes. The wonderful food served on board, the great BA service across the brand and most of all attention to detail in terms of customer delivery.

    Please don’t hold back, tell the world about BA and how great they manage To Fly To Serve…..

    The weekend beckons, this is a straight flight, the good against the bad!!!


    this is a good idea.Rule is only positives, right?
    well, I flew BA to Kuwait end June in J (They were cheaper than Emirates from LHR) and I got there in one piece.
    Elemis brand products offered in J is a good quality product( so my wife says, she is now a loyal customer to Elemis).
    this is it for me….


    BA 193 LHR DFW.

    Excellent crew, 64K as good as an F seat, IMHO, lovely ploughmans salad and flowing champagne. Departed and arrived on schedule, bags out in a timely manner.

    BA can do it well.


    GVA-LHR in J a few months ago … The purser was absolutely lovely and served the J cabin on her own. About 12 seats. She managed to get a drink service, a hot meal with warm breads in about 35 minutes with a smile and a genuine kindness. She even spoke French to me.
    She even offered a third drink to whoever wanted it, in a plastic glass though, 10 minutes before landing.
    Possibly my best flight ever in short haul.


    Every single flight I have taken from London City on BA Cityflyer- crew always cheerful, polite, helpful; comfortable aircraft with lots of space for short haul. A pleasure.


    In my opinion, the main problem with BA is the level of inconsistancy. I have personally had some very good experiences over the last year (and some not so good).

    There was 4 passengers in the Club Europe cabin of a flight to Istanbul, and other passengers remarked that the service was excellent. While the hard product on this route (both the A320 and 767) are disappointing, the champagne and wine were flowing, food was decent and there was a real attempt to keep people entertained with newspapers, magazine and conversation, in particular, in lieu on the dire in-flight entertainment offer. I have no idea why Club Europe passengers cannot be at least offered an ipad where the flight is over 3 hours…..!

    I have also travelled from JFK-LCY in the last two weeks and was very impressed. The crew had managed that balance between being engaging, fun and polite that I really value. Food and drink were good and I prefer the cabin confirguration on this route to the normal Club World layout. I am not afriad to say that I hav tried the Elemis Spa at both Terminal 5 and JFK in the last month and both experiences were great – I never had any trouble getting a slot and was given a range of free sameples – I would love to have one of the massage chairs at home!


    I had several unplaisant experience with BA (unfortunately the majority of them for me) but the very last one was very nice…

    Flight LHR to GIG in March. I had carefully selected my seats for my friend and me in WTP.
    Once at the check-in desk, I was about to make a scene when I was told that my seat selection had been changed… only to realise the new seats were in CW!
    The rest of the story is 12 hours of day flight infused with good Boizel vintage champagne and elemis pampering…


    The most pleasant part of flying BA (for me)

    ** a very wide route choice, if you want to go from London

    ** Terminal 5 lounges

    ** sometimes, prices quite competitive

    ** in general, you know what your money is going to buy

    ** experienced flight and cabin crew


    As with a previous poster, many of my BA experiences were negative and I did the minimum of flying on them. Of the few BA flights I’ve done in the last couple of years, my positive experiences are the following :

    Checking at T5 for a flight to ZRH and being asked by the check in agent if there was any reason why I hadn’t flown BA for so long (she must have been able to see that my Exec Club level had dropped). When I told her she asked if I’d like to see a Customer Services representative to talk through what they could do for me.

    T5 itself is a positive experience.

    Finding at the gate another time that the flight was delayed and they had no ETD. I asked the gate agent if he had any idea (as I needed onward transportation from the arrival airport). I expected ‘I only know what is no the board’ but he said he’d do his best to find out. 15 minutes later, before it was posted on the board, he came over to me in the holding area to give me the latest information.

    On another flight to CPT, getting a second beautiful view of my home town, the mountains, and the winelands when we had a missed approach into CPT on a beautiful winter’s morning with wispy mist patches drifting across the airfield at the last moment. Banking steeply over False Bay for the second approach was quite an experience.


    At the end of last week I flew back from HKG in F.

    Old F, a bit grubby, nice enough crew. Pyjamas on before departure (about midnight). Cognac immediately after take off. Slept for 10 hours. Bircher muesli for breakfast, coffee (a bit weak), landed early.


    Mrs. LP enjoyed her BA flight in Business from MXP to CPT via LHR. The lounge was fine and her seat comfortable, managing to sleep uninterrupted for 7 hours.

    Her only criticism was the food. To quote her words “Lousy”!


    LP – please, this is the BA “pleasure” thread.

    Criticism should be directed to the other BA thread.

    Life is only beautiful and peaceful here…. 🙂


    Recent flight to Chicago in FIRST, at Check-In I was asked if customer services could do anything else for me. I had noticed a long immigration queue, so when customer service person showed up I asked and was escorted through security to the Concorde Room – great result!

    Last week Flying back from SFO in FIRST, staff in the lounge were excellent. Very engaging with regular offers of Pimms with Strawberries & Cream (it was Wimbledon week). Remembered me from my visit a few weeks ago. Addressed me and other half by name. More personal service than eg Qatar’s premium lounge in Doha. Staff always great in BA SFO Lounge


    DUB-LHR in CE: Truly excellent experience. Full review on:

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