BA plans for LGW (routes & other developments)?

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    There has been much speculation on BT of late of possible expansion of BA’s long haul route network at LGW. Frequently mentioned destinations are Havana, Fort Lauderdake, The Seychelles, Phuket, Colombo, Mombasa and others.

    But, alas, it has largely been radio silence from BA. What we do know is that BA has appointed a dedicated MD for LGW, Silla Maizey, who by all accounts is very respected across the organisation. BA’s long haul fleet is to be increased by new 777 deliveries and 747s returned from storage. Furthermore, work is underway on a new check-in zone at LGW.

    As any new routes for Summer 2012 are likely to go on sale 6+ months before they start, perhaps now would be an opportune moment for BT’s journalists to get out their pens and notebooks and secure an interview with Silla to see what’s planned for BA at LGW?

    I think some proactive enquiries by BT could make for a good scoop and a worthwhile feature for an edition of BT.


    An interesting topic for me as I think LGW is a great set up, much more of an informal travel experience than T5 (although I do like T5). A few items I would like to hear news of should BT meet with Silla:

    – Bearing in mind the new owners of LGW and all the renovations being made, when are the lounges going to be renovated “Galleries” style, they are rather tired after many years of use

    – Are there any plans for a return of the LGW to NYC service, they launched it as a new route back in 2007/8 but pulled shortly after

    – Will there be a return of 747’s at LGW – would be great to see them back on some routes, even seasonally. Taking into account LGW seems to get the older fleet hand-me-downs from LHR one assumes when the 787 and A380’s come online they will have more options for the newer 747’s that are not ready for retirement, after all they have not ordered that many new machines and were very late in the day with the A380

    – New First; please please will they get it installed on at least one of the 772 birds, its about time. I know it’s coming but with half the fleet at LHR done this is slow progress (I imagine they will be refitted with new WTP, WT and Thales avod system in sync). The current (somewhat refreshed) check in area at LGW has a variety of flat screen presentations above that showcase various very nice images of the club and new first cabins. As mentioned on other threads this type of advertising is misleading and it appears only airlines get away with it; all fine and well at LHR but at LGW not one machine has new first and furthermore it has only ever done a handful of rotations ex-LGW; one with WW on board (a pure co-incidence I am sure!). At least switch with a NF bird at LHR until VIIA/B & F are refitted


    Flew to BGI on Saturday in F. Very pleasant flight although crew slightly inexperienced. According to CSM VIIA due for New First soon, (VIIB and F to follow) and also the whole BA check in area moving to a new area in the North Terminal in September (brand new “zone”), with dedicated F and C check in areas.

    Here’s hoping……..


    I passed through Gatwick at 06.00 on Sunday. There were very long queues at security with no Fasttrack lane. This does not open until 07.00! When I complained to the security manager he said that ”Fasttrack is now a courtesy from the new owners of Gatwick as BA is not contributing to the cost of it any more”

    I mentioned this to the lady at the desk in the First lounge. She was unaware of this fact.

    But, she made a comment that I find disturbing….

    When the new BA section, of the North Terminal at LGW opens in a few weeks BA will have its own security channel etc. Gold card holders travelling on a domestic service will NOT be permitted to use the Fastrack facility. Does this indicate that BA really do not want premium passengers? How petty can you get?


    The last I heard was that LH 767’s are going to LGW – to service NAS, GCM, PRS, EBB and DAR. This came from engineering.


    Which airport is PRS?


    Parasi in the Solomon Islands.

    Interesting destination ? great for us scuba divers I guess.


    Openfly I wonder if that’s because the new Fast Track lane won’t be fitted with the legendary mugshot taker at the boarding pass check stage. Which in turn might be because the last remaining domestic services from LGW will soon be following the standard trend of withdrawal, especially on the routes also served by easyJet like EDI and GLA. You’d hope MAN would survive though for transit pax where there is no real competition from rail via London, and LGW-LHR connection by road / rail is hassle.


    I think jet72uk meant PLS – Providenciales, a tag on from NAS like GCM.


    @JimBannerman…that maybe the case…all part of the slow death of BA at LGW.


    Hardly “a slow death”.

    In fact I believe there will be some very uplifting announcements re: the Gatwick operation, and it would be good for BT to get an interview with Silla.

    Though if that isn’t possible I’ve often sat next to Cilla in the F lounge, en route to see Cliff in Barbados, so if she’s available BT could run a “BA Blind Date” trying to work out which routes BA will serve next.


    I don’t think there’s any prospect of death, slow or otherwise, of BA at LGW – they would hardly be renovating the check-in & security areas if so. I was referring only to the future of their domestic services in response to openfly’s point about the fast track security above, this is echoed on the current winter routes thread re MAN/EDI/GLA down 1 a day.

    I’ve never agreed with those who say that BA should be renamed London Airways – I think it should be London International Airways. LHR-ABZ, the only current domestic route with seemingly any kind of future, could count….!!


    The latest I have heard regarding LGW is about the shorthaul fleet renewal which will be brand new A320s to replace the old 737s.
    The announcement is to be made later in November this year.

    As for the longhaul routes mentioned above – NAS, GCM, etc I don’t see this happening since they’re 767 routes and the 767 will not be coming to LGW.



    Did you enjoy your time with Cliff in Barbados?

    Was that the time you met Molly Sugden?


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