BA New Lounge New York in JFK Terminal 7 – am I right to be annoyed?

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    My son (BA Silver) and I (BA Gold) were ticketed MCO-JFK-LHR. The MCO-JFK portion was AA Economy and departed 13:35. The JFK-LHR was World Traveller Plus.
    The MCO AA lounge typical of an AA lounge with just cookies and pretzels available. The AA flight had just pretzels and no food to purchase on board. We were pretty hungry when we landed at JFK.
    We entered the BA First Lounge at T7 and you can imagine how pleased we were to be met by a smiling lady who asked “Will you be dining with us this evening?”. We were ushered to the restaurant area and then there was an awkward situation where they found we were in WTP and denied us access.
    We then entered the main lounge area to find only sandwiches and soup available. I complained at the desk and was told “well you’ll be served a meal on board”! I was also informed that hot food would be provided in future, but that facility wasn’t ready – but no that still didn’t mean I could use the dining room.
    We left the lounge and purchased poor quality, over-priced food from the food court.

    My question: I plan to complain to BA – am I right to complain or am I behaving in an over-entitled way expecting the BA First Lounge to provide hot food just because I have Gold Card flying WTP?


    I think the thing to consider here is that the Pre flight dining is (and always has been ) offered to those ticketed in J and F.
    It is not available to those in WTP or Gold card holders or Emeralds of other OW carriers.
    Every time I’ve used this facility I’ve seen people try to access it and be turned away due to not flying in J or F. I’d imagine it happens multiple times daily.

    Should the F lounge offer hot food in one of BA’s flagship lounges to those not able to access the pre flight dining area – in an ideal world, yes.
    However, soup and sandwiches are pretty much staple items in BA’s US lounges.

    I’m not sure I’d complain. Could you complain that the F lounge food was not as good as it could (should?) have been…of course, though (and it’s just my humble opinion) I don’t think you’ll get far with this.


    I think you have to differentiate between what: (a] BA has promised to provide, either contractually or through clear marketing materials; and (b) what you simply expect.

    If BA doesn’t deliver (a) I think you have a right to complain and I think more people should do so.

    If BA doesn’t deliver (b) you can certainly be annoyed, but I don’t think a complaint will get you very far.

    Personally, I know that BA pre dining is only for ticketed business and first class passengers so my expectations would have been suitably managed in advance. My expectations are generally low with BA (even as a status customer) so I’d probably have just being ok with the sandwiches, soup and whatever fruit, packaged snacks and drinks they had available. The drinks are generally much better than the food.

    All of the above said, I do think and agree it is somewhat lacking that their first class lounge in a key market has no real hot food (it just doesn’t come as any surprise).


    All of the above said, I do think and agree it is somewhat lacking that their first class lounge in a key market has no real hot food (it just doesn’t come as any surprise).[

    The actual first class lounge at JFK T7 (the Concorde Room for passengers flying F and CCR holders) has fine (hot) dining with table service and an exceptional staff. It is not accessible to other Oneworld Emeralds and premium cabin passengers on non-BA Oneworld metal. The Galleries First, alas, is a fancy name for a lounge available to Oneworld Emeralds. As mentioned above, the dining room buffet is not part of the offering for non-J passengers. I find the CCR T7 several notches above CCR T5 (a combination of the intimate surroundings, low occupancy, courtesy of staff and the makeup of the clientele). No besandalled (or otherwise) feet on the coffee tables and no passengers prostrated, asleep, on the sofas; a frequent sorry sight in the CCR T5. Exceptions do happen at JFK CCR, I am sure, and my opinion is only based on monthly visits during the evening hours (for the evening flights the lounge only opens at 4pm).

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