BA Mixed Fleet crew to strike yet again from Aug 2

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  • capetonianm

    They should both be given duelling pistols and an unlimited supply of ammunition. Good riddance to both of them.


    They should both be given duelling pistols and an unlimited supply of ammunition. Good riddance to both of them.



    You know what……I’ve read this, and were as before I’d have been concerned about the strike affecting my future travel plans. Or I’d have had empathy for hard working staff, being paid peanuts to serve us all peanuts.

    Now…… I really and truly don’t give a damn, or keeping with the theme. I don’t give a monkey’s arse, about the monkeys running BA, or the monkeys they want to hire, for peanuts. I mean after all they no longer need to serve us fare paying monkeys those packs of nuts and other stuff we all got used to.

    So, why oh why, get vexed about an organization that is so deluded with its own self-importance it’s not realised it’s on the lemming precipice of its own making

    I just do not care anymore !!


    +1 Canucklad


    Flight cancelled, no thanks for the alternative!
    I’m flying KUL-LHR-IAH on the weekend and I received a cancellation email advice only last night for the LHR-IAH sector (SMS received first, suggesting I go to manage booking to pursue options.) Then received an email which had me already assigned an alternate flight – also suggesting I go to manage booking for other options if not happy with the assigned flight.
    The alternate was on AA, routed through DFW to HOU (Hobby) instead of IAH – stuffing up my car booking and not convenient to hotel. Not interested in US domestic connections, having to mess with bag transfer so as instructed I went to manage booking, where they provided zero selectable options, instead I’m told I need to ring BA. It was a company TA booking by now at 10pm so slept on it, no choice.
    This morning travel agent and I called BA to request later direct LHR-IAH flight which has one PE seat left. They advise booking was in Eco so no way can they place me in PE without me paying ~GBP900 for the privilege on what was a GBP1200 full return ticket. I called Exec Club and I’m told same thing by the policy robot. Silver card and cannot even use Avios for what would be a single class upgrade, on one sector out of four, which THEY cancelled! So, my company gets a full refund and pays a little more for KLM, I get to lose my whole weekend on the return leg due to the late change and I join the droves of BA bashers for the first time. I would have been singing their praises if just a little bit of initiative could have been shown and compassion for the customer was evident 🙁

      Damage to goodwill is not covered by a refund


    It seems a deal was stroke. I am wondering whether MF got what they wanted and whether they are somewhat closer to the legacy fleet conditions now. Anyone?

    Tom Otley

    The story was in The Sunday Times yesterday with a headline which, to me at least, suggested that there might be safety issues with exhausted “crew”.

    Partying BA crews ‘knackered’ on job

    “A BA pilot said there was also a “major problem” with drunken behaviour among staff in Las Vegas. Some cabin crew will “go out and party for seven or eight hours” as soon as their aircraft arrives in the early evening.

    It is claimed the drinking is fuelled by rules that allow staff to buy alcohol not consumed by passengers during a flight. The equivalent of a bottle of wine can be bought for £3.60, while six miniature bottles of spirits cost £3, the pilot said.”


    Maintaining the standards of the last 50+ years,obviously!

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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