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    Does anyone know which lounge BA use for Club World travellers flying out of Orlando?

    Also do you think when travelling as a family (2 adults plus infant) we would be unlucky to be seperated in the cabin. I’m not really fancying the idea of paying £60 person per sector to reserve?


    On my last work trip there, BA used what i think was the Delta lounge, which wasn’t any great shakes, but was OK.

    On the seating point, you get quite a lot of families in J on that route, and they all have expectations of sitting together, to the point where I actually found someone sitting in my seat on boarding the plane, as he thought I “wouldn’t mind”… If I were you I’d cough the seating charge or accept that you might have to haggle on board.

    NB if you have an infant, I think you may be able to allocate seats some time in advance free of charge – check or speak to the Exec Club to ask them.


    Thanks Jetlagged. I used the Delta lounge last time whilst on Virgin. Typical lounge from an American carrier, something out of the 1980’s! I think we get a bit spoilt over here.

    On a positive I have just phoned to add my infant to the booking and they have confirmed 11 E&F as it has a cot/car seat area. I would be interested to know if anyone has used one of the car seats before? My boy will be 22 months and is a big lad so not sure if it will be much use.


    Yes, it’s the shared lounge which you will get to use. It is not a BA lounge. On one side there is a patio-type area with various pot plants and the chairs are not that comfy! On the plus side, it is usually a quiet lounge and, on the two occasions that I used the lounge there, have found the counter staff from where you order drinks to be very charming and helpful.

    I agree with jetlagged about the possibility on-board requests to change seats. Very understandable in the circumstances, and I have agreed to change seats on the one occasion that I was asked.



    I suspect they will be referring to the basinet position, which in effect is a drop down table / tray on the bulkhead at the front of the cabin, where a BA supplied basinet fits into it. Not sure the story on car seats if Im honest but think you need to have paid for a seat to use these??

    I havent experienced basinets on BA but we took my then 6 month old to Australia business class on Qatar a few months back. My daughter is quite big and struggled to fit in the basinets on one of the aircraft types. On the longer legs Qatar to Melbourne the basinets were bigger and she slept ok in them. Bear in mind though that if the seat belt lights come on, the crew will have you take your child out of the basinet and put them on your lap with a seat belt extender (even if you have spent the last 4 hours trying to get them to sleep!).

    For most of the time on my Qatar flights though, my daughter had my wifes seat / bed, whilst she sat on the floor in front (I did offer but she insisted, promise!).

    Enjoy it – I hope the holiday is worth it!


    Thanks Chris,

    Last time on Virgin my wife slept on th bed with my son. He literally slept from taxi to landing (8 hours) and although she wasnt that comfortable it was certainly better than him being awake! I’m intrigued as to what this car seat is. If he can sleep in it that no complaining from the wife!


    You can only use a ar seat on BA if you have paid for seat for the infant.
    Do not pay for seat allocation with an infant as BA will pre seat you together in the bassinet position.
    Lots of space in the middle rear facing seats as well which are geat when travelling with kids and as these are also often the least popular are generally easy to get.


    Hi Daniel, I am a bit late on this one as others have already replied, however I fly this route every 6 to 7 weeks, and use the lounge every time. It is as already mentioned the Delta Airlines Crown Room, and is used by a number of the International carriers flying from this gate area including Virgin and BA, and any Star Alliance members such as Aeromexico. The lounge is of a very good size, and various seating options. There are some comfy TV areas with large theater style seating with big cushions favored by the kids, and plenty of Newspaper and magazine racks throughout. I always try to sit in the Lanai/Sun patio style area as it has a view of some of the gates and runway activity. Searting is very comfortable and large. There is also a quiet area further in the back which used to be the smoking area but the facility is of couse now 100% non-smoking. Decor is typically Floridian. MCO can be a real circus, so be sure to get there on time. Security frequently has many lines, but they have a good set up for those who are experienced travellers with a special line (there is no fast track per se, but this line is usually very good). Once through security you take the mono-rail to the gate area. The lounge area is well signed and is reached by lift. The central bar is served, and the team there offer very generous pours. There is no Champagne, but there is a wide selection of call brand liquors, soft drinks and American Red and White wines. For food, there is really only ever nuts, crackers, some crudite, and cookies. If you are hungry best to eat down by the gates where there are a few fast food type outlets as well as an Outback restaurant (Australian style). All in all, not a BA lounge, but a good standard versus other BA third party lounges which can be disastrous as discussed in previous threads.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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