BA loses bags AGAIN – 4 out of 5 short-haul sectors!

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    The incompetence of this airline’s baggage handling is staggering. I know we are being unusually unlucky, but between us the family have taken five short-haul flights on BA this year. And BA have lost or mislaid bags on four of them.

    1. Memsahib and Offspring, LGW-GVA. Bags come out on wrong carousel. Not all the bags for that flight, just our bags, so of course the Memsahib assumes they’re lost. What is definitely lost is two hours of waiting for bags, queuing for baggage agent, filling forms, being told to check other carousels and eventually finding bags
    2. Next day. Me, CX HKG-LHR connecting to BA LHR-GVA. Bag properly lost this time, along with two hours waiting and queuing. Despite reassurances that they would contact us, no attempt is made, and my numerous calls to follow up are met with indifference and the repeated comment that they have no idea where the bag is or when it might turn up. Also lost as a result: two half-days of ski-ing, and almost EUR800 of the shareholders’ money in recompense for purchases we had to make
    3. Memsahib, returning from the same trip (yes, three out of four sectors on the same holiday), bag lost on GVA-LHR sector. Fortunately that turned up quite quickly and she was able to collect the same day. Nonetheless, another couple of hours lost.
    4. This morning. Memsahib connecting CX HKG-CDG onto BA CDG-LHR. Memsahib arrives in the CX lounge (also used by BA) in CDG for her four-hour layover (it’s not as if it was a tight connection!) and asks them to check the bag transfer. This does not compute. Memsahib also asks at the departure gate. Also does not compute. Arrives in LHR and guess what? Again, they have no idea where the bag is. No idea when it will be delivered. More time lost on a short trip.

    It really does beggar belief, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider that they lost one of my bags last year as well (although I think that was AA’s fault, in fairness).

    The only other airline that has EVER lost one of my bags was CX, many years ago, and they were helpful, gave me cash for immediate expenses, telephoned me back to tell me they had found the bag, called again to check delivery details, and got it to me the same night.

    I have a nasty feeling that the Memsahib won’t have it so easy. And since there is no-one else at the house, even if they find it in time, she is probably going to have to stay in for the delivery, which means she will lose time with her mother who recently moved into residential care – one of the reasons for making the trip.

    I am so angry.

    So, sorry for venting, there isn’t really any other purpose to this post, but I just needed to get this frustration off my chest. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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