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  • frustratedflyer

    So a week ago I reached that magical 35,000 Tier Points for Lifetime Gold.

    Since then I have flown again with BA.

    What should I expect a comment from Cabin Crew, an email from BA or like a Birthday as you get older something that passes with nothing!

    Has anyone else passed this milestone?

    If so did anything happen?

    Surely a missed opportunity by BA?


    Based on my experience, being lifetime gold makes not a jot of difference to the way you are treated at any point of contact with BA.

    It just means you are in the gold tier without ever having to pass any renewal threshold.

    The big plus of that, of course, is that you are therefore Emerald in OW; an example of this benefit is being able to use the CX first class lounge in LHR T3 when flying economy in OY to HEL.


    Free upgrades for life, personal greeting from captain, extra attention from best looking hosties, choice of crayfish thermidor or prime fillet steak, chauffeur driven limousine with fully stocked bar to and from airports.

    Damn, was that a pig I saw flying past ………?


    I think it’s more meaningful for the holder, rather than the airline.


    Free upgrades for life, personal greeting from captain, extra attention from best looking hosties, choice of crayfish thermidor or prime fillet steak, chauffeur driven limousine with fully stocked bar to and from airports.

    Damn, was that a pig I saw flying past ………?

    Which airline does this by the way????


    The first rule about xxxxxx airlines, is no-one talks about xxxxxx airlines.


    I have been lifetime Gold since the inception of LG, and I have received a much higher ratio of upgrades per flights taken than during the many years when I was regular Gold.


    If you continue to travel (spend) with BA, Gold for Life will probably give you the edge over other gold card holders on the upgrade list. However I suspect that when we all retire and stop travelling for business and default to a few leisure trips per year, the Gold for Life status will essentially be access to premium check-in and lounge access. The upgrades will go to the gold card holders who are frequent spenders / flyers.


    Is OP expressing second-degree humour or a strange authentic frustration ? That is the question !
    The answer does not seem obvious ?


    There are two possible answers to that question.

    Either the OP is being sarcastic, or he is delusional. I prefer to believe the former.


    One more trip to LG, but don’t expect it to really mean anything as all the years of Gold never earned any recognition.

    I was lucky enough to do all longhaul in F so no upgrades, and still fighting for my EC 261 compensation (posted elsewhere)
    despite the ££££ spent with them over the years, but of course that means nothing to the minion handling refunds.


    Gold 2-K is spot on.
    Treatment is linked to current spend on BA, not past spend to earn LG status.
    Since earning LG I have spread my flying to other alliances to earn top tier status with them rather than fly OW.
    Btw, the gold card received continues to show a one year expiry date (and is then automatically reissued I’m an annual basis) with no mention of LG status – probably easier for the perk to be removed at some point in the future….


    I also have been a Lifetime Gold since inception with over 50,000 Tier Points to my credit. Absolutely no “special” treatment since although to be fair, I do my best to avoid BA nowadays where I can. I won’t pay for 8 across seating in Club World when I can travel in Business with other carriers where it’s 4 across. I do occasionally use WT+ on mid-haul routes which, to be fair, is in my view a reasonable product but never ever, over the years, either before or since the introduction of Lifetime Gold, have I been upgraded. By contrast, I have been upgraded on numerous occasions by Emirates with whom I am Gold.

    As has been mentioned elsewhere on this thread, the only value that I see is that there is now not the need to chase the Points each year thereby allowing the indefinite use of all OW Lounges which are generally of a higher standard than BA’s


    I reached LTG a few years ago. What surprised me at the time was that they also gave me GGL for a few months. Mrs FF was delighted as it meant that she regained her Gold card, then Silver, then Bronze…

    I noticed absolutely no difference in treatment, even when I was GGL. Have been upped from WTP to CW once, but it was a full flight and I sometimes wonder if it is alphabetical.

    For me the main advantages of Gold are lounges in UK and HK, plus seat assignment and priority boarding. I also abuse the Avios system and book flights in Biz or Econ just in case. The €35 cancellation fee is worth the gamble, and even more so on other OW airlines.


    Like another post, I’ve also been LG since its inception. I am surprised by the poster who has now switched loyalty to other airlines, as the real BA benefits dont kick-in until you get Guest List status – and even better when you are GGL and achieve the Concorde card. I am finding it a stretch to get Guest List Lifetime as thats 100k tier points but there’s always hoping. Guest List really does give most of those benefits on his ‘wish list’.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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