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    I also see 16% of their capital is “funded by loans”, hedgemarkets are downwards scaling BA?

    Then there is their pension deficits, worth more than their share value…!

    Insolvent BA, were it not for some massaging of the figures!

    The strike at Xmas will be the final nail in the coffin for customers.
    Bye Bye BA!


    MarkRoberts9 – please be aware that there are very significant implications pertaining to insolvency in the UK and, accordingly, to suggest that a trading company is thus.

    The Companies Investigation Branch takes complaints extremely seriously and a complaint taken up by them can lead to criminal prosecutions by the Police or the BIS’s lawyers.

    If you have a complaint, then I would respectfully suggest that your comments would more appropriately be addressed at, rather than in this forum intended for information exchange and traveller support.


    Mark Roberts and every other poster on here is well within their rights to speculate on the future of BA and, by extension, BA’s finances.
    I’m sure Mark will enjoy bringing an action for Wrongful Prosecution against any authority that raises a spurious charge against him…and will also no doubt enjoy receiving his cheque for damages.


    Dear all,

    Whilst we all have the right to have different opinion about which carrier we like or dislike, let us not forget the potential impact of what “we wish for”. Some may not like BA, I respect that opinion.

    However, what is the true impact of a bankruptcy? How many people will lose their jobs? How many suppliers will have to cut back? Clearly, the capacity will be picked up somehow, but to what cost?

    In Scandinavia, the national sport is “SAS Bashing”. Not a day goes by without some negative press about SAS. Despite this, I meet friendly, competent staff across all touch points every time I travel with SAS.

    The same goes for most airlines, including BA.

    Be careful what you wish for… Perhaps your industry, your workplace is next in line…


    Hello everyone,

    Senator, well said, I could not have put it better myself.

    Why do so many people on here seem to want to see the end of BA? Regular contributors to this forum know that i am not a fan of the carrier but that does not mean I want them to go bust!!!


    “Why do so many people on here seem to want to see the end of BA? “

    I don’t want to see the end of BA, it reduces market competition and that is bad for those of us who travel frequently.

    What I do want to see is the end of BA, the company that does not know whether it is a loco or a premium carrier.

    I second Senator’s comments that one can come across many competent and pleasant BA employees (although it has to be said that they seem to have little empowerment to make a difference), but sadly one does also encounter quite a number of people who seem to delight in being unhelpful.

    Someone needs to get a grip and sort it out, otherwise I fear for BA in the medium/long term.


    Hello everyone,

    Expat_Consultant, you are right! I phrased my post incorrectly and i should have said why do so many people on here seem to want or give the impression that they would like to see the end of BA.

    I am with you entirely in the sentiments in your post. I was for many years a Gold Card holder and would like to start flying with them again more often but at the moment struggle to find reasons to do so.

    It will be interesting to see the result of the cabin crew strike vote as that will surely have a bearing on BA’s medium and long term future.


    It will be a sad day for the aviation industry if BA disappears and mostly for us the passenger, reduced choice and most probably a lower standard at a higher fare.

    Expat is right in saying that BA needs to decide whether its low cost or full service. Whilst I am a loyal BA traveller, I am disappointed that they chose to cut the service to the passenger before looking at what they could cut internally. Penny pinching on things like no hot towels in Club Europe, rather than looking at getting CSD’s to do service spring to mind.


    Hi everyone !!

    No one would like to see BA disappear in the sky ! With or without Walsh’s team in charge or not ! But the facts are showing a very dismal picture.
    Now we are talking about BA as a premium carrier or not. BA is ( and hopefully will be ) a premium carrier. As most of you know and commented–it is a very rough time for all in BA at the moment.
    I just hope that all parties will find a proper and long lasting solution without sacrificing what is left of BA as a premium carrier.

    Mates ! Just keep the ” nails” out from it–at least for the moment. BA is still there and I am sure it will overcome this coming storm in december 09–the honest question: ” how good and for what costs “



    These are facts, published in The Times, drawn from City Sources, IATA, so the “Nanny” hint at not stating what are commonly known facts is rather pointless.

    Sorry if the facts about BA hit a nerve.
    They are well matched with Iberia though, between them they have both lost over £500 Million in the last year, & unlike LH or AF/KLM, have little asset value, & a poorly regarded share price.
    (Let alone the awful BT comments on their serviice changes to be operating like a semi low cost carrier now!)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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