BA: Improved Baggage Allowance For Full Y Passengers

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    As part of the alignment of policies across the three airlines involved in the so-called Joint Business Agreement (JBA), British Airways have (quietly) announced some new baggage rules:

    Specifically, ‘full fare’ World Traveller passengers (those booked into the Y fare class, which will actually include some corporate deals) will be offered an inclusive allowance of two pieces of hold luggage for bookings made on and after February 1.

    This returns the Transatlantic allowance to its former level, but now also extends it to all longhaul routes.

    British Airways Gold and Silver Executive Club members, American Airlines Executive Platinum and Platinum members and Iberia Platinum, Gold and Club Fiesta members, will be allowed to check in two bags in all cabins, on all routes, unless the cabin allowance is greater.

    And now, officially, it is published that each bag over 23kg and up to a maximum of 32kg which is normally subject to a heavy bag charge will have this charge waived for the above status passengers, and for all passengers travelling in Club Europe, Club World and First Cabins.

    Further, the waiver will apply to all passengers travelling on the same booking.

    The updated policy adds to the previously-published JBA normalisation of a three-bag allowance for passengers booked in premium cabins across Iberia, American and BA longhaul services (and connections).

    BA also continue to charge a flat rate per piece for additional bags conveyed above the free allowance (rather than using a weight calculation) up to a maximum of twelve checked bags per passenger and subject to space availability.


    I have had several friends complain about this when flying fully flex, so it’s good the policy is now formalised.


    That is good news.

    Although heavy bag (23kg to 32kg) fees being waived for certain passengers has been official for over a year.


    Next month I plan to fly on a UK domestic flight from NCL to LHR and was wondering how tight BA are currently on checked baggage being the odd kilo or two over the 23kg limit? Bearing in mind i will be flying on a cheap special offer ticket and have no FF status with the airline

    The reason why i ask is because i want to transport a bicycle back with me. I do have the right size case to pack the bike in however i will have my personal bits going in as well.

    Any advice?


    British Airways is handled by Swissport at Newcastle, so they are contractually-obliged to follow BA’s rules.

    The rules for the carriage of bicycles are actually rather generous:

    (click on ‘Instructions for packing certain types of sporting equipment’)

    However, you will still officially be limited to 23kg, and if the contents of the bike case, plus the case itself, weigh up to 32kg in total then the additional charge will be £40 at the airport.

    In view of this, and if the bike and case alone, but together, weigh less than 23kg, then you may be well-advised to prepurchase an extra bag for the flight, for £28.

    Simply log into Manage My Booking at and make the arrangement there:

    Of course, the aircraft may be lightly-loaded on the day and Swissport may let you off, but the rules are clear, quite generous and the above suggestion could yet save you time and some money. Good luck!


    Where does this leave domestic charges?

    I checked in at T5 on Monday on a full fare ‘J’ Class ticket (laughably called ‘Business UK’) and was told I had to pay an additional £30 if I wanted to check 2 bags into the hold.

    This is despite me being a Gold Card holder and the ticket to Aberdeen costing £550!!!



    As a gold card holder you are entiltled to two checked bags on domestic flights. I have just checked mu upcoming flight from LGW-MAN on a £35 ticket and I have an allowance of two bags.


    Re CMoir 12:

    I did mention this entitlement to the check-in staff but I was advised that ‘new guidelines’ were in place. Check-in staff even phoned ticketing and were told that the £30 charge was correct.


    Very peculiar.

    I’m not aware that a £30 fee level even exists in the system; the only airport-payable ones that are published are £35 and £40 for extra and overweight respectively.

    If your Gold card number is in the booking, then the system should automatically recognise the additional luggage entitlement.

    The rules are at:

    – and if your experience is at variance to those rules then I would certainly contact Customer Services and request a refund.



    Re Continental Club:

    It may well have been £35 I was quoted – I didn’t pay it as I took one bag as cabin luggage.

    I have already emailed Customer Services for clarification and I await their response…………


    Continental Club – Thanks for the advice. I can confirm the total weight of my checked bagagge comes to 21kg, and that is putting everything into one travel case including my bike.

    However the case overall is bigger than standard size. Now BA do allow large/bulky baggage with limits of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm. However, my case is 160cm x 80cm x 25cm, this shouldnt be a problem… should it?


    It should be no problem at all robsmith100. There’s technically no dimension restriction on non-motorised bicycles, as long as they’re packed in a purpose-designed case and aren’t overweight.

    Quite how BA would cope with a featherweight penny-farthing in a bespoke jacket is anyone’s guess, but them’s the rules and that’s the baggage handlers’ problem (possibly with aid of a tinopener to hack off a bit of the fuselage around the hold door), and not yours.


    I have regularly travelled to north america with my mountain bike and have never had a problem. They usually mark it as fragile and you usually have to take it to a separate check in area (or if Denver they call a porter). As long as it is in a bike bag it is fine, and they do not worry if you have some other bike gear in it or the dimensions. I have been very impressed that I have never had anything more than very minor damage takiing my bike on BA.


    Hope someone has some advice for me here… as a QF Platinum I get additional baggage allowance but it is never recognised by good old BA. Am flying SIN/LHR/VIE QF then BA via LHR next month which is fine as my bags will transfer through. On the return its BA VIE/LHR which means I’m likely to be hit with the 25 quid charge again for having 2 bags … or, has this been lifted? Any advice much appreciated.

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