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    I wonder how people feel about this “great idea”.

    1) would anyone feel comfortable testing the blanket?
    2) would you say it’s a positively good thing and will help improve service or it’s a bit of a mistake to rely on tech rather than the “human touch”


    What a hoot!!! I can just imagine the blanket instantly turning crimson as you are told your meal choice is no longer available

    There was a time when a simple question was enough to work out whether or not the customer was happy. Do BA staff really need a blanket to help with this?

    This looks a bit bonkers to me!


    I did wonder if it was 1 April. It’s the sort of thing I’d expect of Mr Branson…..


    This is ridiculous. The head band looks foolish, and as Hermes already mentioned, shouldn’t the crew be able to gauge the passenger’s mood through simple conversation? Perhaps this is to help the young, less experienced mixed fleet team to know when to ‘back off!’

    Truly a silly endeavour.


    I’m all for innovation but the one thing that I’m sure about. Having wires connected to my napper whilst I’m trying to sleep would have the blanket glowing crimson.

    But it goes back to fundamentals……isn’t it just a whole lot easier to recruit ,or are £12k –hire is more apt, people who can intuitively tell when a customer isn’t happy or more importantly isn’t happy and is reluctant to cause a fuss.

    But heyho, what do I know. …..Maybe mood blankets might just be answer

    Are they trying them in all cabins or just in CW?


    Indeed, it’s so silly are we sure it’s serious?


    You couldn’t make stuff like this up!

    Airline is all at sea with a haphazard levels of service, poor food offering and out-of-date seating and what do they invest in? Blankets to reflect the mood of the customer.




    Ridiculous. If BA stopped paying people serious money to come up with silly gimmicks like this perhaps fares would be lower and service better!


    Very funny. I thought 1st April had come round again.


    As a Brit, I reserve the right to be quietly pissed off with stoic irreverance!


    Reading all your replies is a big relief… I was wondering if I’d turned out to be an “old”, “technophobic” dinosaur.

    Service is a “people’s business” and even if it seems almost impossible to reach a 100% customer satisfaction, it should remain so. And I’d rather be a little annoyed by the service of someone who’s at least trying than being monitored by a blanket – or anything else.


    Blanket says no.

    “Dude, I would have come to see if you wanted anything and check that you’re alright, but the blanket indicated to me from the galley (as I devoured the cheese board) that you were fine so I decided not to disturb you. Whatevs…”

    Complaints from passengers will now be met with pictures of their blankets secretly taken on the company iPads and uploaded to the BA database.

    “The blanket doesn’t lie Sir – can’t have been that bad now can it? And to think I almost gave you 15 avios.”

    The database will be used to assess when you are likely to get cranky based on historical evidence, and a notification will be sent to your crews iPad for action.

    “Omg at first I was advised they may be having a stroke, but on checking the blanket I found them to be quite happy indeed…infact they didn’t even say anything to me, so I didn’t seek medical attention or anything and continued playing Candy Crush. I got a new high score too. Best trip everrrrr.”

    BA has also been able to streamline crew training, and pass these savings onto the board of directors.

    “Lolz I used to learn all the wines we served onboard, now I just hold up a bottle to their face and if their blanket changes colour, I pour from the other bottle instead”.

    Passengers are reminded not to interrupt the crew when they are trying to stuff duty-free down their new fibre-optic uniform, as it too now turns red whenever a call bell is pressed.

    This could provoke strong BASSA action – so in the interest of making your return flight we recommend not asking in the first place.

    “Please pay special attention to the safety demonstration as in an emergency our crew will be posting selfies on twitter. #crewlife. You may use your own headphones though.”

    An esteemed frequent flyer, who the Executive Club calls ‘Sir Complainsalot’ welcomed the idea. “I travelled more than half way round the world on BA yesterday. I complained onboard, nothing. I complained by email, nothing. I complained on the phone line, nothing. I even complained on, nothing. Now finally I can let my blanket do the talking. A blanket says a thousand words you know. Make sure you tell them I rolled my eyes, because I did, see….LOOK AT ME.”

    Our reporter pointed out that if BA flew the other direction, it would have been less than half way round the world.

    In the future BA plans to give passengers their blankets as they arrive at T5 to improve customer satisfaction throughout the terminal. “This might allow us to remove customer interaction all together. We won’t even have to talk to the little buggers.”

    BASSA is pleased to announce that after initial onboard trials, they are cutting BA’s capacity across the network. “Our passengers are happiest when not on our aircraft. Therefore we are cancelling select flights on their behalf, where staff travel allows.”

    To fly, to ‘look at your blanket and decide whether it is absolutely necessary to’ serve.

    A very British Airline.


    @Xuluman, a very big +1!! Hilarious


    I’ve actually thought of a much cheaper alternative to the blanket…….
    The clever clogs in Frank van der Post’s team, Why don’t they fly down to the Costa’s, seek out this chap and purchase some of those bracelets or necklaces that do the same thing.

    Or could this already be on the cards in stage 2 , for those of us that endure World Traveller…..

    Edited to add…… As I devoured the cheese board & and continued playing Candy Crush. I got a new high score too…..OMG Xuluman priceless

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