BA frequent flyer – how can I fly the 4 qualifying sectors to get silver

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    Appreciate peoples advice. I’ve currently got BA exec membership and recently relocated to Sydney from London. I fly between Sydney and Canbera once per week for work on Qantas so racking up the tier points. I also travelled to HKG recently on Qantas and flying MH back to London via KL in October.

    The only trouble is I haven’t flow any actual BA operated flights this exec year. Therefore I won’t be able to get Bronze next month and silver before Christmas even though I will have the tier points.

    Any help / advice appreciated


    Maybe I’m being thick but I don’t understand the question. If you need BA flights, then you need to take a BA flight – e.g. from SYD to SIN and maybe on to LHR. Alternatively, you could take a run through LAX and go to LHR that way. I don’t know any other way of doing that but maybe the other BTers do.



    Like 1F I don’t really follow.

    Taking the BA flights is part of the qualifying criteria – 2 for bronze and 4 for silver/gold. Therefore I think the only advice people can give is that if you want the status you need to take the flights.

    Why not fly back to London in October on BA? Perhaps incorporate a TP run to say Glasgow and back when here.


    No way around this one. You HAVE to fly on a BA flight number to get the qualifiying sectors.

    If this is not possible and as you have relocated to Sydney, it could be worth you signing up for a Qantas card to obtain status and redeem your current BA avios for free flights.


    I am based in Kingston and most of my flights are done with AA to most of my destinations and I rack up tier points and avios on my BAEC! When I fly back to the UK I fly BA as they have a direct flight.

    I also travel often to BNE and when I do I try to travel through LHR with MH and gain their OW tier points also, in fact last year I maintained my Gold status with more flights done with partner airlines than done with BA!

    So therefore cant you do the same?? I travelled a couple of times with Qantas and got my tier points and avios!


    A couple of return flights to Nice at £69 RT during the current sale would do the trick when you’re in the UK?


    When you are back in London in October, take two return flights on BA, which will make four segments and qualify for the minimum requirement, to destinations which have very low “hand baggage only fares. You could do all four flights in one day, but that would be probably very tiring. Try LGW-AMS £42 o/w; LGW-NCE £35 o/w; LGW-EDI £39 o/w; LHR-DUB £63 o/w; LGW-BCN £59 o/w. You can have a day trip to Cannes, Monaco or Barcelona and enjoy unbeatable weather there in October.


    Apologies I wasn’t clear.

    As I am now based in Syndey I rarely travel back to the UK or travel on a international BA flight. The BA site states that qualifying flights consist of BA, City Flyer or Open Skies flight numbers, code share flights with partner airlines and Iberia flight numbers.

    My recent trip to HKG from SYD was on QF however I don’t believe BA has a code share on the QF126/127 following the tie up with Emirates? Otherwise this flight could count towards the four sectors required for silver.

    Travelling from SYD to Canbera weekly I was hoping there would be a BA code share number on those flights. Apparently there is but only for through passengers booked from say LHR to Canbera.

    When I fly back to the Uk next month it is with MH and don’t believe BA code share on these sectors? Although I will gain the tier points as a Oneworld member airline.

    When I am back in the Uk I only have one to take one internal Uk flight to MAN so that would leave me two sectors short.

    A bit long winded but I wanted to see if there was a way to get the qualify sectors via internal Australia flights with QF.

    Otherwise would a Cathay flight to HKG count?



    The flights have to be BA flights – you can have no exceptions. You have a pair of BA flights in October — just take a return flight somehwere when you are back in the UK


    They don’t have to be BA flights – what the OP states above about Iberia, code shares etc is correct.

    Cathay isn’t a code share from LHR to Hong Kong, however it is a code share from HK to Australia, so if you routed back that way you would be OK.

    In fact I don’t understand why you don’t fly back to UK with BA instead of MH? Not unreasonable if you are looking for status to actually give them some business.


    I meant they have to be BA flight “numbers”

    I was under the impression that the 4 qualifying flights had to be on BA metal.


    The details of the 4 qualifying flights are described on BA’s page

    To reach Bronze is easy. All you need to do is fly BA at least twice and earn 300 Tier Points or take a total of 25 BA flights. Whichever you do first will get you to Bronze.
    For Silver, you need to fly BA at least four times and earn 600 Tier Points or take a total of 50 BA flights.
    To get to Gold, you will need to fly BA at least four times and earn 1500 Tier Points.
    BA flights are:
    flights operated by British Airways, including franchises and BA CityFlyer
    codeshare flights on other carriers with a BA flight number
    flights operated by Iberia, including franchises, with an IB flight number
    Reward flights and agency or industry discounted bookings do not qualify.

    What is the tricky part of the question? the four flights must be of the type described above.

    The codeshare part is also quite relevant to earning points. I have flown HEL-JFK on AY but because I booked it with a BA flight number, then I earned 4x the points I would have gotten with the same fare/same flight but AY flight number.


    To be brutally honest. As mentioned earlier I don’t see the point of chasing status with BA ..

    You’re flying.regularly with Qantas, which happens to be a OW airline so Spock logic would say, focus on building a relationship with them rather than BA.

    The question I’ve got to ask is this,when you return to the UK are you expecting to fly regularly enough to maintain Silver status ?

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