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  • ichtop1%

    Looking for some help with the above and have a couple of questions you guys may be able to help with:

    I’ll be travelling First Class with BA into SJC (yes, i did make sure it wasnt SJO though i may have booked the o/h on that one ha!!) and was hoping get some understanding of the following if at all possible.

    1. Do BA First passengers get any priority baggage reclaim?
    2. Is there a fast track customs option available for First Class arrivals? I’m UK national with UK passport.
    3. Approximately how long is it taking First passengers to clear customs and baggage reclaim from arrival time?
    4. I was thinking of using SocialDrv for transfer to SF. Views??

    Appreciate anything you can provide even as a guide.


    1. Yes, but it isn’t usually priority delivery and the bags often come out with everyone else’s baggage!
    2. No
    3. Allow for about an hour – by exiting the aircraft first you should, unless you are behind another international arrival (not that common at SJC) clear immigration quickly
    4. Yes the drive takes about an hour. However the CalTrain is pretty good and you can avoid tired driving after a long flight

    Enjoy Northern California!


    Perfect, thanks Intheair.

    Any more views on Socialdrv? I hadnt planned to drive (probably a glass or 2 of Chateau De Chastelet
    – Monty Python for those with blank faces – too many!!).


    Don’t know about Socialdrv but Uber Black will be about $150 to downtown SF.


    Uber pool is considerably cheaper – I’ve paid between $30-$75


    Why not get a hire car….assuming you are happy with driving the US side of the road…where ever U R in the US you will need a car as public transport is a joke…


    Thanks Peter. I had thought of that, but as i’ll be making use of the on board facilities, i wont be driving. Better safe than sorry! Plus i’d be parking up for 2 days or hiring for an hour or so and going through the hassle of pick and return after 8pm before hiring another car for 8 days. So just looking at options really. Ideally i want it as quick as i can so it rules CalTrain out given the connection time and time add on’s in SF up to Nob Hill.

    Looking forward to LHR Concorde Room and 787-9 First out and return with the domestic leg tagged on either end.


    Thanks Peter. I had thought of that, but as i’ll be making use of the on board facilities, i wont be driving. Better safe than sorry!

    Plus i’d be parking up for 2 days

    Not a cheap exercise in San Francisco


    I’ve flown this route a number of times in the last year in First and never been any delay at SJC passport control. First off the plane and first in line for passport control. No other flights arriving at this time (unless this has changed recently) so you should be through fast.

    If you are using a car service from San Francisco back to SJC, note that 101 south can be like a car park between 4pm and 6pm so allow plenty of time. I’ve done it in 75 mins but once took nearly 3 hours and made it just in time for BA flight. The Third party lounge at SJC is not bad so not a disaster if you arrive early and have to kill time!


    I flew into SJC yesterday and hired a car for the weekend, Took me 1.15 minutes at 6pm to drive the 101 but agree with others that sometimes that can easily be 3 hours. Staying at the Inter on Howard burning up some points. Parking is costing me $45 per day valet but as we are travelling around the area and i do like driving in SF then i think its worth it.


    Thanks all. Will be driving back to SJC from the Monterey mid afternoon so not expecting too much hassle on that front.

    The only downside of not hiring the car at SJC and parking it up for a couple of days first (apart from the cost of parking in SF) is the very painful experience of picking up a car in SF on a weekend. Last time i had a random 4 hour wait at 4pm on a Sat eve! I have considered the plan of taxi/car to OAK and picking up from there at around 5pm on Sunday night. yes a costly fare, but hopefully saving pain!



    Race you there! we are driving from SF down to Monterey also today, rather than taking the 101 we are going the ocean route down route 1 to take in the views!


    I’d love to…….but its not until early Sept, and you’re going the wrong way ha ha. We did a road trip 2 years ago on our first visit to California using Virgin miles for an Upper return before switching to BA for this trip and really fancied the 787-9 First option with SCO being a new and decent alternative to SFO. We stayed SF Mark Hopkins for a couple of nights then made our way to Oakdale for an overnight before heading through Yosemite and down via a stop in Bishop prior to Death Valley and Vegas. Did the whole helicopter GC trip with dinner on white linen (Yes, brownie points galore were banked). Stayed there for a couple of nights at The Palazzo and then straight over to Paso Robles for a full day wine tour (Grapeline – Marvellous – I think……….i cant remember too much apart from getting on the bus……so it must have been good………hic!!!).

    We then did CA1 via Ragged Point (Lovely stop for coffee and Hummingbirds) before lunch at Nepenthe and onto The Clement at Monterey for a couple nights via some amazing au natural whale watching just off CA1 north of Nepenthe. And then home via SFO.

    Obviously now absolutely gutted that having booked a similar but less frantic trip, one of the highlights was to be the same CA1 drive and Nepenthe etc etc…………BUT………clearly now closed, and closed for a lot longer than originally expected due to the recent mud slide that’s wiped out a whole chunk of the road for what looks like a good year at the very least.

    Going back The Clement at Monterey for 3 nights though as absolutely love that place, but going the less scenic way up from Paso Robles.

    Cant wait.

    Enjoy your trip.


    ahh, missed your dates in your post. we are staying at the Clement too, checked an hour or so ago and so far so good! any local restaurant recommendation in walking distance?


    Use their own…..amazing food and beautiful views. If they do the Scallops and stuffed Squash Flower……..order 2………not because its small portions……ITS AMAZING!!!!!

    Very jealous of you right now.

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