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    Rather disappointing … I think in excess of 70 % of the filming depicted a female travelling through an empty T5. How lovely to have an airport and aircraft to oneself.

    I would think that 70 % of my ‘First experience’ or I should say ‘expectation’ would be the seat / bed that I would be occupying. Approximately 24 hours for a round trip to Hong Kong.

    The video showed very little of the new seat or bed, and does not do BA justice.




    Let’s hope the flying experience is a little more enchanting!



    What was that all about?????????

    VK… agree liked the music another variation on lakme.

    As for the rest.

    Interesting they avoid any reference to Secuity. I wonder why (roll eyes)
    Wow….she got an appointment in the spa!!!!. Either she knows staff or she must have been there all day to achieve that, (though by the looks of things she was was. Meal, drink, work, call, spa!!!)
    The Gold Bar looked good….better indeed than in real life.
    Note is was a coaching departure!!!!
    She slept in her cothes…obviously staff..
    No sign of the decrepit dirty toliets,

    Obviously BA will try to push this product but for those of us who have used it, the reality is far from the marleting hyperbole

    Must do better.


    With the amount of food and drink she managed to consume pre boarding, I am s surprised she could fit in the seat ….. Though maybe this was intentional to demonstrate the extra width …. :-).


    Obviously an hallucination when the Jet Lag kicks in!!!


    Someone in BA had too much money to spend on that video.
    A pity the First check in and Concorde room staff don’t smile as much as that in real life.


    Honestly, BA has lost the plot. This video reflects a figment of an imagination of some soulless individual who assumes that BA is still a remnant of a service flow, that may have existed in the caviar and Krug age of BA ( that was decades ago). Without a doubt, this airline is clutching at straws. Sadly, BA is now a second rate airline that is lucky that is still holds a monopoly in the UK, but by world standards delivers a third world product! Funnily enough I hold Emerald status on BA, QF & CX and always consider BA “least worst choice” – I also find it quite amusing the Vintage Krug,( who I would assume flies less than I ) continues to support this dinosaur of an operation. Isn’t it also amusing that Vintage Krug, who is a staunch BA supporter, is aligned with an airline that actually does not serve Krug in First Class, unlike Qantas & Cathay ( who actually provide Krug and a truly First Class experience!)


    Binman: “Wow….she got an appointment in the spa!!!!” LoL 90% machines 10% human if any…

    The video seems to focus on BA’s unchallenged strength: their lounges. It makes sense in this kind of material that unpleasant but necessary experiences like security screens are not shown. And yes, she should be wearing the pyjama…

    All together not a bad exercise, I think.


    Well if you cannot provide the product on all your aircraft I suppose making a video is the next best thing. Interesting as others have observed is what is shows and what is does not… no pajamas – are they going to be victims of the accountants’ pen? Meal of sandwiches – another cost cutting move? No escort to First Class from door – already experienced that many times, Only 1 passenger in First Class – why they are making video in first place? Why didn’t they show the rest of the plane deplaning first at arrival (or is there an airport that uses 1L?


    Infidel, you obviously haven’t flown with a third world product recently . However, you stick to Qantas, it’s very good. I just prefer the ambience of BA. Each to their own but don’t over do the hyperbole.


    This is a prime example of why BA become disappointed with British Airways. Marketing spin is great, but if I EVER have a BA travel experience in F like the one projected, I think I’d dance naked in the streets! When will they learn that their reality is about 8% of what the customer actually experiences?
    -surly and bored check-in staff
    -scrum thru slow-track (usually with 30 Y passengers being put in just before I go through)
    -rude door dragon into the Concorde Room
    -staff in the CCR who have no idea what they’re doing or serving
    -very mediocre food in the Concorde Room
    -scrum to A10, where you’re herded like sheep onto a stifling hot bus
    -wait 10 mins by the plane because it isn’t ready
    -old First on board looking its age
    -sandwiches – usually pulled from plastic wrap
    -poor food, cheap wine (a recently consumed bottle on the F menu is for sale in my local wine shop for 9 GBP!)
    -revolting lavatories
    -hot cabin (way too hot for a blanket, let alone a duvet)
    -non-priority disembarkation – usually into another cramped, hot bus
    -arrive to find queues galore / no fast track / arrivals lounge closed

    And this on a day when the flight actually operates. A recent JNB cancellation was shambolic, esp. the way we were treated as F pax. No clue.

    Note the lady at the F counter is the same one who appears in the T-Mobile ad filmed at T5 – coincidence?

    BA need to re-examine what actually happens to the customer, rather than emit their fantasy of what they believe does happen to the customer. Wow.



    “The video seems to focus on BA’s unchallenged strength: their lounges.”

    I cannot argue with this as it is clearly true, lounges are an unchallenged strength. though even here they have serious flaws.

    My issue is that BA is an airline and the lounge is not where I spend up to 13 or 14 hours. As others have said, I would trade the lounge experience and the Swaroski light fittings for a significantly improved on board experience.
    Sadly in the last 3 years my First experiences have all resembled those described by StephenLondon who missed out that appalling IFE. In 12 First sectors in the last 3 years it has either failed or not worked satisfactorily on 8 occassions. I am awash with miles and vouchers to compensate but what I want is a system that works, with content that is new.


    Binman, I agree with you. But there are two discussions taking place in one: the video and the service, the theory and the reality. I replied on the former since this is what this thread is about. But, yes, the reality suffers from glitches.

    Now I don’t know any airline that never had an issue with IFE. They all have. And yes, the F seats were poor. But they changed it. So let’s see…

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