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    I used to fly regularly to IST and always booked the BA 676/677 rotations as they were generally on 767s which I prefer to the A320s on a 4 hour flight.

    The most popular seats in Euro Traveller were in row 27 as they were exit seats and you could stretch out your legs.

    I have just booked 2 trips to IST, as always on the 676/677 rotations and on all 4 flights there are seats available in row 27 when other seats have already been pre-selected.

    My last trip was before the fleet was refurbished.

    Are the refurbished seats in row 27 not as comfortable any more? I would have thought that booking ET + paying £10 for an exit row seat would be more desirable than booking in CE at twice the price?

    Any feedback from BT contributors who have flown the refurbished 767s would be welcome.


    Hiya, this is more of a further question regard the 767. I’m in CE both ways the way out seems to imply a long haul 767 with a bed type seat and the way back seems very fimilar to a 767 I took to Madrid a few weeks ago, my question being why do they chop and change between long and short haul aircraft on this route?


    I haven’t noticed any changes on the refurbished 767 in terms of the “better” seats. Admittedly, I haven’t looked that far back on the plane. If I am travelling in ET I prefer rows 12-15.

    ChristopherBurton5 – up until now, the changes used to be last minute and due to operational reasons, but I assume with the freeing up of some 767 due to the introduction of the 787, there might be opportunities to use the long haul aircraft on shorter routes on a bit more of a scheduled manner until they actually start retiring them?


    Hmmm shall I expect to see a bed type seat in the Athens route then?


    “Hmmm shall I expect to see a bed type seat in the Athens route then?”

    I doubt it, for capacity reasons…..

    767 CE – 259 pax
    767 CW – 192 pax

    If loads are high, putting a long haul aircraft would not maximise revenues and may even lead to IDB and compo.


    Ah, well, I’m happy with just the 767 to be honest. Although I’d love to see those flat beds without having to fly longhaul, LOL.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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