BA EC Gold line in UK – recent problems/has it been “downgraded”?

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  • sparkyflier

    Has anyone else found it very difficult to reach the BA EC Gold Line lately?

    To me this line, with the speed with which it is answered and the professionalism of the staff on it to be a very key benefit to be loyal to BA and try and stay Gold, maybe even the #1 reason to be gold and not silver.

    However in the past week or so, indeed since the number changed to (in UK ) to 020 7949 3066 from 020 8707 4488 it has become very tedious, and this week, useless. Indeed while on hold I started composing this forum post.

    First call on Monday was awaiting 15 minutes for the phone to be “answered” but then could not hear any voice at the other end once the music stopped…

    Then I called again for the message after at last 8 minutes saying they were busy and to call again later.

    But I need help with a complicated change and need to do that then, So I called again.. and after 20 minutes a woman told me I had come through to the wrong line and then put me through to “customer services” again … holding again for another 20 minutes.

    When answered I introduced my situation and told him about the notes in the booking ( him then putting me on hold for over 6 minutes to look at them – they were not that complicated)

    To be honest it did not take me too long to have little confidence in him. He was a bit slow, assumed to call me by my first name, and then when the change was almost concluded, insisted on telling me the specific measurements for hand baggage. I told him as a Gold member and having used the same luggage for a number of years I was familiar with the requirements and after nearly 2 hours since I started to call BA had other things to do. He insisted on repeating the baggage rules however.

    Eventually the booking was changed and I got the email confirmation (although missed the ticket/fare level that was available when I first called up that day).

    I was going to buy a second ticket but as I did not have much confidence in him and was quite “called out” I decided to call the subsequent day.

    I must say usually the BA phone staff are excellent but this Cape Town based chap was perhaps new and still being trained (and interestingly he was not working from home – you could hear the buzz and banter of the call centre alongside him).

    The subsequent day I called up and was on hold this time for 32 minutes before the call was answered. She was very personable and efficient indeed and got things sorted quickly. I also explained to her about the recent difficulty getting hold of BA via the designated number which she said was surprised to hear.

    The recorded message when you call in mentions delays and alludes to Covid/restrictions etc, but frankly I think there has been a process change with the new number. Or perhaps this service has been downgraded? Until now it has been relatively easy to get hold of BA – even when the Gov has just announced massive changes re Green/Red lists etc.

    But I would be keen to know how others have found the Gold line lately? Have I just been unlucky? Have you had any calls when the staff have disappointed?

    I look forward to hearing of your experiences.

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    I use the 0800 number as per back of my card and never have a problem getting through……


    Same experience as Tom, always get through and always approach any call appreciating there could be a wait.


    Likewise I call the UK 0800 line rather than the Portuguese number, and no problems


    Sparkiflier, I’ve had the same problems as you this week. First call was on hold for 55 mins only to be told I’d called the wrong department (I’m sure I hadn’t) and then disconnected when they tried to forward my call. Then took a good few attempts to even get my calls to connect. Eventually did and another 30+ mins. Frustrating that you can no longer change avios bookings online and no idea why that’s the case. Amazed that the seats I wanted were still there after a couple of hours trying to grab them.

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    Thank you to those who have responded. After advice re the 0800 number, I tried this the other day and… it took 35 minutes to get answered.

    Having said that , at least BA has some aspiration to answer. Their partner IB does not even bother. They (IB) are one airline that really seems to have contempt for service culture and accountability and wants to put people OFF going to Spain.

    Between them they are really pushing me to try other airlines in the next months.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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